Saturday, 26 March 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 26th March 2016

It's been another challenging week to get through.  I'm very grateful to family,  friends and my blog readers for their kind words,  prayers and support.  THANKYOU  xoxo  Time still ticks on no matter what comes our way and I managed to get a few frugal things done each day.  Here's what I got up to this week -

*  Dug into a bag of bits and pieces ready to donate to the op shop and found a pair of new sneakers Megan was donating.   I tried them on and they fit perfectly.  Their new home is in my wardrobe.  It always pays to check what your kids are throwing out.

*  Saved and washed the plastic wrap from some flowers given to me.  The plastic will come in handy for another present or bunch of flowers.

*  Cut up some old socks to use as garden ties.

*  Cut up a cereal bag to use as go between for burgers and crumpets.

*  Picked a good handful of raspberries.  I'm counting the days until the plants have finished fruiting for the season.

*  Bought one punnet each of broccoli,  mixed lettuce and silverbeet to plant in our veggie garden.  Of course I made sure I picked punnets with the most seedlings to get extra value for money.

*  Gratefully received a fuel docket from a blog reader.  Thankyou Tania  xoxo

*  Darren made one dozen hot cross buns for us all to enjoy.  So yummy and much better than anything you can buy.

*  Refilled the foaming hand wash pumps with shower gel and water.

*  Dried all the washing on the clothesline.

*  Saved the kitchen warm up water to use on the raspberry bushes growing in a pot.

*  Cooked up a leg of lamb on Thursday night and made it stretch for three meals.  We had some that night as a roast and tonight we having some of the meat in a shepherd's pie.  The rest of the meat has gone into the freezer for an easy meal in the future

*  Brightened up our home with Easter decorations we've bought over the last few years.  I resisted the urge to add to our collection.

*  Gratefully received an Easter bouquet from Cath's daughter Hannah at the last card making day.  Hannah had placed a bouquet at each place setting with a lovely Easter card.  I was having a tough week with the passing of my friend.  This bouquet cheered me up and gave me something pretty to look at in my kitchen.

Darren's hot cross buns.
Hannah's Easter bouquet
Just beautiful
Easter decorations in the lounge room

Entrance decorations

Bunnies in the kitchen

What did you get up to this week ?


  1. Happy Easter Wendy to you and the whole family. Darren's Hot Cross Buns look so good!
    I got up to a lot and now its the weekend we are doing some major work at home and removing old carpet in Andys office as under there are good polished floorboards like in the hallway and bedroom. So the room is dismantled and the carpet is already up! It looks amazing. It is also like a spring clean and re arrange.... and a big improvement. I love to get big jobs like this done!
    I hope you have a good weekend after being through a hard couple of weeks. With love

    1. Thankyou Annabel.

      I hope to see some photos of the floorboards on your blog. xoxo

  2. One of the things that I admire about you Wendy is that you always see some sunshine through sadness. God Bless you. Your blog also inspires me to improve on what I already do. I've been making my own Hot Cross Buns for a while now but love the even shape of Darren's above so am making another batch today for family coming tomorrow and will try a different tin. I'm always striving to better things. Even small things like the bag over the rising bread when its proving. Used to use gladwrap and spray, then damp tea towels, and when you first blogged your bread photos, I started to use the recycled bags too. Small changes that all add up. This week in the butcher house usual things done, washing on the line, and ropes under the patio for when it rains. Cooked all meals from scratch. Made the best lamb and veg soup ever from saved lamb bones from the freezer that still had scraps on that couldn't be eating off the chops or lamb legs but come off in the slow cooker. Avoided the air con if it got too muggy, just used the ceiling fans. And am mapping out where to rip up some pavers so can put in proper vegie beds that my darling curious pooches can't get to. Happy Easter to you and your family Wendy.

    1. Wellergirl, we use an oblong slice tin with straight sides for the hot cross buns. It was purchased it from a bread supply shop and is the perfect size for 12 buns.

      Lots of little things make for a frugal life.

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend wendy, I didn't even realise until today. I must be off with the fairies. My condolences xxx

    For the last 3 weeks
    My frugal tasks

    Made a batch of chocolate chip cookies

    Picked up quite a few bargains via Internet shopping for card making

    Made quite a few terrariums as gifts. I have been collecting succulents for quite some time now for these gifts. (This was all part of the Christmas challenge)

    Made my step dad room/car spray for his birthday as well as a terrarium and the hand made balloon card we made at card making last month.

