Monday 29 February 2016

My Cleaning Schedule

Over the years I've had quite a few people ask me how I keep my home tidy and do all the other things I do.  For starters I don't work full time so this gives me time to keep on top of things.  Secondly,  I'm not addicted to my mobile phone or computer.  If you saw my mobile you'd understand why.  It's not a smart phone but it's great for making calls and  texting ( not that I do either that much ).  I also don't have an enormous house with unused rooms.  All these things help me keep my home in order.

My home is kept tidy for a few reasons.  My mind is at ease when my home is clean and tidy.  If there's mess lying around I feel a little stressed and cannot rest until it's in order again.  I like to have a tidy home in case someone visits unexpectedly.  Cath and I have joked over the years how we like to keep our homes ' tv ready " or visitor ready.  Yes,  there can be things out of place but it doesn't take long to put them away.

I had a cleaning schedule when my girls were very little that kept the housework reasonably up to date.   Here's what it looked like -

MON -   3 loads of washing - white / lights,  towels and darks
              Strip one bed

TUES -  Baking

WED -   3 loads of washing ( as per Monday )
               Strip one bed

THUR -  Dust
               Clean bathrooms and toilets
               Food shopping

FRI -   3 loads of washing ( as per Monday )
            Strip one bed

SAT -   Tidy

SUN -   Day of rest - not that I got much rest.

I know it seems ridiculous that I vacuumed three times a week  but with little children it was necessary.    If there was a dead fly on the floor,  Megan would find it and put it in her mouth.

Gone are the days of little children.  Now that I work,  my cleaning schedule has changed a few times to fit in with when I'm home.  Here's my current cleaning schedule -

MON -  No cleaning but I do write for the Cheapskates Club and my blog on this day

TUES -   Dark load of washing
               Baking ( if needed )

WED -   Wash towels and light clothes together
               Food shopping and errands

THUR -  Dust the whole house
               Clean bathrooms and toilets
               Wipe down kitchen

FRI -      Dark or light load of washing ( whatever is needed )
              Strip a bed ( girls alternate )

SAT -     Vacuum
               Dark load of washing ( work uniforms )
               Bread baking and any other baking needed
               Finish any outstanding housework

SUN -    Strip my bed
               Wash sheets and anything light

Of course there are many other things I fit into my week. There's gardening,  processing of garden produce,  mending,  general tidying,  card making ( on a rare occasion ),  crafting,  de cluttering,  op shopping,  present making,  soap making,  MOOing ( Make Our Own ) kitchen ingredients and cleaning products,  blog work and research,  replying to messages from readers etc etc.  The list could go on and on.

My girls help out when I get behind but they do need to be persuaded.  Darren works very hard at his jobs so I only ask him for help if I'm running out of time and we need to go out.

I will say ( with a little pride ) that Darren and the girls know how to do just about all the housework.  Darren lived out of home for 5 years before we were married so he was pretty good at cleaning ( just not often ).  Over the years I've shown him quicker and easier ways to clean the bathrooms.  Jessica and Megan have always been encouraged to clean up after themselves.  When they became teens,  they learnt how to put the washing machine and dishwasher on.   When their bathroom gets too messy,  they are responsible for the clean up.

There are times when I just can't get all the housework done.  As long as the house is reasonably tidy,  it can wait for another week.

Saturday 27 February 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 27th February 2016

This week I've made a real effort to have some rest time.  I'm one of those people that just keeps on going no matter how I feel or what circumstances come my way.  As a result of this " rest time " I managed to make two knitted dish cloths while sitting in front of the tv watching the nightly news.  I'm so happy I took some time for myself that it might become a regular part of my day.

A big hello to blog reader Nicole.  I was in Savers on Monday standing in the queue to pay for my bargain finds when a young lady came over to me to tell me she reads my blog all the time and loves it.  I was thrilled that Nicole took the time to say hello and show me her baby. If I'd had the chance I would have loved to talk longer.

If you ever see me out and about ( Savers is a good bet ) please come and say hello.  I just love to hear your saving stories.  It really does make my day.  xoxo

 Here's what else I got up to this week -

*  Picked another bunch of lavender from the garden to dry.  This will be used to make lavender soap and lavender sachets as presents.

*  Picked beans,  strawberries,  tomatoes and raspberries each day.

