Saturday, 1 August 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 1st August 2015

This week has seen cold, wet weather,  sickness in the house and more dental work.  With all this going on,  I kept my frugal list on the fridge of all the things I've done during the week.  I feel a great sense of achievement knowing I've done the very best I can no matter what comes my way.  Here's what I got up to this week -

*  Made 1 kilo of Easiyo yoghurt using a sachet I bought on sale a while ago.

*  Mended a few pairs of socks.

*  Gratefully received some broccoli,  cauliflower,  leeks,  crumpets and eggs.  I blanched the broccoli and cauliflower and froze it in meal portions.

*  Jessica has been sick with a really bad cold this week.  On Sunday while Darren and I were at church,  Megan made potato and leek soup for Jessica ( and the rest of us ).  Jessica said it made her feel better.

*  Kept the curtains almost closed on the really cold days.

*  Started saving the shower warm up water again.  With big birthday parties at our house and myself being sedated for the dental work a few times,  it just wasn't practical to have the buckets in the showers.  It feels like all is well in my world again.  I'm saving as much water as I can.

*  Megan gratefully received some ( costume ) jewellery from a friend who previously worked in a retail store.  Jessica was home sick that day so Megan picked out a few things for Jessica and a necklace for me.  Jessica declared it was the highlight of her week.

*  Gratefully received some silverbeet seedlings from my Dad.  He said there were 13 plants in the punnet.  That's a lot for any one to use.  This will help us with our succession planting.

*  Saved the shower warm up water and the washing machine water for the next load.

*  Dried most of the clothes on clothes horses.

*  Made all meals from scratch as usual.

*  Stocked up on shampoo and Olay lotion on sale.

*  Kept the ducted heating on 18 degrees on a few days when the sun was shining.  A couple of times I turned it off when I was working hard around the house.

*  Decluttered a few cupboards instead of going shopping.  A real money saver.

*  Attended a University  open day ( evening ) with Jessica where we were given food,  bottles of water and Greek donuts.  We didn't need to eat much for tea that night.

*  Topped up my car's petrol tank at $120.5 when everywhere else was $145.9.

*   Picked and juiced some more lemons off our tree.

Megan's says " soup is her thing "- meaning, she's good at making it

Making yoghurt.
Because the clothes horse is the only place to rest.
Princess has taken a liking to my bed.
Bought the suitcase in from the shed.  Look who claimed it.
Packing card making stuff with Princess.
Darren's container garden under the pergola.
What frugal things are on your list this week ?


  1. HI Wendy - I always enjoy your lists. I have popped a link to this on my Facebook page to share with others too.

    1. Thankyou for stopping by Phil and for the link. Much appreciated. I'm happy to have the simple living message spread around.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Sorry to hear you have had sickness at your house. Our son has been sick the past couple of days, I will have to make him some soup to help with his recovery.

    Your list this week is a good one as usual. So many savings. And your Princess appears to be living up to her name, such a darling.

    I must go and get some of the shampoo/conditioner that is on special as we are getting low.

    This week I have done the usual things. It has been busy here so I haven't really kept track.

    The main savings this week was not going to the shops for three days.

    I cooked meals from scratch, and made extra meals for hubby to take to work. He was away for three days.

    Used the hot water on the fireplace to wash dishes and add to laundry water.

    Sold excess eggs.

    I didn't have to cook two meals this week as no one was home for those nights. Yay, a night off is great, two is even better!

    Used leftover drinking water to water plants.

    Picked some tomatoes and capsicums from the garden.

    Was gifted a big bag of lemons and huge bunch of homegrown rhubarb.

    Had a couple of Spring like days this week, so no problems getting the washing dry.

    Have a lovely week Wendy ~smiles~


    1. Jessica tells me that so many students at school are sick. That's where she caught her bad cold, poor thing. She spent 3 days in bed. Not good in year 12.

      Having a couple of nights off from cooking is a treat. I've had a few lately too.

      Only two weeks to go until we come to Adelaide !!!!!!!

    2. Yes Wendy it is getting closer. I am both nervous and excited at the same time. I have come down with a cold, so thank goodness it happened this week and not when I am supposed to be in Adelaide :)

      Cant wait to meet you all.


