Monday, 7 March 2016

Change Of Season Bargains

I was having a look around the shops last Friday and noticed quite a few sales on seasonal stock.  As the Southern Hemisphere moves into Autumn you'll find lots of camping equipment and outdoor furniture coming on clearance.  For those of you who live in the Northern Hemisphere you'll find lots of Spring Cleaning products coming on sale to entice you to do more cleaning.

Here's a list of items either on sale now or likely to come on sale shortly -

*  Big W has most of their outdoor furniture and bbqs on clearance.

*  Big W has Easiyo yoghurt makers on sale for $11.75 which is half price.  Well worth buying a few for Mother's Day or Christmas presents.  On sale until Wednesday 9th March 2016. From memory,  they don't usually come on sale during Winter as most people are eating warm comfort food.

*  Supermarkets will start reducing prices on marsh mellows,  lollies and choc bits used in Easter baking.  If you see a good bargain on these items,  stock up for another year.

*  The last of the back to school stationery,  drink bottles and lunch boxes come on clearance sales.  Think ahead to your children's needs over the next year or two.  Well worth looking in the supermarkets as well as department stores.

*  Camping gear will be on sale shortly in readiness for Easter holidays and long weekends.  Get your list ready.

*  Easter wrapping paper,  gift baskets,  bags, toy baby chicks and eggs will come on sale leading up to Easter.  After Easter you'll get the best bargains.  Lindt bunnies are usually half price starting Easter Sunday.  Buy up for next year.  Last Easter Sunday I bought enough bunnies for Mother's Day,  birthdays for the four of us,  Father's Day,  Anniversary, our Christmas stockings. and Easter this year.  Yes I bought quite a few but at $2.25 each I couldn't resist the bargain.

*  Perfumes will come on sale leading up to Mother's Day.  Also keep a look out for beauty products,  gift baskets, pjs,  slippers and dressing gowns. 

*  You'll find the last of Summer clothing and shoes on sale right now.  Think ahead to next Summer and buy up now. Spendless Shoes has bins on Summer sandals on sale.

*  Now is the time to check out op shops for last minute Summer clothing.  If you need a particular item for your wardrobe start looking now as they won't be getting the same quantity of stock coming in.   By the same token,  get your Winter wardrobe list ready.  As the weather cools,  people will be cleaning out their wardrobes and donating unwanted items.

*  Keep a look out for Summer sporting equipment.  You might be able to pick up some bargains for next Christmas.

*  Northern Hemisphere residents should check their cleaning supplies.  Dusters,  cloths,  mops,  buckets and cleaning chemicals will be coming on sale. You'll also find Winter clothing and shoes being reduced shortly.


  1. Hi Wendy,

    Great post again. When I was out today at the shops, there were so many specials on different items eg: clothes end of season, shoes and stores which have 30% off. (Spotlight have 30% off today and tomorrow only).
    Thanks, Maureen

  2. Hi Wendy

    When I was at Woolworths yesterday they had the crate of 10 or 12 eggs on for half price at $3.75.....sorry can't move to go see the size.

    I have been purchasing some clothing items for DD5 in larger sizes very cheaply over the last few weeks.

    I also picked up some metal pencil sharpeners in a 2 pack last week for 10 cents a pack so 6 packs were purchased. I now have a great start on back to school items for next year.

    Very encouraging post Wendy.

    Aly xxx

  3. Hi Wendy. Really good sound advice from you as always. Not many people think beyond marked down clothing when the seasons change, but of course it extends way beyond that. Great post. Mimi xxx

  4. As I don't like shopping I tend to stay away from the shops. It's good to have your information to let me know where to look for bargains. I do know water sports items are starting to come on sale. BCF is starting to have a few good sales for the camping, fishing, kayaking type.

  5. This is a great list! Where I live we sometimes get snow and ice that can lead to power outages, and having camping gear is a blessing. Cold-weather sleeping bags help keep everyone warm when the heat is off, camp stoves (used with proper ventilation, of course!) are great for cooking when the electric stove won't work, and emergency lighting is useful year-round. Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive list!
    Blessings, Leigh


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