*  Bought three tops from Savers at their 50% off sale.  Darren and the girls also made a start on buying their Winter wardrobe. Megan found two pairs of jeans,  a couple of jumpers / jackets and a few tops and a hand bag for a grand total of $25.  She was very happy with her haul.  Even Darren who doesn't like clothes shopping found two new shirts for $3 each.

*  Bought more knitting / crochet cotton at Savers for a total of $6 less 10% discount.  One of the balls usually retails for $6 each.

*  Knitted two dish cloths.  I've put them away for when I get my new kitchen.

*  Darren bought a hay bale for $5.50 ( half price ).  We had an album launch at our church and hay bales were used for the occasion. 

*  Cut and froze lots of beans.

*  Made a quadruple batch of laundry powder.

*  Filled up all the cars with discount dockets to get the petrol at $0.97 a litre.

*  Froze leftover tuna pasta bake.

*  Gratefully received some colored paper scraps at the Cheapskates card making day.  I also made the most of the equipment being shared and cut out lots of shapes to make more cards.

*  Gratefully received a fuel discount docket in the mail from a blog reader.

Flowers for Jessica from a friend to cheer her up.
Aren't they beautiful ?  Miniature roses.

A present from Cath - my favourite store bought biscuits.
My op shop finds
More op shop finds.
Making laundry powder in bulk.
A pumpkin growing in our garden.
Knitted dish cloths.

What frugal tasks did you complete this week ?

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Grocery Specials Wednesday 24th February 2016

Here are this week's best specials -


*  Cadbury Sharepacks 160g-180g 1/2 PRICE Was  $4.60, Save $2.31  Now$2.29 each.  Stock up for Easter.

*  Peters Drumstick 4 Pack-6 Pack 475mL-490mL1/2 PRICE Was  $7.99, Save $4.00 Now $3.99 each

*  Arnott’s Salada Crispbread 250g 1/2 PRICE Was  $3.00, Save $1.50  Now $1.50 each

*  Golden Circle Tetra Fruit Drink 1 Litre1/2 PRICE Excludes  Pineapple, Tomato & Nectar.Was $2.05, Save $1.03  Now $1.02 each

*  Arnott’s Shapes Light & Crispy Crackers 120g 1/2 PRICE Was  $3.00, Save $1.50  Now $1.50 each

*  Cottee’s Jam 500g Was $3.35, Save $1.35  Now $2.00 each.  For those who don't make jam,  this is a great price.

*    SunRice Basmati Rice 5kg 1/2 PRICE Was  $18.00, Save $9.00  Now $9.00 each

*    Creative Gourmet Frozen Fruit 300g 1/2 PRICE Was  $5.65, Save $2.83  Now $2.82 each
*  ASC Basa Fillets Thawed 1/2 PRICE From the Deli. Was $11.00, Save $5.50 kg Now $5.50 kg

*  Radox Body Wash 250mL1/2 PRICE Was  $4.00, Save $2.00  Now $2.00 each

*  Sunsilk Longer and Stronger Shampoo or Conditioner 400mL1/2 PRICE Was  $6.19, Save $3.10 
Now $3.09 each

*  Dove Beauty Bar 2 Pack1/2 PRICE Was  $4.30, Save $2.15  Now $2.15 each

*  BIC Soleil Twilight Lavender Razors 4 Pack Was  $5.49, Save $1.99  Now $3.50 each

*  Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 900mL1/2 PRICE Was  $6.95, Save $3.48  Now $3.47 each

*  Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray 300g 1/2 PRICE Was  $6.79, Save $3.40  Now $3.39 each

*  Sistema Klip It Container 1 Litre 3 Pack1/2 PRICE Was  $12.45, Save $6.23 Now $6.22 each


*   Arnott’s Shapes 130-190g Now $1.50 each 1/2 Price, Save $1.50

*  Spam 340g Now $2.45 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.45

*  Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 900ml Now $3.47 each 1/2 Price, Save $3.48

*  Golden Circle Juice 2 Litre Now $1.79 each 1/2 Price, Save $1.80

*  20% off All Easter Bunnies.

*  NEW Mars M&M’s 160-200g or Maltesers 140-155gOnly at Woolworths Now $2.10 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.15

*  Old El Paso Tortillas 400g Pk 10 Now $2.15 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.15

*    Australian Continental Cucumbers Australian Grown.$1.00 each

*  Imported Freshwater Basa Fillets^Seafood may not be available in all stores.^Thawed for your convenience .Now $5.49 kg 1/2 Price, Save $5.50 kg.  It's not thawed for my convenience so make sure you ask for frozen.  They always have it out the back and is great for putting in your own freezer.

