Thursday, 6 August 2015

Cheapskates On Today Tonight In Adelaide

Just wanted all my readers to know that Cath Armstrong and myself were on Today Tonight in Adelaide last night 5th August 2015.

I hope you enjoy the interview.  The excitement is building for next week's  Adelaide workshop.

Here's the link to the story


  1. All the best Wendy for the Adelaide workshops. I am excited for all the people who will have a renewed mindset, heart and spirit because of the workshop. Well done for enabling people to rise up above their circumstances. All the best, Liz.

  2. It was great Wendy! I am so excited! xxx

  3. Great interview Wendy! Lovely to see you back on the telly :) Also i have to add, that all your dental work has paid off. Your teeth look beautiful and they are so white too!! Karen

  4. Thank you for this link Wendy. I knew you and Cath had been on Today Tonight because my friend saw you as she is in Adelaide having medical treatment. We don't get the program here, so to find you shared the link is great!

    I am still battling the flu and hopefully I perk up soon so I can be switched on for next weekend!

    Getting excited now!


  5. Television superstars!
    Haha I hope people in Adelaide have a great day at the workshop learning new things and getting a chance to meet you and cath.
    I sure enjoyed my time.

  6. Great segment Wendy. I know the Adelaide people are just going to love you and Cath and the workshop will be wonderful.

  7. Great interview!

  8. Great interview.


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