Monday 17 August 2015

Padded Hearts - A Simple Craft.

I'm not overly crafty but this is a simple one.  If you can thread a needle,  then this craft is for you.  I've made these for teacher's presents,  little girl's birthday presents and as Christmas decorations for the tree and dining chairs.  Megan has one hanging on her bedhead.

Here's what you need -

15 centemetre paper shapes.
Scrap pieces of material
Contrasting cotton

Print off or hand draw a few different shapes that are approximately 15 cm high.  Cut the desired shape out and pin it to a double layer of printed material ( right sides facing out ).  Cut the material shape out with normal material scissors or pinking shears ( zig zag ).

Starting on a straight edge,  sew simple straight stitches about 1/2 centimetre from the edge.  The stitches should look like tacking stitches.

Continue stitching until you are about 3 centimetres from the start.

Stuff the shape with a little wadding.  Just use a very small amount  at a time.  The shape needs to be slightly padded but not like a cushion.

Stitch up the remaining fabric and tie off and cut the cotton.

Attach a small ribbon to form a loop with a few stitches.

Add a little ribbon bow with a few stitches tying a knot at the back.

Some shapes can be joined together with a few stitches to form a wall hanging or to hang on the back of a dining chair.


  1. Hi Wendy,

    I love this idea and so easy. This would be great for Christmas hanging on the tree in shapes like Christmas trees or wreaths. I going to make some of these up for my boys teachers and maybe add a little lavender.
    Thanks, xxx

    1. Darling ornament idea, too, indeed! Precious!

      Letters Unfolded

  2. Wendy what a sweet little gift. I love it to bits! Mimi xxx

  3. Simple but beautiful! My kind of craft!

  4. These are so sweet Wendy, and simple, just how I like it.


  5. Wendy these are just lovely. I have made swags of hearts. I join a few together at the sides and then have ribbon at each end. My girls, my sister and myself have them hanging on a window from the curtain rod holders. I make them in the girls favourite colours. They loved them. The hearts used up plenty of scraps, were quick and easy to make and being in a heart/love shape, they are a beautiful gift to make and to give.

    1. Jane, I do the swags too. I just ran out of time to get them out and take photos.


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