Wednesday 31 January 2018

Another 5 Cleaning Products You Don't Need

Cleaning products can add so much to the grocery bill.  I'm also concerned about the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Finding another way to keep your home clean is as easy as making your own products with a few basic ingredients.  Here are another 5 products you don't need to buy.

*  Disinfectant wipes.  For starters they are quite expensive per wipe.  Secondly they are an environmental hazard.  Thirdly,   a cloth wipe and disinfectant will do a better job.  Even better,  a cloth can be thrown into the washing machine to wash and reuse over and over again.

*  Dishwasher air fresheners / cleaners.  What a waste of money.  Clean the filters often with a toothbrush and detergent.  Then clean your dishwasher once a month with Miracle Spray on the door and seals,  bi carb in the powder dispenser and white vinegar splashed around the inside.  Run it on a long hot wash to clean out the pipes.  Dishwashers smell when dirty dishes are left in there for days on end.

*  Surface cleaners.  We are led to believe that a bench is not clean unless we use this harsh combination of chemicals.  The scent can be so strong it can cause headaches and migraines ( first hand experience here ).  Instead,  use Miracle Spray,  vinegar or a little detergent on a clean cloth.  I only use disinfectant on a cloth when I've been dealing with raw meat. All the other times I use Miracle Spray.   I can honestly say my family rarely gets sick and we've never caught gastro from my over worked  kitchen bench.

*  Toilet deodoriser blocks / Blue Loo.   If you believe the adverts for these products,  they are meant to keep your toilets clean without you lifting a finger.  Amazing isn't it ???  I've cleaned thousands of toilets in my cleaning career ( giggle, giggle ) and I can honestly say they do not keep the toilet clean.  Generally the fragrance dies after 2 weeks and the toilet still needs a clean.  Blue Loo ends up splashed all over the walls and who really needs colored loo water ?

Save the toilet deodorisers for when you have a big gathering at your home and you'd like the toilet to smell nice.  Occasionally I use the Duck disks and buy up big when they are half price at $2.80 for a pack of six.  They work out to 46 cent each and last 4 + weeks.  If you want your toilet to stay clean longer,  flush the toilet after each use and definitely DON'T  leave anything in the toilet bowl overnight.

*  Carpet deodorisers.  If you just want your carpets to smell nice,  add a few drops of  essential oil to a cup of bi carb.  Sprinkle over your carpets and leave for 1/2 an hour.  Vacuum up and enjoy your fresh smelling carpets.

Here's the link to the last post I wrote about cleaning products.

Do you use basic ingredients to keep your home clean ?

Basic cleaning supplies


  1. Wendy, I don't even use a surface spray or anything to clean my kitchen bench or meaty chopping board, never have. Gasp Horror, I use warm soapy water from the sink, and the dishcloth, and the water isn't always fresh and clean, it can be water I've used to wash the dishes in. I won't use this water if I've washed up something that has had raw meat on it though, I'll use very hot tap water, and a tiny bit of detergent.

    We never get sick or gastro from my kitchen either! It's the way my mother and her mother before her did it. People get so brainwashed when it comes to such things.

    1. Cheryl, I use hot soapy water on the chopping board then run a kettleful of boiled water over it.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I use miracle spray for most cleaning jobs.

    I also have a spray bottle filled with metho and water (another good multipurpose cleaner/disinfectant especially for glass/mirrors). Other good multipurpose cleaners I have used are a mix of sugar soap, water and eucalyptus oil or just straight vinegar, dish detergent and eucalyptus oil(this is really good for cleaning bathroom tiles, but also multipurpose).

    I use citric acid to clean my toilets instead of bleach/toilet cleaners. Works well and is safer for the environment.

    Great tips, thank you Wendy.


    1. Good on you Tania. I bet you save a small fortune too.

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Yes we make our own cleaning products (as above). I do buy very occasionally , Baby wipes if someone in the house is sick with Gastro as I usually clean the toilet with a cleaning cloth and disinfectant so with the baby wipes, I can just throw away.
    As for the Blue Loo thing, we used these years ago and they blocked our toilet up. We never had any problems before and it was only when we used these and since stopping, no problems. BEWARE!!!!!


    1. I'm not a fan of Blu Loo either Maureen. All it does is color the water and splash everywhere ( and block toilets )

  4. Hello Wendy,

    For the first time I have a front loader washing machine which has quite a lot of rounded rubber covering the door area. This tends to get a bit smelly. What would you suggest to get in between the folds of plastic? Regards Robyne S.A

    1. Hi Robyne. I've never had a front loader but I've learnt a few tips. Keep the door open when not in use. Wipe the seals regulary to dry off. I've heard vinegar works so does bleach or disinfectant. Maybe Miracle Spray too. I'd give the vinegar a go first.

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  6. Is miracle spray ok to use on stone kitchen benches?

  7. These cleaning products are great. Quality cleaning products and Toilet Paper are essential for toilet cleaning.


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