Monday 8 June 2015

5 Easy Ways To Cut Your Heating Bill Part 1

With the ever increasing cost of electricity and gas, it's becoming harder to heat your home without blowing the family budget.  Here are five easy ways to cut your costs and still stay warm -

*  Put a door snake or draft stopper at the bottom of each external door.  This might seem so basic or simple but it's amazing how much cold air comes in that little gap. You can make your own door snake using scraps of material and filling it with rice,  rags or sawdust.

*  Open the curtains when the sun is shining on the windows.  By the same token,  as soon as the sun starts to go down,  close your curtains to keep the warmth in.

*  If you have a programable heating thermostat,  reduce your heating time gradually.  Shaving fifteen minutes off each heating time really does add up and make a difference to your bill.  If you take your kids to school at 8.45 am each morning,  you don't need the heating on until the minute you leave the house.  Chances are you and the kids are running around getting ready until the last minute getting hot and bothered.  Try turning the heater off at 8 - 8.15 am.

*  Put an extra jumper on for warmth.  Yes I know,  it's so obvious but I've been in homes when the heating is on and people are walking around in t shirts.  Really  !!!

*  Close off any rooms that don't have heating ducts.  In my home it's the toilet and laundry.  By keeping the doors closed you are not heating rooms that are rarely used.

Shave off your heating times
Our door snake
Closing doors
Close curtains and blinds


  1. Hi Wendy,

    Great topic!!!!
    As well as the door snakes, we put door seal tape around our external doors (it's like a sticky spongy tape that sticks around where the door shuts). This also stops drafts. The way you can check if you have a draft by holding a tissue where the crack of the door is, on a windy day and if it moves, you have a draft.

    We have solar and were told to heat the house in the evening before the sun goes down, so using the solar power, then I turn the heater off, sometimes the oven goes on for cooking and keeps the house warm for a few hours.

    We use blankets/ throw rugs whilst watching T.V or sitting on the couch and sometimes a wheat bag.

    We turn the heater on in the morning at about 7:30am when the boys wake and it goes off at 8-8:30am. At night it varies when we turn it on, as we wait and see how quickly it cools down from having it on previously or from the oven being on but it always goes off at 8.30pm when my youngest son goes to bed and the house stays warm until we go to bed around 10-10.30pm.

    During the day if it's cold in the house, I may use the oven to bake or cook dinner, vacuum (to keep me warm) or use a wheat bag to warm up.

    Hope some of these hints help everyone, xxxx

  2. Hi Wendy, I noticed that many people do not wear dressing gowns, slippers etc and nor do their children.... They have heaters instead. When the girls were little they always had dressing owns, warm pjs and slippers. This keeps us warm! I suggested this to someone and they were amazed how much less heating they used. Commonsense from the old days!
    Also like Maureen said blankets and throw rugs as well help. Our power price is shocking... Surely this will Se people return to dressing warmly?!

    1. We all have dressing gowns and slippers in our home. Couldn't live without them.

  3. These are great tips Wendy. I agree with Annabel, that I cannot believe how many people complain about their energy bills, but walk around in tshirts and shorts with the thermostat up around 25C in the middle of Winter. Part of the joy of Winter is the snuggly rugs on the arms of our lounges, the plush slippers, the home made velvet heat wheats, and big mugs of hot tea or hot chocolate! Mimi xxx

  4. Hi Wendy,
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  5. We use our heating only when needed - we wear Dressing gowns and have thick blankets on our bed or have a jumper on inside. The fire goes on about 4pm if its going to be a really cold night and is out by 8pm and keeps our house toasty all night. Nothing wrong with Blankets and dressing gowns its how I grew up. Great idea for closing doors and curtains will def make sure everything is closed :)

  6. Great tips Wendy!

    We are lucky enough to have a wood fire and source our wood for free. I close all doors to rooms not in use and draw curtains at night. It is lovely to get up in the morning and the house is toasty warm.

    If it is freezing at night I use a hot water bottle combined with fleecy sheets to warm my bed. I don't use electric blankets anymore. Throwing an extra blanket on the bed helps too.

    I put warm clothes on and have a blanket nearby that I use often over my legs. They were speaking about heating last night on the radio, about how people don't rug up anymore, they just turn the heat up. Unbelievable!


  7. Great tips wendy!

    Usually when I wake I turn the heater on at about 7am sometimes 7:30 then turn it off at 8:30 when I do school and kinder drop off. at night time I try my best not to have the heater on. Usually I just tell the girls to put another jumper on or put their dressing gowns on and I usually do the same but I seem to think I'm a walking sauner at the moment haha


  8. We have a door from our kitchen into the garage we also have a security door on this, during the cooler months I take a couple of garbage bags to the outside of this door hels to keep the cold air out if you need to go into the garage


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