*  Mighty Soft Muffin Varieties Pk 6 Now $2.34 each 1/2 Price, Save up to $2.41

*  Colgate Advanced Whitening 110g or 120g Now $2.40 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.40

*    Palmolive Naturals Shower Gel 500mlNow $2.69 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.70

*  Imperial Leather Bodywash 500ml Now $3.29 each 1/2 Price, Save $3.30

*  Brut Deodorant 150g Now $3.14 each 1/2 Price, Save $3.15

*  1/2 Price All Lynx

*  1/2 Price All Dermaveen


Monday 22 February 2016

Pita Chips

I first heard about pita chips when Darren,  myself and the girls were on holidays visiting family in Tasmania.  Darren's step mother made  them for us as a healthy snack to munch on.  They are so easy to make,  can be stored for months at a time and are super budget friendly.

Here's how I make them-

1 bag of pita bread.  I like to use wholemeal pita bread.  It's better for you and the kids won't notice the difference.

Oven trays

Olive oil spray - optional

Seasoning - optional.

Cut the pita breads into long strips about 3 - 4 centimetres wide or just over an inch
Then cut the strips into bite size pieces.
Spread the pita pieces evenly onto the oven trays
Bake in the oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.
Allow to cool before storing in an airtight container.


*  The olive oil and seasoning is an optional extra if you want to eat them as an alternative to potato chips.  Lightly spray the olive oil and sprinkle salt or potato seasoning over the pita chips before baking.

*  If you season the pita chips,  they do take a little longer to crisp up in the oven

*  Please make sure the pita chips are not overlapping each other on the tray.  If they overlap,  some parts of the pita bread will not bake and need more baking time.

*  I always rotate the tray halfway through the cooking time for even baking.

*  Check the pita chips at the 15 minute mark to prevent over cooking.  Some ovens are hotter than others.

Saturday 20 February 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 20th February 2016

I tried to have a slower week but it just didn't happen.  I arrived home Saturday afternoon from the Aldi Adelaide workshop.  I was a little weary from the travelling and all the talking Cath and I did in 24 hours.  A big thankyou to fellow Cheapskater Laine who recommended the Aldi baby products to the people in my group.  It's been a while since I've bought nappies and wipes.

During the week I worked,  Megan got her second part time job,  got the car serviced,  did a food shop as well as the usual cleaning chores around the house.  Here's what else I got up to -

* Made lots of creamed rice to avoid throwing out lots of milk.  The use by was about to expire so I had to think of something easy and yummy that uses lots of milk.  This is one of Jessica's favourite desserts so she was in heaven.

*  Made 11 jars of tomato relish. I used tomatoes from my garden and made the brown sugar using sugar that was given to us.

*  Stuck to our $2 per person  budget for Valentine's Day.  Darren and I spent this amount on each other to buy a little treat.  Darren bought four cherries and coated them in chocolate.  He found a card in my card box to give me.  I bought $2 worth of cashews and bagged them up with a red ribbon to give to Darren.

*  Made brown sugar.

*  Picked raspberries,  beans,  tomatoes and a few strawberries.

*  Bought crumpets as a treat.  They were reduced to $1.12 a packet.

*  Bought home the toiletries from the accommodation in Adelaide last weekend.

*  Darren cooked up some cherry tomatoes given to us.  They have been frozen into meal size.

*  Bought 3 large Moccona jars from the op shop.  They were $3.99 for the three less 20% discount.   I'll be using them as presents filled with biscuits ( cookies ). I also purchased three light green vintage plates for $4.99 together less 20% discount.  I found some lovely pink,  white and green striped cotton material for $9.99 less 20%..  These will be made into tea towels for my new kitchen,  some to give as presents and some to sell.

*  Bought some knitting cotton from Spotlight on clearance for $2 a ball  I'll be knitting dishcloths for my kitchen,  some to give as presents and some to sell.

*  Made muesli bar slice for snacks.

*  Gratefully accepted a lovely present from Annabel.  After the Adelaide workshop she presented me with a pretty box filled with knitting  / crochet cotton and crochet hooks to get me started on crocheting.  Thankyou so much Annabel.  Such a lovely present.  You'll be pleased to know later that night Cath got me started on crocheting.  I'm still in the very basic stage but I'm hoping to get better.

