Thursday, 2 November 2017

Charity Giving At Christmas

Due to an extremely busy week and my new fridge / freezer having major problems  (as of two days ago)  I've been unable to write a new post for today.  I do sincerely apologise and hope to have more time next week.

Here is a timely post I wrote last year and have shared with the Cheapskates Club for the last 4 - 5 years.  I hope you are inspired to help others have a great Christmas.

Many charities find it very hard to meet the needs of struggling people across the globe. Government funding can be scarce and many charities rely on the goodwill on companies and the everyday person like you and I.  Please take the time to read this post and help where you feel you can.

It's just over seven weeks to Christmas YAY !!! I love Christmas because it's the time of the year we celebrate the birth of Jesus - the greatest gift ever given. I also love to give to others especially those in need.

As you start to think about Christmas presents and food for your own celebrations, please take the time to plan how you'll help others. Here are some ideas that won't blow out your family budget -

* Clean out your pantry and donate excess tinned and dried foods to charities, churches and schools that are collecting.

* Each time you do your grocery shop add a couple of tins of spaghetti, baked beans, tinned fruit and vegetables. You could do this every time you are tempted buy a bottle of soft drink or a packet of chips as a part of your usual shop.

* Next time you feel like takeaway, put the money towards buying food for charity.

* Start looking for specials on boxed cereal, porridge, tinned hams and toiletries to donate.

*  Get together with a few friends,  pick a charity and plan to bless those in need.

*  Feel like a cuppa at the shops ?  Instead,  use your coffee money to buy a jar of pasta sauce and a couple of packets of pasta.

*  Buy a couple of toys for charity when you are Christmas shopping for your own family.  Charities are in real need of presents for children over the age of 10.  A tote bag,  skate board,  basket ball or Nerf gun make fabulous presents that won't break the family budget.

*  Ask your children to buy a present from their pocket money.  This is a great opportunity to teach them about budgeting and giving to others. 

With a little bit of planning ahead of time you'll be able to bless many in need.

Who's up for the challenge to start now ?
Have you already put items aside for charity ?


  1. Dear Wendy, thank you for a timely post. I have been collecting/ buying lots of items for a local organisation who help people who are homeless and other needy people. I have bought books ( which I got for $1 each at a discount stall ) for them to give as Christmas gifts as well as toiletries and socks. I have also bought lots of lollipops for them to put in the mini Christmas stockings they give away. I have bought a few things every fortnight and haven't really noticed the money being spent.
    I think its easy to help charity , as you say Wendy a jar of pasta sauce and a bag of pasta don't cost much.
    Thank you again for this post Wendy . Love Barb W.

  2. These are lovely ideas, Wendy. At our place, we put together little packs for those who are homeless in our city. This year, we've had quite a few trips to the dentist and each time have been given a "promotional pack" inside a zippered plastic case. I've saved those cases and the toothpaste, brush and floss inside each one. To that, we will add a new face washer, a bar of soap in a cliplock bag, lip balm and will package with a pair of new socks. Will also put in a Xmas treat. My boy always writes a message too on a little card he decorates. Meg:)

  3. These are all great ideas. I try to give as much as I can becasue I have been so blessed.

  4. I buy all year round from the discounted toys/books at supermarkets when they no longer wish to sell these items then bundle them up for presents under different wish trees. I also send in a canned food parcel to the high school with my boys for the local charity who collects at this time of the year. I also buy something each fortnight to go towards a share the dignity bag for a woman less fortune than I. Every little bit helps and you don't notice a few dollars every now and then to put a smile on somebodies face.

  5. It is also good to add things that they would normally use such as tea/coffee/cordial..everyday items not just things for christmas...but yes we do this every year as well...we also do one for the they have lots of animals to take care of


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