Monday 20 July 2015

Card Making On A Budget - Part 3

As you've probably gathered,  I just love making cards.  For me it's a hobby that I'm enjoying and it's saving us money. Cards bought from the $2 shops and discount stores were originally sold for 3 or 4 for $2.  Recently the discount stores have put the price up to $1 or $2 each.  Whilst this is still a great price compared to newsagents and department stores, I can make them cheaper at home.

Recently I was on the hunt for a card for Darren's 50th birthday.  I didn't think I'd have the time to make one with all the party preparations etc.  So I went to the $2 shop to have a look.  I must say,  I was disappointed with the few cards on offer.  They didn't look nice,  some had pictures of alcohol ( we don't drink ) or they just didn't suit Darren.

I knew what I wanted to make for Darren.  It had to be black and white as he's a mad Collingwood supporter.  So I bough a packet of 8 black cards and envelopes for $2 and came home to make one.  I had some suitable black and white wrapping paper in my present wrapping box.  I cut it slightly smaller than the card and glued it on with a glue stick.

Then I googled " free 50th birthday sentiments ".  This took a fair bit of time as it had to look right and not have a copyright on it.  The one I picked was perfect and I printed off a few extras for future card making  Now I have a few options in my stash.

I cut this out and glued it on the front. Because the card is black,  I needed to cut some white card for the inside so I could write on it.    This part was quick and easy.  Megan made a card for Jessica and herself to give to Darren.  She used another sentiment I printed off and mounted it on black paper.

Darren was thrilled with both cards proclaiming they were the best we have ever made.  He just loves them and they only cost 25 cents each.

Since then I made a few other cards using the same idea  Here are some photos of a few of them -.

Darren's birthday card
Megan made this one
For the inside of a black card
Stamps mounted on paper.  I used sticky foam squares too.
Men's card using wrapping paper
Using scrap booking papers bought on sale and a stamp
Using a printable sentiment and gluing it to a punch out.
A printable sentiment glued straight onto a blank card.
Adding embellishments to pretty up a card.


  1. Your card making is wonderful Wendy! I have a lot of supplies gathered and just found tins of unused cards over the weekend I had stashed away. They are pretty floral cards. I will use them as a base and embellish like you have to pretty up even more and as they are blank inside, will add sentiments to the front for specific ocassions.

  2. These are stunning Wendy, thank you for sharing your card making ideas, I have saved them for when I get to making some of my own.


  3. Dear Wendy,

    I love seeing how well you've taken off with the cards! They are so satisfying to make. All the ones you've posted here and previously are just beautiful. You save big and the recipients enjoy the effort and thought so much, a win/win! You're inspiring others too and that's special.

    xxx Colette

  4. Dear Wendy,

    All the cards you've made really look so lovely and they are nicer than bought ones anyway. I didn't know you could get cards that were colored as i had been buying the plain white ones, must look out for these.

    Go the Maggies,xxx

  5. Lovely cards, Wendy. So good to be able to make them so quickly.

  6. Sorry I meant to say so cheaply. Duh!

  7. Your cards are amazing Wendy. They have just got better and better. You could even sell them now! But really the money saved is huge. And making up packs as gifts is a whole gift in itself as well.
    I agree it is so much fun. I find it enjoyable and relaxing. And there are potential embellishments everywhere! Love

  8. Wendy, I just looked through the 3 card making blogs one after the other, I don't think you could say you're a novice any more, your cards are getting very professional looking. It really does pay to practise and to look at things with a different eye. My quilt group had a speaker a few years ago (Famous quilter) that said she gets a lot of her inspiration from the floors of stations and toilets! Big old places like the Exhibition buildings have stunning tiled floors, so if you see some one with their camera out in a toilet it might not be a pervert but a quilter looking for inspiration. Your suggestion about pictures from magazines for cards was a similar sort of lightbulb moment. Thanks

    1. Thankyou for your kind words Joy. I'm gradually feeling more confident. A few more card making afternoons at Cath's will go a long way to putting me on the right path.

      I'm constantly on the look out for craft bits and suitable magazine pictures. .

  9. Lovely! Card making is so addictive. I used to do scrapbooking and have a lot of papers which are perfect for card making. I have to make a card for a 21st so am off to google some images, thanks Wendy!


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