* Kept the cooling off all week.  We did use the fan on the cooling a couple of times but this costs so little to run.

*  Cooked from scratch all week and ate out of the pantry,  fridge and freezer.

*  Saved the shower warm up water to use on all our potted plants and fruit trees / bushes.

*  Sold one dozen eggs,  one jar of jam and one jar of relish to a cleaning client.

My $3 clearance plants are now flowering.
Darren's Valentine's Day present.
Making tomato relish
Cheap Moccona jars.
Vintage plates
Knitting cotton on clearance
From the garden.
What did you do to save money this week ?

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Grocery Specials Wednesday 17th February 2016

Here are this week's best grocery specials -


*  1/2 PRICE OFF all Nivea

*  Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain 805g1/2 PRICE Was $7.40, Save $3.70  Now $3.70 each

* Maharajah’s Choice Basmati Rice 5kg1/2 PRICE Was $17.50, Save $8.75  Now $8.75 each

*  Alfa One Rice Bran Oil 3 Litre1/2 PRICE Was $18.00, Save $9.00  Now $9.00 each

*  Sanitarium So Good Almond Unsweetened Long Life Milk 1 Litre 1/2 PRICE Was $3.29, Save $1.65  Now $1.64 each

*  Golden Circle Beetroot Slices 450g1/2 PRICE Was $1.80, Save $0.90  Now $0.90 each

*  Real Foods Corn Thins 125g-150g1/2 PRICE Was $2.00, Save $1.00  Now $1.00 each

*  Espressotoria Capino Black Coffee Machine1/2 PRICE Was $99.00, Save $49.50  Now $49.50 each

*  Espressotoria Vittoria Espresso Coffee Capsules 12 Pack1/2 PRICE Was $8.39, Save $4.20  Now $4.19 each

*  Kellogg’s Sultana Bran 850g1/2 PRICE Was $7.89, Save $3.95  Now $3.94 each

*  Kellogg’s Just Right Original 790g1/2 PRICE Was $7.50, Save $3.75  Now $3.75 each

*  Tip Top Raisin Toast 520g1/2 PRICE Was $5.40, Save $2.70  Now $2.70 each

*  New Zealand Blue Grenadier Skin Off Fillets Thawed From the Deli.Was $13.00, Save $3.00 kg Now $10.00 kg

*  40% OFF all L’Oréal Women's Skin Care

*  Macleans Extreme Clean Toothpaste 170g1/2 PRICE Was $5.00, Save $2.50  Now $2.50 each

*  L’Oréal Elvive Shampoo or Conditioner 250mL1/2 PRICE Was $5.95, Save $3.00  Now $2.95 each

*  1/2 PRICE OFF all Décor Match Ups & Microsafe

*  Viva Paper Towel 2 Pack Was $3.55, Save $1.55  Now $2.00 each

* Dynamo Laundry Liquid 1 Litre1/2 PRICE Was $10.00, Save $5.00  Now $5.00 each.  You can dilute this by 50% and it still works really well.

*  Biozet Attack Laundry Powder Front & Top Loader 1kg1/2 PRICE Was $11.00, Save $5.50  Now $5.50 each

*  Pedigree Dog Food 1.2kg1/2 PRICE Was $3.69, Save $1.85  Now $1.84 each


*  Lindt Lindor or Creations Blocks 100g Now $2.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.00

*  Old El Paso Taco 405g and Burrito Kit 485g Now $3.00 each 1/2 Price, Save up to $3.49

*  Energizer Max AAA Pk 14 or AA Pk 16 Now $9.74 each 1/2 Price, Save up to $9.76

*  25% off All Easter Confectionery.  I know it's a little early,  but a saving is a saving.

*  Blue Diamond Almond Breeze UHT Milk 1 Litre Now $1.64 each 1/2 Price, Save $1.65

*  Praise Squeeze Mayo 490-555g Now $2.09 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.10

*  Birds Eye Oven Bake Fish 425g – From the Freezer Aisle Now $4.39 each 1/2 Price, Save $4.40

*  Kleenex Viva Paper Towel Pk 3 Now $2.45 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.45

*  Duck Fresh Discs 36ml - Excludes Bleach Discs Now $2.89 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.90

*  Vanish Oxi Action or Crystal White 2 kg Now $10.00 each Save $6.35

*  1/2 Price All Schick Disposable Razors.

