Saturday 18 November 2023

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 18th November 2023

 This week we've spent lots of time in the garden tidying up,  planting,  mulching and harvesting.  With all the work we've been putting in,  we hope to rest more during the warmer months and keep on top of the weeds and watering.

I've just about finished the Christmas present shopping with only stocking stuffers ( food ) left to buy.  I'm waiting until our favourite chocolates and biscuits come on sale.

Here's what else we've been up to -

*  Picked lots of fresh Spring rosemary tips from our bush in the garden.  I've filled another 2 paper bags with the tips and it's now hanging up to dry.

*  Darren and I planted our Summer veggie garden last Sunday.  We've planted Luffa,  lettuce,  tomatoes,  beans,  snow peas,  carrots,  more potatoes and zucchini.  In a few weeks time we'll plant lots of corn.

*  Knitted another dish cloth for my kitchen.  I find it relaxing to knit while I'm watching tv and resting.

*  Collected a few eggs from our chicken.

*  Picked more lemons and mandarins from our trees.

*  Recycled old Christmas cards by cutting them down to size,  matting them and gluing to new blank cards.  I then add a little bling to make them pop.  I now have enough cards for the next 2 or 3 years.

*  Took a few cuttings from a plant growing in our garden that we love.  We've successfully grown a few from cuttings previously and planted out in our garden.  Maybe if these cuttings take,  we can give a couple away as presents.

*  I found a few freebie / volunteer plants in our garden.  I dug them up and rehomed them to fill in gaps.

*  I dug up and potted 5 or 6 raspberry plants growing in odd places in our garden.  If the plants survive,  I'll sell them on Marketplace.

*  I made a bulk amount of chicken pasta bake using leftover meat from a roast chicken.  I added  potatoes and silverbeet from our garden to bulk it out.  We ate some for dinner that night and the rest was portioned into casserole dishes and frozen ( without baking in the oven ).  

*  I sold quite a few double sided kitchen cloths,  hanging towels,  knitted face washers,  jam and knitted dish cloths to a cleaning client and a couple of FB friends.  If you are interested in buying any of my crafts,  please visit my FB pages Wendy Gower or My Abundant Life to see what's available.

*  I visited a local op shop called Basic Treasures where everything in the store is $1.  I picked up lots of toiletries,,  kids baking equipment,  cleaning supplies and a sleepsuit for our grandbaby.  All were brand new.  Many of these goodies will be put in family Christmas hampers over the next couple of years.

*  Made up a bottle of foaming handwash using the last of Darren's shower gel.  Darren had already added water to use it up but the pump wasn't picking up the last little bit.  I added extra water and poured it into our foaming hand wash bottle.  The soap color even matches the label. 

                                                            In the garden

From the garden

$1 each op shop bargains

Op shop haul.  Everything in the photo was $1 each

Double sided kitchen cloth in use

One side microfibre,  one side cotton.

Shower gel foaming hand wash.

How are you going with your Christmas shopping ?

How have you saved money this week ?


  1. Hi Wendy, I love the thick kitchen towel used as a drying mat. Your garden flowers are gorgeous!! And you found fantastic bargains. A great week! xxx

  2. Those flowers are just stunning Wendy

  3. Hi Wendy,we too have a lot of rosemary I had to ask why you take the tips of the plant ,,john & I went and bagged up some of ours and they are in a brown paper bad tied,can you do the same with lavender?
    Have a good week

    1. We cut the tips off so we can dry them to use in cooking. I've cut lavender flowers and tied them together and hung up side down to dry.


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