Sunday 31 August 2014

The Reason Why We Are Frugal.

Today has been a lovely day weather wise.  It's almost Spring and I can feel some warmth in the air.  Yesterday I secretly plotted with Darren to take the girls out for a special treat after church today.  I packed a yummy lunch of homemade rolls,  curried eggs,  lettuce from our garden,  tomatoes, cheese and water bottles.  The esky was packed into the boot of the car while the girls were busy getting ready for church. 

As we left our church the girls noticed we were driving in a different direction.  Megan asked where we were going to which we replied " Sorrento for lunch and afternoon tea ".  For those of you who haven't been to Sorrento,  it's a lovely seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula.  It's home to many rich Australians and home of the famous,  award winning Vanilla Slice.

We had our picnic lunch down by the water just near the ferry that travels across to Queenscliff.  Lots of families were there taking advantage of a beautiful Sunday afternoon   We kept our eye on the time knowing if we wanted that famous vanilla slice we'd have to get to Just Fine Food by mid afternoon at the latest ( they have sold out by 3pm on occassion ).  During Summer and holiday times they have been known to sell more than 50 trays of vanilla slice with each tray containing over 50 serves.

This slice is creamy,  decandent and generous in size.  To us,  it's a luxury to be enjoyed as a special treat.  It's the reason why we are frugal.  We are debt free,  we can pay all our bills,  we are frugal with the things that don't matter ( like brand names ) so as a family we can enjoy these wonderful outings together.  Over and over our girls exclaimed how yummy the vanilla slice was.  Darren and I could see they appreciated their afternoon tea.  On the way home Jessica and Megan both thanked us for the suprise treat..

It's days like this when I remember back to the hard times of sacrifice when we were paying off our mortgage on a low income.  We knew back then that the sacrifices would pay off in the end.

Yummy Vanilla Slice


What luxuries do enjoy as a special treat ?


  1. Hello Wendy, what a lovely treat and special day you all had. You have such a special family and loving and appreciative girls, you and your husband must have felt immensely proud last night. I love days like that, they are few and far between for our family also, but I love packing a picnic and heading off, just enjoying my family all to myself and sharing a homemade packed lunch, that is always a good day! However, unfortunately we don't have Vanilla Slice quite like that near us it looked absolutely delicious....YUM! Simone

  2. Wendy, your post made me smile as I knew exactly what you were trying to convey, simple pleasures are often the best ones but every now and then its so gorgeous to be able to splurge on something as decadent as your vanilla slice and feel "at ease" with the purchase.
    Your post made me truly happy.

  3. I read a Facebook entry the same day as I read your blog. The Facebook page was all about someone celebrating their birthday by spending a fortune on booze, food and expensive, useless gifts. You blog was about family values, simple pleasures and enjoying your lives. I certainly know which I will remember. Congratulations on having your feet firmly planted on the ground but enjoying life the way it was meant to be spent. You are giving your daughters a legacy that will stay with them forever and they will pass on to their families in time. Some folk have lost their way in my opinion, they have become so materialistic.

    1. Marilyn, that is exactly why we live the way we do. Darren and I keep reminding ourselves of the example we are setting for our girls. We know they are going to be more educated on money matters than their friends. Infact, they are now.. Our way of living might not be popular with most of society. I'm hoping this blog helps ( a little ) to change the way people think.

      Our life really is ABUNDANT !!!

  4. That is a very happy story Wendy. And many teenagers dont appreciate things, are rude etc and there yours are having a lovely day and thank you for the beautiful vanilla slice. It speaks for itself really.
    I love picnics and our favourite is to pack up dinner in the summer and eat it at the beach then swim until sunset. Cost is practically nothing but sunset at the beach is gorgeous! xx

  5. Hi Wendy, I read this post the other day & have been pondering it ever since. I've come to realise we are wasteful in ways I hadn't realised before. I can make excuses about why but that doesn't change it, you have inspired me to do better, thank you!

    Your day out sounds lovely, I love Sorrento but haven't been in years.

  6. Having raised 11 children, we know how to make our money stretch. Many times over the years, instead of family vacations, we had family "projects" to renovate or construct parts of our home and yard. The kids all became hard workers with many skills! We have enjoyed the results of our projects many times as a family over the years!
    This has now carried through our next generation as our grandchildren worked along side of us to build a beautiful stone fire pit in our yard. Afterwards, we all sat around it through the evening enjoying S'mores we toasted over the fire pit! Priceless!!!


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