*  40% off All Olay

*  Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 700ml Now $6.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $6.00

*  Palmolive Shampoo or Conditioner 350ml Now $2.49 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.50

*  30% off All Rexona

*  Johnson’s Bodywash 1 Litre Now $6.00 each 40% off, Save $4.00

*  Veet Spawax Warm Kit Lily & Sugar Fig 150g Now $30.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $30.00

* 1/2 Price Johnson's 500ml Baby Range


*  Legs of lamb $6.99 kg.

Please add any specials you find in the supermarket and department stores.


Monday 15 February 2016

Cutting The Budget When There's Nothing Left To Cut - Part 1

Towards the end of last year,  we saw our family income drop significantly.  I started losing some of my cleaning jobs due to clients selling their homes or not needing me any more.  I always think our budget is tight and well planned but somehow we always find ways to trim the budget.  For the last year we've been saving to get a new kitchen and flooring for our home.  To maintain these savings on our lower income we've juggled a few things around in our budget and cut our spending.  Not everyone has the luxury of monthly savings to play with so I thought I'd give you some ideas to cut your costs.

Please keep in mind that not all these budget cuts will suit your family.  You might already be doing these things.  By reading my tips it might remind you of something similar you can change or do.

*  Revise your mobile,  home phone and internet packages.  Do you really need unlimited everything ?  Are you paying for services you don't need or use ?  Phone providers are always changing their packages but don't necessarily advertise better deals.  Make the call to get the best deal you can.

*  Cut pay tv.  Yes I'm sure it's great to have and some cost as low as $10 a month.  Could you use that extra money to feed your family or pay a few bills?  Save pay tv for when you are debt free and still really, really need it.

*  Start making your own presents.  By doing this you are keeping more of your money within the budget.  See this post about creating your own mini economy..

*  Pay your bills on time to get the discounts and avoid late fees.

*  Ring your utility providers to make sure you are getting the best discount available.

*  Cook a couple of meatless meals a week.  Fried rice,  chunky veggie soup,  pasta and sauce,  toasted sandwiches,  eggs on toast  and  baked / stuffed potatoes are all very tasty and super budget friendly.

*  When the weather gets warm,  use an electric fan to cool down the room you are using instead of turning on the cooling / air conditioning.  If it gets too hot,  turn your cooling on low and keep your electric fan on.  Electric fans cost about 2 cents an hour to run.

*  Grow your own lettuce.  You can grow it in a pot or in the ground all through the year.  By purchasing a packet of seeds for about $3 you'll have enough seeds for the next couple of years. This can save you up to $100 a year based on buying one lettuce per week at $1.99 each. I like to grow the salad mix variety and pick as many leaves as we need per meal.

Stayed tuned for more budget busting posts throughout the year.

Saturday 13 February 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks 13th February 2016

As I look back on my frugal week,  I didn't think I'd done much at all. A very special friend of ours has been  hospitalised and is very unwell.  Darren,  myself and the girls have spent much of the week in prayer for him.   If you are friends with me on Facebook,  I've posted a photo of him.  please join us in prayer for complete healing.  He's the reason Darren and I met and married.

Here's what I managed to do this week - 

*  Picked,  cut and froze lots of beans from the garden.

*  Picked lots of tomatoes,  lettuce, raspberries and one strawberry.

*  Made 7 jars of raspberry jam using our raspberries, our lemon juice and sugar given to us.  I used this recipe ( using raspberries and without the apples ) to make the jam.

*  Made lots of pita chips for snacks.

*  Saved the washing machine and clean shower water.

*  Made 7 jars of peach jam.  The peaches were $1.99 kg and the lemon juice and sugar were free.

*  Made four loaves of wholemeal bread.

* Stayed away from the shops except to buy milk,  fruit and veg.  I'm participating in the Cheapskate's February No Spend Month.

*  Cut up lots of used printer paper to recycle into note paper.

*  Made potato cakes for lunch when Cath came over.  The potato was leftover for dinner the night before.

*  Threw the kitchen scraps into the compost bin.

*  Refilled the shampoo and conditioner bottles in the girl's bathroom.  I also diluted it a little.  I can't dilute it 50 / 50 any more as they complain it's too runny and they use more.  If I dilute it a little I'm hoping they won't notice.

*  Bought Tresemme shampoo  and conditioner on a half price sale using money from the slush fund.