  3. Hi Wendy,

    I just love your cat Princess, she is adorable. But how do she find the clothes horse comfortable? Heee
    Hope Jessica is on the mend, soup is always good when your not feeling the best and I love Potato and leek soup. Great to make at the moment when potatoes are so cheap.
    We are also going to be starting the rounds of the University open days soon, so much to take in and learn.
    What is Darrens "Succession Planting"?

    I'm so excited about seeing you and Cath today, can't wait! I'm also going to include dropping in to Caths recommended fruit shops Pellegrinos and Bushy park beforehand.

    This week i made Lemon Butter, your Apple crumble, a roast chook which i used for 3 meals, a stew for 2 meals and made all meals from scratch.

    I popped into Savers and picked up tracksuit pants exactly the ones i wanted and a scarf and used my discount card to get 15% off.
    Saved water and used tank for washing, BYO food to footy, topped up petrol at $1.16 with the docket and stretched the shopping day out as i only needed milk and fruit.

    Must be off, busy day, xxx
    see you soon,

    1. Succession planting is having plants in the ground producing and having seedlings growing at the same time. Lettuce is a good one for this. You need to plant seeds every 6 - 8 weeks to have continual lettuce.

  4. Hi Wendy, I hope your dental work is going ok and that you have not been in too much pain. I also hope that Jessica is feeling a bit better.
    My frugal tasks this week were:
    Gratefully received some meals from my parents ( made by mum)
    Gratefully received some pumpkin and a capsicum from my parents
    Made 3 cards to use for upcoming birthdays
    Saved $200 on tickets for mum and Dad and I for some activities for our holiday coming up in 4 and a half weeks
    Bought 2 boxes of my favourite tea bags half price on special
    Had 3 no spend days
    Gratefully accepted the offer of a free bird cage for the 2 baby budgies I am getting soon
    I think that is all this week.
    Have a good week everyone.

    1. The dental work is coming to and end and the pain is mostly over. The challenge is finding food I can eat the confidence to try harder foods.

      Your discounts for your holiday is wonderful. Money kept in your pocket.

  5. Great list as usual Wendy.
    This week all meals except 1 have been made from scratch. DH took me out for lunch last Saturday, but forgot to order mine, I finally had a really yummy salmon pie. As we walked out of the cafe I spotted 2 wooden barstools in the second hand shop next door. Great condition and $39 each, exactly what I have been looking for and after the lunch problem DH couldn't say no lol.
    2 loaves of bread were baked, 1 still in the freezer.
    Thermal lined curtains were hung in our bedroom and the lounge, the house feels warmer even if it is only in our minds at the moment. Still the spare bedroom to do.
    Did a follow up survey for ways I am reducing energy use and received a $25 gift card for WW's, might save that and use it at Christmas.

    1. The curtains are a wonderful asset to your home.

  6. Hi Wendy, colds and flus are just out and about at the moment. Luckily we have been able to dodge the sickness (so far), however I start work again next week after being on maternity leave so I will have to be careful. Hopefully you don't need much more dental work and that you feel better soon. My baby has started teething and hasn't been very happy lately. I surprised myself and got more frugal tasks done than expected:
    - baked a big batch of choc chip muffins and froze them individually for work
    - bought work clothes at a discounted price as my friend worked at the store I bought them from
    - made baby food
    - took advantage of the nappy specials at Woolworths and stocked up
    - Took advantage of the toy sales and bought birthday and Christmas presents for the children in our family
    - made a beef and vegetable pie and managed to stretch it further by adding extra veggies so we could eat it over two nights
    - made miracle spray
    - roasted a whole chicken, left over chicken was used the following night in a chicken noodle stir fry


    1. Hope it all goes well for you at work Amy.

  7. Dear Wendy,
    Between dental work, sickness in the house and the weather you did very well! It is pouring here and it just hasnt stopped! It will be an indoors weekend for us.
    I had a good week. I am working on Christmas presents and a project from The Cheapskates Club.
    Also did the usual things, made all meals, packed Andy's lunch each day, saved water, had no spend days, colored my own hair.... etc. I pruned roses and did a little in the garden in sunny moments. Also I added to my pantry and emergency fund which I am very happy about.
    Have a good weekend! With lots of love,

    1. It's been raining here a fair bit too Annable. I waiting for the sun to shine so I can take more photos for my blog.

      I'm sure Andy appreciates the packed lunch each day.

