Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 11th March 2015

As most of you know,  I LOVE A BARGAIN.  Buying almost everything on special helps me to feed my family and live an amazing life on a budget. I check all the supermarket catalogues each week to get the best deals on regular items I buy.

Each week I'll post the bargains I find so you too can save lots of money.  Please feel free to share the specials you find.  They must be food or food related,  toiletries or cleaning products etc at a really good price.  In other words, anything you can find in the supermarket.  If you live outside of Australia,  please share your bargains too and state what country / state you live in.

Here's this week's specials -

*   Cadbury Baking Chips and Melts $2.09  for 230 gram bag in Coles supermarkets on sale until 17 / 03 / 15.  This is the best price possible and well worth stocking up.  It only comes down to this price once or twice a year.

*  TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner 750 - 900 mls 1/2 price at $ Coles supermarkets on sale until 17 / 03 / 15

*  Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner 350 mls 1/2 price at $3.90 at Woolworths supermarkets on sale until 17 / 03 / 15

*  Chicken drumsticks $1.99 a kilo at Woolworths supermarkets in the deli.  On sale until 17 / 03 / 15.  It might be hard to get stock so please go to the service desk and ask for a rain check. Woolworths rain checks are valid for twelve months.


  1. Thank you so much! There are 2 things on that list that I use all the time. I shall be sure to stock up. Thanks Wendy
    Tania, in Hawthorn

  2. Thankyou Wendy, most appreciated.

  3. Thanks Wendy, I checked those catalogues and totally missed the drumsticks. You are a superstar. Sue

  4. Thank you Wendy this is a wonderful idea! I am shopping tomorrow. I will report back if I find anything really good. I think this will be a big hit and so helpful! xxx

  5. Great buys, thank you Wendy for sharing those great bargains with us, I will definately go out when i get a chance and snap those up...and if i spot anythingmyself too i shall share. Rosie.

  6. Thank you Wendy, I love the idea if sharing great specials. You are an inspiration. Robyn

  7. such a great idea wendy

  8. Thanks so much for sharing!! I'll be stocking up on the choc chips, and I recently switched to the Tresemme shampoo as well (our local chemist had it for I think $4 a bottle so I grabbed some to try it, it's good stuff but not at the normal price!)

  9. Hi Wendy;
    We have Cadbury candy in the US, so I am wondering if I can find the baking chips. Great price too! We have a grocery store called Buehlers who sells certain meats 6 packs for $25.00. Maybe other grocers have similar offers. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Nana

  10. Hi Wendy, I love this idea!!! The Cadbury blocks of chocolate 270gm-350gm blocks $2.99 from Coles this week, are great to put away as presents or for easter. (I work out with chocolate, 100gms=$1.00 or less).Wollies have the Cadbury sharepacks 168-240gms for $2.29 if you perfer these to blocks, great for easter. Thanks Wendy for a great post, xxx Maureen

  11. Coles - Natural Chip Co 175g $1.59. I haven't tried these so will put them on my list
    Primo Shortcut bacon $8.50kg from the Deli.
    Devondale fresh milk - Australian owned - is available at Coles
    And they have the silliest buy as well Voss water $2 / 375ml bottle. A WHOPPING $5.33 per litre.

    Woolworths Kleenex Cottonnelle 24pkt $8
    Zafarelli pasta 97c
    Ristorante frozen pizza $3.75 (the only frozen pizza I will buy)
    And I always buy a packet of Kooka's lemon biscuits. $1.99 Australian Made and Owned.

    I have an Aldi nearby, and Coles and Woolies a 10 minute drive away so I split my shopping between them. And patiently waiting for Costco later this year. K

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  13. Great buying Wendy. I'll be off to grab some chicken drumsticks and Pantene shampoo too. Thanks for the heads up. I shopped at Aldi today so would have missed these. Mimi xxx

  14. This is a really great idea Wendy!! Thank you so much.
    This week I have found Schwarzkoph Extra Care hair conditioner and shampoo 400ml for $3. This was at The Reject Shop in Bateau Bay NSW.
    If anyone lives near The Reject Shop check them out. Hopefully other stores around Australia will have this great special.

  15. Hi Wendy,

    At the discount drug store : Rexona Roll on Deo $1.49
    Palmolive Shower Gel ( for foaming hand wash) 400ml $2.49


  16. Thanks Wendy
    I have just been shopping and picked up the Cadbury Baking Chips,TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner. I may not have seen these specials if it was not for you Wendy. Look forward to any more specials that you see.

  17. Woolworths also has Natures's Fruits shampoo and conditioner down to $1 per 400 ml bottle. This is a rock bottom price and only happens once or twice a year. Although it's not a fancy shampoo, it works really well. My family used it for about 12 years before we upgraded to TRESemme and Pantene after we paid off our house.

    This product would be great to stock up on to use for making your foaming hand wash. You can't get shower gel at this price

  18. Wow wendy great buys! I managed to pick my self up some chicken wings at $1.99 per kg from the butcher at Preston northland as well they are usually $2.99

  19. My local Woolworths say they don't do rainchecks on drumsticks (or anything in the Deli). Can you please share which Woolworths you got your raincheck? Thanks

    1. I got rain checks at Fountain Gate and Carrum Downs. They can be redeemed at any Woolworths stores Australia wide. Unfortunately they were not telling you the truth. There was nothing in the junk mail to say you couldn't get a rain check on this item. Also, you can only get 5 kilos worth of a deli item.

      I'd be ringing head office to complain and asking for a rain check.

  20. Hi Wendy and thank you! Although I have missed out on these specials I am sure more will come! Happy shopping. Wendy

  21. This is a fantastic idea Wendy. Very helpful for me as I don't get any catalogues delivered, so never know what is on special.



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