Monday 26 September 2016

Card Making Ideas September 2016

Although I love making female cards,  I know I need to learn how to make men's cards as well.  After all,  they do celebrate birthdays, Father's Day,  anniversaries and Valentines Day too.

Recently I was given a handful of motoring booklets and magazines that had suitable pictures to use in card making.

Here's what I've made lately -

These cards were made on a cream colored card.  I found packets of 10 sheets of cardboard colored cardstock in the $2 shops.  Each sheet was cut into four giving me enough for 40 card fronts.  I edged the cardboard with a black ink pad to give it an aged / vintage look.

The red background for the car is a paint sample card from Bunnings hardware store.

This image is from a Kaisercraft 12 x 12 inch sheet that had multiple images to cut out.  This makes a quick and easy card.

This one was made on a silver card.  It gives it a sporty look.  I try to keep most of the cards blank and add a sentiment when the card to being given.


  1. Hi Wendy, your cards look fantastic, your great at men's cards, xxx

  2. Hi Wendy

    These look great. I also find it much harder to make men's cards as there are not as many things to use.

    Aly xxx

  3. Dear Wendy, I must say I love these. There's not enough inspiration out there for cards for the fellas. Great job. Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Hooray - at last something manly. Greta job Wendy.

  5. Wendy,these cards are perfect! Have you thought about doing step by step tutorials or maybe an online class? I would love to learn at your feet!

  6. Cute cards all! Happy Monday ♥

  7. Fantastic cards Wendy. Thanks for the male inspiration xx

  8. Hi Wendy,
    I have been thinking of making my own gift cards and you have inspired to start. Well the first couple have been very well received. I thought that they were a bit lame! Our son did actually say that it's the best card he's ever received and 'It's going straight to the pool room!' It's my husband's birthday tomorrow so I've made him a card with a voucher for a job that he's been asking for me to do for a couple of years (editing a book he's written). We are having a financial storm of our own at the moment so every dollar saved counts. Thankyou for you inspiration! Julee


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