*  Refilled the hand wash pumps with diluted shower gel.  Here's how I do this

*  Used electric fans when possible to cool the house instead of the evap cooling.

*  Picked a few beautiful pink roses from the garden.  They smell divine

From the garden
Pretties for my kitchen
Peach jam to eat and give as presents.
The egg on the right is a normal sized one.
Producing my own food
.How did you save money this week ?

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Grocery Specials Wednesday 10th February 2016

Here are this week's best grocery specials -


*  Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits 165g-200g1/2 PRICE Excludes Mocktail 165g.Was $3.65, Save $1.83  Now $1.82 each

*  Cadbury Boxed Favourites or Mini Blocks 320g1/2 PRICE Was $12.00, Save $6.00 Now $6.00 each

*  Fountain Tomato or Barbecue Sauce 2 Litre1/2 PRICE Was $6.00, Save $3.00  Now $3.00 each

*  Gold Choice Sunflower, Canola, Vegetable Oil 4 Litre or La Española Rice Bran Oil 3 Litre 1/2 PRICE Was $18.00, Save $9.00  Now $9.00 each  Great for soap making too.

*  Tip Top Café Raisin Toast 650g1/2 PRICE Was $5.90, Save $2.95  Now $2.95 each

*  Tip Top English Muffins 6 Pack1/2 PRICE Was $4.90, Save $2.45  Now $2.45 each

*  Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Box 175g1/2 PRICE Was $10.00, Save $5.00  Now $5.00 each

*  CSR Raw Sugar 2kg1/2 PRICE Was $3.50, Save $1.75 Now $1.75 each

*  Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 250mL1/2 PRICE Was $5.44, Save $2.72 Now $2.72 each

*  Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 700mL1/2 PRICE Was $12.00, Save $6.00 Now $6.00 each

*  Veet Spawax Starter Kit 150g 1/2 PRICE Was $59.99, Save $30.00  Now $29.99 each

*  Brut 33 Deodorant For Men 150g 1/2 PRICE Was $6.29, Save $3.15  Now $3.14 each

*  Pine O Cleen Disinfectant 1.25 Litre 1/2 PRICE Was $5.00, Save $2.50  Now $2.50 each

*  Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 900mL 1/2 PRICE Was $6.95, Save $3.48  Now $3.47 each

*  Mars Celebration 300g, Maltesers 360g or M&Ms Peanut 440g 1/2 PRICE Was $10.00, Save $5.00  Now $5.00 each


*  Streets Magnum 360-468ml Pk 4-6 Now $3.99 each 1/2 Price, Save $4.00.  The cheapest you'll find.

*  Abbott’s Village Bakery Bread Varieties 680-850g Now $2.69 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.70

*  Lindt Lindor Balls 150-154g Now $6.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $6.00

*  EasiYo Yogurt Maker – Excludes Mini Maker Now $11.49 each 1/2 Price, Save $11.50.  If you've ever thought about buying one,  now is the time.  Buy a few for Christmas presents and include my super easy recipe.

*  Edgell Beetroot, Corn or Seed Beans 400-425g Now$0.84 each 1/2 Price, Save up to $1.03

*  Arnott’s Salada Biscuits 250g Now $2.00 each Save $1.00

*   Golden Canola Oil 4 Litre Now $9.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $9.00

*  10% Off Village Cinema Gold Class & $50 Gift Cards.

*  Cadbury Favourites 540g Now $9.50 each 1/2 Price, Save $9.50

*  M&M’s Peanut Box 440g or Maltesers Box 360g Now $5.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $5.00

*   Imported Freshwater Basa Fillets Now $5.49 kg 1/2 Price, Save $5.50 kg

*   Steggles Whole Chicken Family Roast – From the meat dept Now$3.00 kg Save $1.99 kg

*  Cinnamon Donuts Now $2.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.00

*  Tip Top Raisin Toast 520g or Wholemeal Raisin Toast 600g Now $2.70 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.70

*  Radox Deodorant 250ml Now $3.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $3.00

*   Sunsilk Shampoo or Conditioner 400ml Now $3.09 each 1/2 Price, Save $3.10

*  L’Oreal Elvive Shampoo or Conditioner 250ml Now $2.99 each 1/2 Price, Save $3.00

*  Tontine I’m an Allergy Friendly Pillow Pk 2 Now $11.00 each Better than 1/2 Price, Save $13.00

*   1/2 Price on all Home Essentials & Inspire Bathroom Manchester

*  Hygiene Plus Powder Free Gloves Pk 100 Now $4.99 each 1/2 Price, Save $5.00. 

