Saturday 9 December 2023

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 9th December 2023

 We are feeling quite organised this year in the lead up to Christmas.  Most of the presents are wrapped,  the Christmas lunch menu is sorted,  baking is in the freezer and most of the Christmas cards have been written.  I've even made a good start on next year's birthday and Christmas presents

Here's how we saved money over the last couple of weeks -

*  I planted luffa,  corn and more beans in our veggie garden.

*  I baked lots of shortbread biscuits ( frozen from the freezer ) as the occasion arose.  They really are much nicer than store bought,  which I was a fan of previously.

*  Darren made his Christmas rocky road.  This year he called it ' Christmas lights '.

*  I made 5 jars of relish using tomatoes from our garden that we  froze last Summer.

*  I bought lots of toys for our grandchildren and for charity giving at the Black Friday sale at Toymate.    The Buzz Lightyear figures were only $7 each less 5% from their loyalty program.

*  I sold 4 raspberry plants from our garden.

*  I bulk cooked tuna pasta bake,  beef stew,  chop suey and salmon patties.  Our freezers are full again and I won't have to cook too often leading up to Christmas.  I love the ' cook once,  eat four or five times ' type of cooking.  I don't do a bulk cooking day but cook larger meals at dinner time and freeze the extras.

*  Picked lots of silverbeet from our garden to add to many dishes for dinner.

*  I planted lots of potatoes in our garden including the tiny,  tiny ones.  Every little bit helps and we rarely buy potatoes now.

*  Darren saved some of our strawberry plants after I pulled them out earlier this year.  I got tired of watering them and the bugs eating all the fruit.  Darren put the plants in pots on our decking area and they've been growing well.  Not a bug bite in sight.

*  I bought boxes of 100 teabags for $3 each  less my 10% discount at Woolworths.  This is a great bargain considering most boxes of teabags are now $5 - $7 each at full price and nothing much comes on a half price sale these days.  


Tuna Pasta Bake

Salmon Patties

Chop Suey

Shortbread Biscuits

Tomato Relish

Darren's ' Christmas lights ' Rocky Road

Our Christmas displays around our home

Bulk cooking for the freezer

Bargain tea bags

Our granddaughter Naomi at her first Christmas party

How are your Christmas planning coming along ?

How did you save money this week ?