Saturday 13 June 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 13th June 2015

This week seemed to be the week to make things.  I found I was running out of  items most people would buy at the supermarket.  With supplies I had on hand I was able to make my own.  Ohhhh,  such a good feeling.  Here's what I got up to this week -

*  Made wholemeal bread rolls using this recipe  Wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Made the french onion soup mix stretch by adding lots of ingredients to two packets of the no name variety.  By doing this we are limiting the " unknown " ingredients we consume.

*  Topped up the mint sauce bottle with malt vinegar and a little sugar dissolved in water.

*  Made gravy mix by using this recipe.  Gravy powder

*  Made lavender room spray by using this recipe  Making your own air freshener

*  Made peanut butter choc chip biscuits,  chocolate choc chip muffins and muesli bar slice for lunch boxes

*  Bought a bag of ribbons and lace for $2.80 from Savers at their 30% off sale.  These will be used to decorate cards.

*  Topped up the seasoned bread crumbs with some wheat bix crumbs from the bottom of the packet.

*  Made a big pot of chunky chicken and veg soup with homemade stock and about 150 grams of chicken.  The soup gave us eight serves.  A very cheap meal.

*  Cut up the wheat bix cereal bag to use as go between for freezing chops and hamburger patties etc etc,

*  Dried as much washing as possible on the clothes horses.  Darren was able to dry a load on the line.  Only a few things went in the dryer this week.

*  Gratefully received some chocolate cake,  parsley and glass jars from a few friends.

*  Picked up a a top at the Savers 30% off sale.

*  Jessica decided to go through her clothes and do a big clean out.  She filled up 4 bags to go to the op shop.  Before the clothes were donated I had a look to see if there was anything I could wear.  I was able to find three tops.

*  Used some bread bags to line the bathroom bins.

*  Diluted the girl's shampoo and conditioner.

Wholemeal bread rolls.
Lavender room spray
Chunky chicken and veg soup.
Peanut butter choc chip biscuits - one of my favourite

What frugal tasks did you complete this week ?


  1. Hi Wendy,
    this week I mended hub's work pants and a jacket, daughter's jeggings and a pair of my socks while I had the sewing machine out which saved all 4 items from the bin.
    took a bag of clothes into Savers and received a stamp discount for my donation - didn't buy anything.
    used saved deli paper for crumbing/flouring your KFC drumsticks which we really enjoyed - thankyou.
    made up the seasoned bread crumbs for the above recipe using leftover stale bread.
    scored some smoked salmon RTC at Coles bought 2 x 500g packs for $2 each - had some with salad last night but will be making some sushi this week and probably a pasta.
    hosted a family get together here on Monday public holiday - the leftovers fed us for 2 dinners and one lunch.
    gratefully received some limes from a colleague.
    bought a lemon tree which should become a frugal item if all goes well with it.
    found x 2 petrol dockets in the Coles carpark near my car.
    made soup from a roast lamb bone/shank and broccoli and cauli stalks, half an onion, a stick of celery, a carrot and a spoon of tomato paste with half a cup of soup mix - souper yum and souper cheap.
    kids made a card for an unwell friend.
    washing all dried under pergola then on clotheshorses.
    Thanks for your inspiration Wendy.

    1. What a " souper " frugal list you have this week Sue !!!!

      Glad your family like the KFC drumsticks. The lemon tree will be a wonderful addition to the " family ". You'll be able to make lemon butter, lemon slice, lemon chicken, lemon cordial, lemon biscuits, lemon for fish etc etc. You'll get your money back on the tree.

  2. Hi wendy!
    You have had such a productive week this week!

    This week I have done a few things as well as rested.

    Cooked all meals from scratch

    Accepted some bread and oranges off my mum
    And had dinner there

    Picked chillies from the garden and passed them onto my mum as well

    Made some little quiches for the kids and some pumpkin bread and muffins.

    Great fully accepted some baby clothes as well as sort them out and filled some bags to pass along

    Packed my baby bags and picked up a few bargain baby clothes from target marked down prices to $2 & $3 for little baby suits savings of around $5 they were also pretty hidden so I did some deep searching.

    Dried all clothes on the clothes horse only socks went into the dryer because they were urgent.

    Did quite a bit of cleaning and de cluttering although it looks like I've done Nothing!

    Struggling just a little bit with money at the moment so I've been trying not to go places. I've been trying to save up quite a bit for Stuart's 1st birthday party. But because it's getting closer to baby coming I haven't been working As much and don't get a lot from Centrelink either...

    Wendy, how do you make the soup mix?

    I hope you have a lovely week next week!


