Saturday, 18 November 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 18th November 2017

My frugal list is very much on the slim side this week.  Both Darren and I have been busy with work and getting ready for our church's community day coming up.  We've packed 200 hampers and sorted out 500+ toys with a team of helpers.  Here's what else we managed to do -

*  Jessica made icy poles with some leftover juice.  She even diluted the juice due to it's strong flavour.

*  Fixed a necklace that was coming apart.

*  Used the trigger nozzle on the hose to water only the base of the veggie plants

*  Picked silverbeet for a meal.

*  Made a tuna pasta bake and froze the leftovers.  Megan also took some to work for lunch.

*  Picked lettuce for two meals when it was hot.  The lettuce grew to just the right size for picking this week.

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Collected small pieces of tissue paper that were between each recyclable bag we are using for hampers at church. 

* Darren filled up both our cars just as the price of petrol went up.  He got it for $1.22 per litre while other petrol stations went up to $1.49 per litre.

*  Donated more items to Savers op shop and received a discount stamp.  While I was there I had a quick look around and found a present for Darren.  It looks new too.  I can't say what it is because he reads my blog.

Letting the bread dough rise.

Cos lettuce in the garden.

Raspberries growing each day.

Silverbeet from our garden

Our Christmas tree this year.

Darren picked the " trendy " colors

Did you have a busy week ?  Did you get some frugal tasks completed ?


  1. Great work Wendy! Must fill up both our cars with petrol today, thanks for the heads up.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Love your Christmas tree, you are so organised to have it up already. To save money this week I
    Saved the warm up water from the showers and watered the figs out the front
    Packed my lunch for work each day
    Made sure all perishable food is used up before going away this week
    Line dried all the washing
    Composted all fruit and veggie scraps (free compost for the garden)
    Watered the garden from the tank
    Made a meat free meal to reduce costs
    Cleaned the house with homemade cleaners
    Picked some spinach and herbs from the garden
    Used the one light rule in the house each evening
    Took the dogs to the vet for their free checkup
    Walked the dogs every afternoon for some free exercise
    Made a batch of homemade laundry liquid
    Made two loaves of light rye bread

    And that’s all I can think of at the mo.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Hi Wendy,your Christmas tree looks lovely, i love all the pastel colours
    some frugal tasks completed are getting the tomatos in and we also have lettuce growing in a hot house that was given to us for nothing its good as it keeps the possums out, also my soulmate rose i planted last year now has pretty yellow flowers on it, and really brightens up the front yard i also bought hydrangeas to go in apart from that i have been busy with work and i start a cake decorating course on monday evening. Each time i go shopping i through in a box of chocolates or deodorant to make Christmas hampers so much easier for me the busy one lol have a great weekend x

  4. I love your Christmas tree! I am still debating on putting our's up this year due to having 3 cats (one of whom will eat anything green, real or not) and a huge dog who can knock a tree over with one wag of his tail. ;)


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