Tuesday 27 January 2015

Tuna Casserole

This tuna casserole is an old family favourite. My Mum has been cooking this for her family as long as I can remember.

You might remember seeing a cupboard full of tinned food on A Current Affair when they filmed my family's story on 23rd June 2014.. So many people thought we only eat tinned food. Nothing could be further from the truth but this recipe does require three tins. Like most recipes on our menu, we only eat it once a month and we all look forward to eating it.

1 425 gram tin of tuna in brine
1 tin of celery soup
1 tin of creamed corn
3 tablespoons of rice – cooked
½ cup of grated cheese
1 celery stalk chopped finely

½ tablespoon of dried onion flakes

1 teaspoon of dried chives

Salt, pepper and garlic to taste

3 cups of corn flakes

60 grams of butter – melted

Mix the corn flakes and melted butter together in a large bowl
Mix all other ingredients together in another large bowl then pour into a casserole dish. Top with corn flakes and cook in an oven for approx one hour at 180 c until the centre is hot. Serve with vegies or crusty bread on the side.

Serves 4 – 5 people . Freezes well


  1. Looks delicious Wendy :)
    Will you be posting your menu plan soon?

  2. Wow this sounds so good Wendy. So much better than my plain old tuna mornay. I am definitely going to give your recipe a try :)


  3. Hi Wendy, sounds delicious and so different with the corn flakes on top, must try this,Maureen

  4. Wendy this is a different version to my family tuna mornay and Im going to try it. Thank you.
    I think a supply of canned goods it really important! In a crisis having canned goods can be your way to put a meal on the table instead of heading to the takeaway shops. I saw your tip too that a can of soup is a much cheaper way to add a flavour base rather than a jar of a flavoured sauce. They have many handy uses anyway. For us tuna mornay is a really handy meal as I always have everything on hand. xxx

  5. Hi Wendy

    Thanks for sharing your tuna casserole. I did try your recipe, but changed it to suit our taste. I used a tin of asparagus soup with half a cup of water. I also used macaroni and frozen mixed veg. Instead of cornflakes on top, I used bread crumbs and cheese for the topping. It was really nice. My family really liked it!!! And the best thing it didn't cost much to make!!! Since I had all the ingredients and there was no need to go to the shops.

    1. Asparagus soup is the other soup my Mum uses. It can be hard to get these two types of soup, that's why I stock up when I see them and they are on sale.

  6. Having watched recent news reports of New Yorkers stocking up for The Storm, having a few stockpiled cans was on everyones's mind.
    Besides the week ACA filmed was the week after Coles had Campbells soup half price. I remember because I got 6 cans. K

    1. It's great that the New Yorkers were stocking up for the storm. There's only one problem, everyone will be stocking up and the shelves get emptied.

      I'd prefer to be stocked up all year round and only buy when on sale for $1 a tin or under.

      So many tv viewers thought we lived off tinned food and I was criticised for having an unhealthy diet. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just love to stockpile !!!

  7. Adding some spiral noodle pasta or macaroni would make this meal go further too. I will be trying it soon, thank you.

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  8. Hi wendy I want to try this but I don't like cornflakes, and I cannot find cream of celery only cream of asparagus..can you freeze this ? Thanks . Sonia

    1. Hi Sonia, you could use dried bread crumbs instead of corn flakes. Asparagus soup is fine to use in the casserole. Cream of celery is still available but sometimes harder to find.


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