Wednesday 29 November 2017

Christmas Gift Tags, Bags, Wrapping And Crafts

Christmas can be an expensive time of the year.  There's no need to spend a fortune on wrapping and tagging your presents.  Infact,  you might have everything you need on hand and recycle at the same time.

Gift Tags

* Use and recycle your old Christmas cards.  Find the best part of the picture and cut it into a square,  oblong or tag shape.  Use a hole punch to make a hole and thread through a small piece of string,  ribbon or twine.

*  Tags can be made from any piece of cardstock, paper or craft paper.  just cut into a shape,  add a hole then decorate.

*  Do you have a cardboard box hanging around the house ?  Start cutting the cardboard flaps ( top ) off.  Cut into squares / oblongs with a craft knife then decorate.

Gift Bags

*  Do you have lots of department store cardboard / paper carry bags.  Glue a piece of wrapping paper over the top of the store name or brand.  Add a homemade gift tag ( see above ) to the wrapping paper panel then tie a small piece of ribbon or tinsel to the carry handle for extra style.

*  Brown paper bags can be decorated with a Christmas theme to use as a gift bag.  Stamp images,  add Christmas stickers or leave it plain.  Add your present then neatly fold the top over a couple of times,  staple then add a gift tag or a ribbon tied in a bow.  Glue the bow to the centre of the folded top with a hot glue gun.

*  Scraps of material are easy to make into bags.  If you sew,  just sew a hem around three edges. Turn over the top by 2 cm and sew a hem.  Thread some cord or lace through the top as a draw string.

Wrapping Paper

I buy all my wrapping paper on Boxing Day at heavily reduced prices.  If you haven't done this and are stuck for wrapping paper,  have a look to see what you have around the house.

*  Tissue paper makes beautiful wrapping paper.  Use a few layers to conceal the present inside.  Add a ribbon made from cut up sheer / netting curtains. 

*  Children's paintings could be used as  personalised wrapping paper.  I personally couldn't do this but some people have a truckload of Kinder paintings and this could be a way to keep the numbers under control.

*  Plain butcher / craft paper can be decorated.   Even simpler,  leave it plain and just add a colored ribbon.

*  If you are really stuck for wrapping paper,  use birthday wrapping paper and turn it inside out.  On Christmas morning when the paper is being ripped off,  no one will notice.

Christmas Crafts

*  If your old Christmas card looks amazing and too good to cut up,  consider framing it for a lovely present or to decorate your home.

*  If the image on the card is square or oblong,  cut it out,  put a layer of contact paper over the top and stick it to a jar of homemade goodies.

*  Make Christmas decorations by cutting out a shape from the card and threading a ribbon.  Tie the ribbon into a loop then hang on your tree.

Here are a few links to websites with more craft ideas

Gift tags made from old Christmas cards

Cardboard gift tags.  Just change the theme to Christmas

Use this layout to decorate bags for Christmas

Cut up netting curtains as bows.


  1. Very nice ideas! Thanks!

  2. I purchased Christmas wrapping paper from a Boxing Day sale two years ago and still have enough. May even get through next year as well.
    As I need to be really organised this year I've already purchased and wrapped all gifts except one. I cut little rectangles from the end of a wrapping paper roll - the cardboard bit. They were my gift tags.

  3. Thanks for all these hints - really helpful and the photographs show just how pretty our cards and gifts can look.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Once again some great ideas there. I will have to remember not to throw all the cards and wrapping after Christmas and prepare myself for the following year. Thanks for all your tips and tricks, I have picked so much up from your blog over the years and have been able to share them with others too. Thanks so much.
    Kind regards,

  5. Tonight I have been out in my craft room cutting up old birthday cards into labels and card toppers for new cards. I have quite a few done and I am pleased how pretty some turned out. I really should have done this sooner, I have saved cards since forever!

    Thank you for the web links Wendy, some of those look great! Your photos always look so pretty. I like the idea of using lacy curtains to tie up presents. I have quite a bit of Christmas paper left over from other years and I intend to use it up this year and not buy new rolls.


    1. Please post some photos of your cards and tags on your blog.

      My problem is I love buying Christmas wrapping paper especially if it's on sale. For years now I only buy the big rolls of 10 - 20 metres.


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