Saturday 28 October 2023

My Blogging Absence Explained.

Hello faithful blog readers.  Most of you would have noticed my sudden disappearance from blog writing over the last 3 months. I'm not one to come and go as I please and have always taken my blog seriously since I started it 9 years ago.  There have been times when life has been overwhelming and fitting in a blog post or two has been impossible.  Lately,  there has been no spare time to physically sit in front of a laptop to share what's been going on.

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook,  you would have read about the birth of our third grandchild ( and first girl ) 5 weeks ago.  Naomi Wendy was born under difficult medical circumstances that had spanned 5 months.   Naomi is completely fine.  The medical condition was something our daughter had to endure and it couldn't be resolved until Naomi was born.

Darren and I looked after our other grandchildren at a moments notice when our daughter was hospitalised over 20 times since May.  Darren spent many nights racing Megan to hospital so that Luka and Bryson could stay in their own beds with their Daddy looking after them.  We've done many day care pick ups / drop offs,  had the boys for many sleepovers,  helped run 2 households,   looked after Megan at the hospital when the nurses were too busy and fed whoever was home for dinner.

During this time both Darren and I still went to work,  although there was one week I took off from my cleaning work when Megan had a 10 day hospital stay.  We also continued to help look after my Mum when she needed us.

We did go on our long awaited  holiday to the Cook Islands in late August / early September.  This holiday had been planned since 2016 for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2020.  It took 4 years of saving, a pandemic,  2 years of lockdowns in Melbourne,  a cancelation,  a death in the family and a last minute trip to the Emergency Department ( I had a chest infection ) before we boarded the plane to New Zealand,  then on to the Cook Islands. 

This trip was a dream come true and my first overseas holiday.  The Cook Islands,  especially Aitutaki,  is heaven on earth.  We swam in beautiful blue lagoons,  relaxed in hammocks,  ate delicious food and visited local islands.   We took so many photos of spectacular sunsets and coconut tree scenery.  I'll post a few photos below.

Thankyou to those who reached out and walked this journey with us over the last 5 months.  Your prayers,  concern and kind words really made a difference to how we travelled each difficult day.  Megan is doing quite well now and settling into life as a mother of 3.

If our life continues on the calmer path it has been for the last week,  I hope to start blogging again very shortly.

                                   A Day Trip To One Foot Island in Aitutaki

                                                     Our Resort In Aitutaki

The view every day for every meal.

                                                  Our Resort in Rarotonga

                                                             Our Family

Luka and " his ' bubba.