*  Kraft Peanut Butter 500g Now $2.84 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.84

Please feel free to add any specials you find in the supermarkets and department stores.                        

Monday 8 February 2016

Zucchini Slice

This zucchini slice recipe is wonderful to eat all year round.  In Summer I serve it with salad,  a baked potato and fish.  In Winter it's served with rice,  steamed veggies and any meat.  My girls don't like zucchini as a vegetable but they'll happily eat my zucchini slice.  I think it's the cheese on top that makes it appealing.

2 large zucchinis,
1 large carrot,
1 large potato
A couple of pieces of pumpkin ( optional ).
2 eggs
2/3 cup of plain flour
Salt,  pepper,  garlic granules or powder to taste
1 tablespoon of chives or parsley ( dried or fresh )
1 tablespoon of onion flakes or 1/2 a finely diced fresh onion

Grate the zucchini,  carrot,  potato and pumpkin.
Squeeze all the juice from the grated veggies
Place all the grated veggies into a large bowl and mix together.
Add the eggs,  flour and seasonings and mix well
Place into a large greased oven / casserole dish and pat down with your hand..
Top with grated cheese and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.


*  This recipe is interchangeable. Any veggie listed can be increased or deleted depending on what you have on hand

*  Using a food processor makes light work of all the grating.

*  This recipe is easy to double or triple if you have an abundance of zucchinis.

*  I sometimes add ham or bacon but this does increase the cost of the slice..

*  Can be frozen.  I cut up into portion sizes, and place squares of cut up cereal packet between each slice.  Then cling wrap and place in a freezer bag.

*  Keeps for up to one year in the freezer or 48 hours in the fridge.   

Slabs of zucchini slice

Saturday 6 February 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 6th February 2016

I'm not sure where my week has gone but I did keep myself busy.  My housework is up to date,  I worked and I even found a little time for card making and a visit to a friend.  Here's what else I got up to -

*  Picked tomatoes,  beans,  raspberries and the last of the lemons for the season.

* Cooked up some tomatoes from our garden.  There was enough for two meals of spag bol sauce.  I've frozen the sauce for future use.

*  Cut up a cereal packet liner to use as go between for crumpets,  chops and hamburger patties.

*  Made a double batch of pumpkin scones for the freezer.  I used cooked,  pureed pumpkin from the freezer that was bought when pumpkin was in season and really cheap.

*  Made a double batch of raspberry and white chocolate muffins to sell to a cleaning client. I also sold two dozen eggs to this client.

*   Topped up my car with petrol when it was 98 cents a litre without a docket.  Every time the fuel gauge drops to 3/4 full,  I keep topping up.  Buying petrol this cheap is a real blessing to many people's budgets right now.

*  Gratefully received a couple of fuel discount dockets in the mail from a blog reader.  Now that we have three cars in the family and very little spent in the supermarket,  these dockets are a blessing to us.

*  Gratefully received some card making supplies from my lovely friend Leesa.  I received some stickers, embellishments,  pretty papers,  stamps and lots of other bits and pieces.

*  Made lots of female birthday cards using supplies I had on hand.  Over the next few months I'll concentrate on making some male cards.  My stocks are getting low.

*  Saved some tissue paper and gift bags from belated birthday presents Megan received.

*  Kept the evap. cooling off most of the week.  The mild weather has helped.

*  Did the usual water saving tasks ( washing machine and shower water ).

*  Ate out of the pantry and freezer.  I only spent $4 at the shops on milk this week.

*  Picked lots of lavender from our garden.  I'll be drying the bunch and using it in my next batch of soap I make.

Lavender from the garden
Pumpkin scones for snacks.
Hand made card
Tomato relish for a friend.
Card making supplies from a friend.
Tomato pasta sauce. Princess had to have a look.

What frugal tasks did you complete ?

Wednesday 3 February 2016

You'll Fall In Love With Aldi Adelaide Workshop

 I am so excited to announce the details of this extra special workshop to be held in Adelaide.

When: Friday 12th February 2016
Where: Aldi Hallet Cove, Hallett Cove Shopping Centre, Lonsdale Road, Hallett Cove
What time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Cost: $30 per person

What makes this workshop so special?
 Well apart from Wendy and Cath, you will actually be in-store from 8:30pm!

