Thursday, 15 January 2015

What Makes You Happy ? January 2015

When Darren and I lost our jobs at the same time back in 2005 we were devastated,  shocked and quite frightened of what the future held for us.  Even through this hard time,  we tried to focus on the positive things in our life.  This included the things that made us happy.  To this day,  no matter what comes our way whether it be good or bad,  we always look on the bright side of life.

Here's what makes me happy -

*  My home.  Although it is not a grand big home,  it's clean,  tidy,  organised and comfortable.  I just love spending time at home.  I'm at peace there and no resort,  shopping centre,  restaurant,  motel,  event or outing can make me as happy as my home does.

*  My cat or should I say " our cat ".  After all,  Princess is the family's cat.  She loves to climb into the recliner chair with me at night for a snuggle,  wash then sleep. When I'm on the computer she likes to smooch the computer cord,  plonk herself on the ground and roll over for a tummy rub.  She escorts me to the chicken coop,  helps me in the garden and chases butterflies ( and the birdies ).

*  Making my own things like jams,  relish,  brown sugar,  laundry powder,  sweetened condensed milk etc etc.  The list could go on and on.  I feel a great sense of achievement when I can make it myself and not rely on the supermarket to provide every little ingredient.   It saves me a small fortune and saves the health of my family.  What more could I ask for ?

What makes you happy ?


  1. This is a lovely post Wendy :)

    My happy place is home too. It is where I feel the most peaceful and safe.

    Happiness is spending time with my family. I love when we are all together like Christmas or special occasions.

    Other things that make me happy are, taking care of my family and house. This includes making nice meals, baking, preserving and even cleaning and making it look nice.. My garden is my happy place too. It is where I go to escape the world...

    There is no other place that I would rather be than in my own home, and I feel very blessed to be able to stay home and take care of things.


  2. It's going to sound obvious, but being able to pay my bills. I only spend what we have. We have a spending plan / budget. And as I see as these balance transfer ads on tv, it makes me very happy to know Christmas was paid for in cash. K

  3. Oh Wendy,
    I am happiest in my home too. I often say to my family in the evening when we have our cup of tea and biscuit( a ritual in our home), how fortunate are we to have a cosy home, warm bed and food in our mouths. Our home is quite modest, but it's ours. Also counting my blessings makes me happy. Being with extended family and lazy drives to the country .

  4. Hi Wendy

    My home is also my haven. I decline a lot of invitations to go out with work colleagues as I would rather be at home with my husband and daughter. Their nights are far too expensive for my budget as well. I would rather make something tasty at home for us to enjoy together.

    Saving my family money is another thing. knowing that I do the very best with what we have and getting the best bargains as well.

    My husband is out with some male family members at the moment and asked our daughter if she could drive him and pick him up as she has only recently gotten her licence. His smile was priceless. I asked him how long he'd been waiting for this and he said "always".

    Thanks again for such a great blog. I read everything you post.



  5. I'm with you on the home thing. I also love quiet and peaceful. I love creativity - winters evenings with the girls all crocheting, sewing and chatting, I love winter fires, hot cinnamon tea cakes. But mainly, just being at home.

  6. I am so similar to you Wendy and Tania. I could have just re written Tania's comment and singed my name! But I will add... if things look and feel nice, I have time for some cooking and crafts these just add to my joy. Feeling on top of things and being able to crochet or something in the evenings well I am just happy! Uplifting things to read do me good and increase my happiness. Also having goals and something special to look forward to... it might be something like coffee with one of my daughters or going to the beach but just something nice. I feel really happy and content and am very grateful for it. xx

  7. Thanks for sharing things that you love.
    I love all sorts of things haha
    I suppose I could say I'm very multi talented! My favourite is to cook obviously. I just saw a half price special at safeway for morning fresh 900ml bottle of dish liquid I would have bought heaps except then I wouldnt of had enough money to buy other things like fruit and veg. That's probably enough to last me over a year I water down 300mls of liquid in a 1.25ltr coke bottle and it's still super soapy :D wish I could post a pic to show :)

  8. I love your post Wendy, especially Princess your cat, she sounds like she brings much happiness to your family.
    I also love being at home. I feel relaxed and comfortable when I'm at home potting around doing things that bring me much joy and especially I love my bed.
    Mooing! Cooking, whether it's cakes, slices, bickies or jams or even sewing. At the moment I'm making a Signature Teddy Bear for a friend of ours whose little boy is turning one in February for his birthday.
    And my garden. This brings me much joy when I see what's growing and the scents of the beautiful flowers. It's so peaceful. Blessings,xxMaureen

  9. Great comments ladies. Living an abundant life doesn't need big material things. Pure joy can be found in many different ways..

  10. I just enjoy reading through the posts such positivity and gratitude - thank you! What makes me happy is my home also, newly built and it has all that I need, and want too of course! Also my two children enjoy their home and their rooms are as they want them. They come home straight from school and this tells me how much they enjoy their home. My garden and all its glory, I just need to gain my Green Fingers Masters Certificate hahaha. Also little enjoyable features around the inside of my home such as ornaments, pictures and being clean and tidy. There's no place like home!


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