Thursday 16 November 2017

A Handmade Christmas

If your Christmas present budget is looking a little on the slim side,  no need to stress.  There are so many presents you can make for just a few dollars that look amazing and will be so well received.  I just love a handmade gift knowing the giver has spent time and effort to make something special.

Here are some ideas using what you might already have on hand.  Click on the purple writing to take you to the instructions / recipe on my blog.

Glass jars / bottles 

*  Fill with hot chocolate drink mix.
*  Make some jam
*  Make relish
*  Fill with homemade biscuits
*  Fill with chocolate truffles
*  Fill with handmade bath bombs
*  Make your own bath salts
*  Sewing kit with pin cushion on top
*  Biscuit mix
*  Iced coffee / chocolate syrup


*  Bbq apron for men
*  Kitchen apron for females ( or vice versa )
*  Child's handbag
*  Coin purse
*  Diary cover
*  A patchwork throw
*  A cushion
*  Coasters
*  Heat pack
*  Bow tie
*  Head band
*  Glasses case
*  Pot holder
*  Dress up skirt or veil
*  Nappy bag
*  Toy bag
*  Door stop
*  Door snake
*  Hankies

Timber off cuts

*  Make a timber planter
*  Make a spice rack
*  Chopping board
*  Tic Tac Toe game
*  Timber block calendar
*  Soap dish
*  Coasters
*  Bird feeder
*  Children's building blocks
*  House plaque

Plastic containers

*  First aid kit
Fruit crumble topping mix
*  White sauce bulk mix
*  Fill with biscuits 

Paper / Cardboard

Gift tags
Greeting cards
*  Bookmarks
*  Cover a diary or notebook
*  Lolly bags
*  Gift boxes


*  Air freshener
*  Handmade soaps.

Handmade gifts can look really elegant if some time and effort is put into the wrapping and presentation.  Dig into your ribbon bag and start using up those scraps.  Maybe you could make over a department store bag and decorate it with a strip of wrapping paper.  Add a handmade gift tag and write " made with love "  Include some instructions for the present if needed.

Cellophane bags can be used to wrap your present.  They can be bought from discount shops for about $2 for 50.  They come in a range of sizes.  These are wonderful for biscuits,  pita chips and greeting cards.  Add a ribbon bow 

Here is another article I wrote a few years ago about creating your own mini economy.  It's a great way to keep some of your money in your home.

Handmade soaps.
Peanut butter choc chip biscuits

Lemon butter

Air freshener

ANZAC biscuits

Bath bombs

Tote bag

Assorted jams and relish

What will you be making this Christmas ?


  1. Great ideas. I always make something for Christmas for my family - last year my vanilla brown sugar body scrub was popular (got a tube of vanilla extract in a show bag, so just paid for coconut oil and brown sugar - it made 7 decent jars' worth).
    This year I'll be making bees wax wraps for everyone - I found a 100% cotton made in australia floral bed sheet in the op shop for $2 and bought a block of beeswax from the hardware. Hoping it works well.

  2. wonderful ideas there
    i make dish cloths, crochet hand towel tops, depending on what else i can get depends on what goes in, i also like to give plants too; this year i have some nice xmas tea towels to add to the gifts.
    thanx for sharing

  3. I was only just thinking about ideas this morning. My daughter and I plan on making some of those 'cookies in a jar' mixes.
    Thanks for your list.

  4. Today I made three sets of decorated wooden pegs. I had some sticky washi paper in my stash. This is on one side. I plan on gifting two sets and using the third for hanging up Christmas cards.
    I love all the ideas that you have shared. Thank you.

  5. I love your list! Thank you. I particularly have trouble coming up with what to make for men for Christmas.


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