    1. You still had a great week Anne. For Stuart's birthday you could make sausage rols, mini quiches now and freeze.

      The soup mix is lots of onion flakes, onion powder, lots of dried parsley, salt, pepper, paprika, mixed herbs and tumeric All of this is added to two packets of no name french onion soup mix. I don't measure anything

    2. Wendy, I honestly wish I could :( I have absolutely no freezer space at all! Thankfully mum gets boxes and boxes of sausages rolls mini party pies and bread from work so we should be ok for that kind of party food. Although I would prefer to make it my self, there's just no point if we get it for free though.

      Thanks for the tip I appreciate it :)

  3. Hi Wendy
    lol I love that you went through your daughters clothes. I use to do that all the time when my kids still lived at home.
    I have had a reasonable week. I took my pennies I'd saved from my pocket money (I allow myself $5 a week to spend only on myself) I went to the secondhand store and purchased a skirt for summer, two singlet tops and two outer tops all mix and match. I had intended to spend $20-$30 on a summer dress but this came to $24 and I get numerous outfits and bits and pieces that mix and match with the rest of my wardrobe...
    I have made bread this week and the Moo yoghurt. I will make bread rolls tomorrow for our lunches.
    I have worked on my Moo Christmas gifts and am making progress. I mended a top that a seam had unraveled.
    Today I created a compost tower out of three milk crates. I layered autumn leaves with soil and a hand full of worms from the worm farm. As the soil composts I will add to it and then use it for my herb and strawberry tower next year.
    The best part of my week was a lady telling me how wonderful my outfit was. I was wearing all second hand. Second hand leather jacket (classic styles never age) jeans (got for $6 a while back) a long sleeve tee (I got from Vinnies). I was so chuffed. It proves that there is nothing wrong with second hand :-)
    The muffins and sausage rolls I made for my guests last week disappeared very quickly and pleased my guests :-) so happy about that. I like to make them happy.
    I use your lavendar room spray all the time. Its a really good save and smells so nice.

    1. Linda, I find it hard to pay retail prices for clothes after shopping in an op shop. Most of my clothes I've worn on tv and to speaking engagements come from Savers.

  4. Wendy your bread rolls look great! I'm still waiting for the peanut butter choc chip biscut recipe, please if you may?

  5. Hi Wendy that was a good week! The bag of ribbons will be very handy!
    I had a really good week despite not being well the whole time. I made four new wheat heat bags as we all use these and find the comfort and pain relief in them is huge. They are $30 at the chemist and very cheap to make plus you can use lovely soft fabrics.
    Also made soup, baked apples, cobbler, pancakes, corned beef, tuna mornay.... heaps of things to warm us up. I added a heap of big jars to my storage and a new shelf to keep them on and neither cost a cent! I shopped at a wholesaler, found some bargains, line dried everything...
    Overall it was a great week. Now lets hope we can all have good weeks this week with some great bargains! xxx

    1. Annabel, can you use any type of material for wheat bags ?

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Love the recipe for the French onion soup mix, thanks.

    This week we were away for a few days cleaning out my parents house, a work in progress so I took all our own food, used the washing machine there and charged up things there saving us on utilities at home this week. Whilst up there, I pulled out Spring onions from the garden and Agapathus plants. I also found heaps of ribbon that I can use for card making.
    My DH was also away for 2 nights during the week so meals were used from the freezer and we saved on water and heating.
    This week I made: Lunchbox muffins, Cranberry Hootie creek bickies and all meals from scratch (including Wendy's Tuna Pasta, YUM!!!).
    Also I washed my bread bags out, Used Tank water and reused washing machine water and cashed in some of my Flybuys for movie tickets and Awards points for a petrol card and movie tickets. Gratefully received fruit buns and custard scrolls.

    Today is DS1's (Aidan's) 17th Birthday so they are at the footy (free tickets) with homemade muffins, pancakes(leftover from Breakfast) and Shapes. I am busy making him a Jaffa cake and Chicken Kiev's with scalloped potatoes for dinner.
    Visited Tasman's meats fro Chicken Breast Fillets $6.99 kg and Woolies Celery $1.00(special on Celery only until today), NQR have some bargains starting tomorrow.

    DS2's making his Confirmation next Sunday and needed a new suit so checked the OP shops first, nothing. Off to Big W and BINGO, a complete suit, jacket, pants and shirt, $45.00 instead of $180.00.

    We are having an afternoon tea for him afterwards, any ideas for food I can serve?
    Also, the Mint sauce you mentioned above, Is Mint sauce just Malt vinegar, sugar and mint?

    Have a great week, xxx

    1. I'm pretty sure that's what mint sauce is made from. I grew up with my parents putting binegar in the mint sauce bottle.

      Great price on the suit and outfit..

