Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 5th August 2015

Here are this week's great specials.  Please feel free to add any others you find.


*  Sunsilk Shampoo or Conditioner 750mL 1/2 PRICE Was $10.49, Save $5.25  Now $5.24 each

*  Cadbury Cooking Chocolate 200g-225g Was $4.19, Save $1.19  Now $3.00 each.  Not the best price possible but still a good saving.

*  Tip Top Raisin Toast 520g 1/2 PRICE Was $5.20, Save $2.60  Now $2.60 each

U By Kotex Ultrathin Regular Pads with Wings 14 Pack Was $5.00, Save $2.00  Now $3.00 each

*  Norsca Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 150g 1/2 PRICE Was $5.99, Save $3.00  Now $2.99 each

*  Brut 33 Deodorant For Men 150g 1/2 PRICE Was $6.29, Save $3.15  Now $3.14 each

*  20% OFF $30, $50 or $100 iTunes Gift Cards Excludes $20 denomination

*  NEW Duck Fresh Discs Bleach Citrus 36mL Dispenser plus 6 discs Was $6.59, Save $2.59  Now $4.00 each.  I haven't used these before but it seems like a great price.

*   Golden Crumpet Rounds 6 Pack 1/2 PRICE Was $3.10, Save $1.55  Now $1.55 each


Australian Lamb Shoulder Roast Bone In Australian Grown.Save $2.00 Now $7.99 kg.  Not as cheap as some butchers but certainly a good price.

*  Imported Smoked Cod Fillets^Seafood. Thawed for your convenience.Now $9.99 kg Save $5.00 kg .  Remember to ask if they have frozen to take home and freeze yourself.

*  Tip Top English Muffin Varieties Pk 6 Now $2.35 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.35

*  Uncle Tobys Vita Brits 1 kg Now $2.25 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.34

*  Cottee’s Jams or Marmalades 500g Now $$2.00 each Save up to $1.40.  This is a great price if you don't make jam.

*   Ansell Silverlined Gloves, Select Domestic Wipes Pk 20, Select Domestic Wipes Extra Large Pk 10, Chux Magic Erasers Pk 8, Oates Bamboo Non Scratch Dish Cloth Pk 2, Handee Ultra Paper Towel Double Length Pk 1 or Fab Laundry Powder 500g
$2.00 each Save up to $2.99

*  Dickies Plain Bath Towel 68 x 130cm Now $7.99 each 1/2 price Save $8.00 – Also Available in Dickies Bath Sheet 82 x 160cm $11.49 ea, Dickies Hand Towels $4.49 ea or Dickies Face Washers Pk 2 $4.49 per pack

1/2 Price All Dickies Bathroom Manchester.

*  Lynx Body Spray 100g Now $2.99 each 1/2 Price, Save $3.00

*  Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner 350ml Now $3.94 each 1/2 Price, Save $3.95

*  Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 400ml Now $1.97 each 1/2 Price, Save $1.98


*  Chicken breast fillets skin on $5.99 kg.


  1. Thanks so much Wendy for taking the time to list specials each week. I always check your post to see if I missed any specials from scouring the catalogues. Very much appreciated. xo

  2. I went to Tasman meats again yesterday and bought the chicken breast great price! I bought 4.5kg worth

  3. Thanks again Wendy. This is so valuable. I'll be buying the Lamb Shoulder roast for sure. Yum, yum! Mimi xxx

  4. Thanks Wendy, I am heading to the shops tomorrow. There have been some good specials lately. Mandarines are a good price here and last week broccoli was $1.99.
    Between the specials and the markdowns I have done fairly well. It pays to keep a close eye on things! Love

  5. Thanks again Wendy - some good ones this week. Appreciate your help!

  6. Hi Wendy, I wasn't sure if you ever buy alcohol but I thought I would mention that I have recently discovered Johanssons Alcoholic Cider that tastes the same as the Rekorderlig Swedish Cider, but at less than half the price. Rekorderlig sells for $7.99 per 500ml botlle which I think is quite pricey and the Johanssons sells for $2.50 - $3.00 per bottle at Dan Murphys depending on flavour. Occasionally NQR have the Rekorderlig for $3.99 per bottle. Loving your specials posts as I am a local and often shop at the same outlets as yourself.

    1. No I don't buy alcohol as Darren and I don't drink. I personally won't be highlighting alcohol specials.

      Could you please put a name to any future posts. Thankyou.


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