  8. hi Wendy
    I had a quiet week this week, mainly housekeeping and reading and craft. I am sorry you haven't been well it is always miserable at this time of year with out having illness in the household. Chin up spring is on the way.
    Made a few batches of yoghurt
    Made birthday card for stepsons birthday
    Made birthday cake for Hubbies birthday
    Made a few loaves of bread
    Made a beanie for grandson
    Fertilized all veg garden
    Joined a craft group…making a crocheted rug
    Washed clothes and hung on clothes horse
    Used homemade detergent for dishwasher
    Made two bars of soap from scraps
    I am about to be taken out for a cup of coffee at our local is really cheap and really nice so Hubby is taking us for a treat :-)
    Hope your week improves.

    1. It sounds like you had a lovely week at home Linda. Enjoy your time out.

  9. Hi Wendy, what is the fridge shelf life of a litre of EziYo yoghurt?

    1. It lasts for up to two weeks Joolz.

  10. You've had a very productive week wendy

    I still haven't written my list of tasks down but I'm sure I can remember most things.

    This week I

    Gathered more clothes and gave them to mum to send over seas

    Picked some kale from the garden

    Cooked all meals from scratch except for one night that Ruby had calisthenics AND I managed to have all of those meals ready by 6pm woohoo! I enjoy being at home lol.

    Baked cookies and some boobie bickies

    Made rice pudding in the slow cooker out of left over rice I had

    Made pasta bake out of left over pasta we had 2 nights before hand

    Picked up a few specials from Tasman meats first time going there.

    Got some great specials from the fruit and veg shop

    Re organised the kitchen a little better
    Stuart helped with dishes and he mopped the floors

    Stuart greatfully received oranges from his nan that he picked himself from her tree

    Made a fruit platter and baked more cookies for card making day at Caths house yesterday :)

    Greatfully Received some lovely pieces of paper and cut outs from Joy at the card making day :)

    Greatfully received some bread and peckish rice crackers from mum and dad, mum also made me a big container of soup to have.

    Did quite a few loads of washing hanging and folding. Trying to keep on top but it's just not happening that way... We have way too much clothes!

    Got petrol while it was down at $1.19 with discount. it went up to $1.43 2 days later. I have barely been driving places just to save money on petrol.

    That's all for now I think wendy! Hopefully I remember to write down my tasks this week haha
    Hope you have a lovely week xoxo

    1. Anne, you could be forgiven for being too busy to write your list down - hehehe. You still had a great week and got lots done.

      Hope you enjoyed Tasman Meats. Darren will drop what he's doing to come to Tasman with me. He loves drooling over all the meat cabinets.

    2. I definitely enjoyed going there, gave some feed back to mum about it too but she probably won't travel the distance to buy her meat from there I thought it was amazing that you could buy uncut portahouse steak for $130
      My eyes definitely lit up.

  11. A bit late with my list.
    Came upon an amazing free pile of goods destined for landfill, so collected a few things then sold them online. Also sold a jacket and kids clothing no longer required.
    Kids needed fabric for a project and told me they needed to go to Spotlight - we shopped from my fabric stash instead.
    Shopped from the present box for kid's parties, saving countless $$
    Acquired some succulents from parent's garden, started up a couple of new pots with free pots I'd found.
    Gratefully received some lemons - made a couple of lemon cakes and froze them - came in handy one night when unannounced we had extra kids here after school and staying for dinner. Spaghetti bol to the rescue.
    Made soup, yoghurt and all meals from scratch. Baked chicken dinner one night stretched to chicken for school wraps and a stir fry family meal as well as the carcass made into stock for soup.
    Lunch out one day with a friend - shop a docket - buy one get one free - so we went halves.
    Took tea in a flask and sandwiches to kids sport.

    1. Spag bol is always well received and quick to make. It would have to be one of the cheapest meals on my menu plan.


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