      For Darren's 50th we are serving dip, biscuits, celery, carrot and cheese platters. choc truffles, lemon slice, chips, sausage rolls, mini quiches, scones / jam / cream, choc brownies, party pies, asian mini pastries ( spring rolls etc ), birthday cake and maybe a fruit platter.

  7. Hi Wendy, what a great week!
    I had a pretty good week also.
    - gratefully accepted some green veg and lemons from a clients garden
    - accepted a casual full days work - work including taking child to Collingwood Children's farm and Spotlight - 2 of my fav places!
    - this weeks cheap meal was home made marinated chicken wings, cut the wing tips off to use in stock, then cut through the joining bone to make a mini drummy and wing to marinate
    - found a cheaper supplier for my fortnightly lily fix - bulked out with purple sage from my own garden (pics on Facebook page)
    - tended to my seedlings which are emerging
    - dried all clothes on the airer
    - was the successful applicant on an ongoing casual 4 hour a week job. This takes my working hours to 10 per week, which is pretty perfect.
    - recycled some glass jars from a grocery purchase into containers for pendants and necklace chains
    - did survey to gain flybuy points
    - recycled paper and ribbons from flowers
    - cooked all meals from scratch, no eating out this week
    - kept heating at 15-16-17 and only when home and out of bed
    - saved warm up water
    - kept to shopping budget.

    Onwards to next week!

    Tania R

    1. 10 hours a week is great. If I work more than that my housework starts to suffer.

  8. Hi Wendy

    I haven't posted for a while but keep checking how everyone is going :) and you're all doing amazing things.

    I cleaned out my pantry last week and wow.......I have so much in there I didn't even realise I had. I did a small monthly shop yesterday and came home and baked choc chip peanut butter cookies and a tray of brownies which are DD's favourites. I haven't really had to buy meat for a few weeks and I still haven't cleared out my freezer so I will keep going as I want to try and do a big shop once it's all gone that will last us at least 3 months.

    Last weekend my washing machine finally drew its last breath. I had the repairman out to look at it previously and he said then I would get only about 2 more months out of it and I pretty much did so had to buy a new one :( then I plugged the vacuum in and "poof" blew up as well !!!!!! so pretty expensive week for us but am proud to say both new items were paid for with cash, now I just need to save and replace the money that we withdrew to pay for them so lots of homemade meals and baking are on the menu......pretty much what I do anyway.

    1. Good to hear from you again although I'm not sure who you are.

      If we have to buy big ticket items I'm always on a mission to cut expenses elsewhere. Makes me feel good and in control of our future.

  9. I originally thought I hadn't done much this week, however I made 2 loaves of bread, an easy apple slice(unfortunately I can't remember where I got the recipe), and 15 choc chip/cranberry muffins. All meals were made from scratch, the cold water from the hot water bottle was used to water some indoor plants. I made some anti-static sponges for the dryer, the recipe came from the blog House of Simple, these worked really good for reducing static. Due to the cold weather and lack of wind some of the washing was dried in the dryer but I did the loads one after the other to reduce costs. Tea towels were soaked in napisan and now look like new, they are drying on clothes airers at the moment.
    And I finally picked up my mixer off layby so that sore hands won't prevent me from making bread, next on the layby list is a small upright freezer.

    1. Maggie, you'll love having a mixer. It's also great for mixing biscuit dough. The good thing about a mixer is you can clean up while it's mixing. I have a Nicer Dicer too ( the good one from Big W ) and it's wonderflu on the hands and faster too.

  10. I've been dealing with a complication of my auto-immune illness, so I feel as if I'm not doing much to be particularly frugal, other than closing the heat-blocking drapes as the sun moves, conserving water, and that typical sort of thing. I'm certainly not going anywhere to spend money, either. Maybe it balances out. I did pull out the bits of saved veggie bits from the freezer to make veggie broth and then used that for a huge veggie soup. Because we're retired empty nesters, that soup served us for several meals. We have some saved in the freezer, too. I made vegan butter (based on coconut oil) and then used that later in the week to make vegan brownies. For the first time ever, I needed prescription glasses. I wanted progressives because I use a cane and my hands are impacted, too, so it's been a problem to pull glasses out of my purse when I need to read something. As I may have mentioned previously, I always end up dropping my purse. Yet, the cost was prohibitive for the progressives. I thought about using Zenni online, but--I sound like such a whiner here--I also wear hearing aids. I needed to be sure that any frames I chose would fit behind my rather small ears along with the processor from my hearing aid. I remembered Costco, and off I went after confirming my choice with lots of research. I now have my glasses for hundreds less than I would have paid at the doctor's office. I don't know how it works where you are, but here in the U.S., we pay for any glasses and hearing aids unless we have special insurance that covers it. When it's time to buy a second pair, I'll feel more comfortable using a site such as Zenni.

    1. Looks like you made a greet saving on your glasses.


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