Yes, you'll be able to shop.

Yes, there will be lots of gifts and handouts and other fun stuff for everyone who comes along.

Yes, there will be someone from Aldi there to answer your questions.

Yes, places are limited - we can only have 30 participants at this workshop.

Yes, it will be worth it. Trust me - you'll fall in love with Aldi and if you're already an Aldi fan you'll fall even more in love with Aldi before the end of the workshop!

Click here to book your place:

Remember, places are strictly capped at 30, so bookings are on a first in basis.

Hope to see you at Aldi Hallett Cove on the 12th!

Grocery Specials Wednesday 3rd February 2016

As you can imagine there are lots of chocolates and lollies on sale in readiness for Valentines Days.  I couldn't post all the specials as there were so many.  Here are this week's best grocery specials -


*  Nice & Natural Bars 180g-192g 1/2 PRICE Was $3.99, Save $2.00 Now $1.99 each

*  Spam Ham 340g1/2 PRICE Was $4.90, Save $2.45 Now $2.45 each  Could be good for emergencies

*  Starburst Medium Bags 104g-180g1/2 PRICE Was $2.70, Save $1.35 Now $1.35 each

*  Arnott’s Marie or Arrowroot Biscuits 250g1/2 PRICE Was $2.00, Save $1.00  Now.$1.00 each.  These biscuit are great to use in slices.

*  Mars Maltesers 360g or Peanut M&Ms 440g1/2 PRICE Was $10.00, Save $5.00  Now $5.00 each

*  Mars Celebrations Box Chocolate 300g1/2 PRICE Was $10.00, Save $5.00  Now $5.00 each

*  Kraft Peanut Butter 500g1/2 PRICE Was $5.68, Save $2.84  Now $2.84 each

*  Lavazza Coffee Beans or Ground 500g1/2 PRICE Was $18.95, Save $9.80  Now $9.15 each

*  Green’s Maple Flavoured Syrup 375g1/2 PRICE Was $3.19, Save $1.60  Now $1.59 each

*  Uncle Tobys VitaBrits 1kg Was $4.59, Save $1.59  Now $3.00 each

*  SunRice Brown or White Jasmine Rice 5kg1/2 PRICE Was $13.60, Save $6.80  Now $6.80 each

*  Maharajah’s Choice Basmati Rice 5kg 1/2 PRICE Was $17.50, Save $8.75 Now $8.75 each

*   Trident Coconut Cream or Milk 400mL1/2 PRICE Was $1.95, Save $0.98  Now $0.97 each

*  Streets Magnum 4 Pack-6 Pack 360mL-468mL Was $7.99, Save $2.99  Now $5.00 each

*  Golden Crumpet Rounds 6 Pack1/2 PRICE Was $3.30, Save $1.65  Now $1.65 each

*  Imperial Leather Body Wash 1 Litre1/2 PRICE Was $9.00, Save $4.50  Now $4.50 each

*  Dettol Liquid Hand Wash Pump 250mL 1/2 PRICE Was $2.90, Save $1.45  Now $1.45 each

*  Handee Ultra Paper Towel 4 Pack1/2 PRICE Was $5.20, Save $2.60  Now $2.60 each


*  Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars 120-185g Now $1.99 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.00

*  Nescafe Cafe Menu Pk 20 Now $7.00 each Save $4.99

*  Lipton Ice Tea Varieties 1.5 Litre Now $1.80 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.00

*  Golden Circle Fruit Drink 1 Litre Now $1.00 each 1/2 Price, Save up to $1.19

*  Nature Valley Bars 100-210g Now $1.99 each Better than 1/2 Price, Save up to $3.30

*    Uncle Tobys Vita Brits 1 kg Now $2.25 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.34

*  Cancer Council Sunscreen Ultra or Sport SPF50+ 110ml^Now $5.97 each 1/2 Price, Save $5.98

*  Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 400ml – Excludes Eco Range Now $1.97 each 1/2 Price, Save $1.98

*    Cadbury Favourites or Mini Blocks 320g Now $6.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $6.00

*  Pedigree Dog Food 1.2 kg Now $1.84 each 1/2 Price, Save $1.85

*  TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner 750-900ml Now $5.00 each 1/2 Price, Save $5.50

  Please feel free to add any specials you find in the supermarkets,  department stores and Chemists etc.