    Gave some clothes to my sister for her expected baby, she was over the moon

    Made quite a few cards with some of my spare time (while Elisha's asleep) I think I went till 3am

    Great fully received some bread from mum

    Intensely sorted out my craft card making box I think Stu got overwhelmed LoL...

    Picked up heaps of stuff from the card day swap table I am so truly greatful for this the ecco drink is soo good and I drink this now in replace of coffee thanks so much wendy and ladies

    Received a lovely boquet of Easter chocolate and Easter card from Cath and Hannah thank you :D

    Helped Pamela with her quilling hehe

    Ruby finished school this week, she's been helping me with chores around the house and minding Elisha while I cook and do thinks in the kitchen.

    Have had a few gatherings with friends on different occasions and have managed to moo food rather then buy it

    Made 2 large batches of food
    Meat balls and bolo sauce gave 4 single serves of meat balls to Cath for freezer 2 with rice and the other two so she could either extend or keep as they are and add rice or pasta and 2 kg of bolo sauce (I think) could have been more I just definitely know I had more then 4kg of it on my stove cooking Hehe

    Received some lovely eggs from miahs kinder from their chickens they were small but really cute we made pancakes with them.

    Brought home some left over food from my step dads birthday dinner. I made bruschetta it was gone by the end of the night. I made 2kgs worth.

    Have been very tired lately as well so have been Resting most days

    Have a lovely week next week wendy

    Thoughts are with you xoxo


    1. Thankyou for your kind words Anne. I'll message you.

      You always have such a great list to share. I'm glad Ruby can help you even if it's to babysit her sister.

  4. Hi Wendy,

    It's lovely to read your blog this week.
    Happy Easter to you and your family, keeping you all in my prayers.

    Blessings, xxx

    1. Happy Easter to you too Maureen. I'm still praying for you xoxo

  5. I love all your preparations- I think I have some Easter bunny nic nacks -thanks for the reminder. The Hot cross buns look delicious too!

    1. Dig out your Easter bits and pieces Vickie. It's lovely to look at something different in the house.

  6. I love your decorations. They are lovely. I did not decorate in any way, just cleaned and cleaned, because our house is on the market and I don't want the pressure of cleaning it up before Monday, when I go back to work.

    We aren't even having the big Easter dinner here, like usual. Instead, we are driving over to the beach after church. Very different, but it should add to our "big adventure" state of mind:)

    Any meal eaten at home has become a triumph, because they are constantly showing our home and we keep having to leave. (I'm not complaining, mind you, it won't sell if no one comes to look at it!) That usually means eating out, but yesterday, we managed to eat all 3 meals at home, despite 1 showing. We saved quite a bit of money by going camping and cooking and eating in the camper for those days. I also have some gift cards that I've been hoarding to use during this time, which helps a lot. Once the weather turns nicer, we will be able to pack picnics to take with us, if we are given enough notice.

    This morning, I made muffins and we had them for breakfast, then will have them again for lunch with the remaining soup I made yesterday.

    My nephew fixed our car for free (other than some money Rob gave him for parts). Patsy and I vacuumed it out and wiped it down for quite a while. It's the oldest car we have (almost 300,000 miles on it, been wrecked, etc.) and has been sitting a long time, so it was very dirty and even had some mold growing inside. We only spent $3 on quarters on the big vacuums at the car wash place by doing it ourselves, and took a big container of wipes from home to use.

    Another friend (a mechanic with a shop), fixed our van for free, as well, and wouldn't take a dime, even for parts. It was actually just a couple of loose screws in the transmission, so he says:)

    1. Becky, what a blessing to have both your cars fixed. God is certainly taking care of you. I hope your home sells soon.

  7. I'm hoping everything starts leveling out for you all a bit more.
    My back went out this week (never happened before) and it hurt so much I felt like I was having back labour. So, a shot and some muscle relaxers has given relief, but not much else has gotten done this week.
    I bought a airing rack and have been using it for my washed clothes.
    Used almost all produce in the fridge before we got our Bountiful Basket for the month. I forgot it was today, but they called so we rushed to pick it up. We got green onions, oranges, spinach, melon, romaine, cabbage, bell peppers, a fruit I don't recognize, golden potatoes, portobellos, and blackberries. These baskets are trucked in from local area farmers and very very cheap. They are dispersed in a local doctor's parking lot. About 40-50 families participate.
    So tonight. with our grilled steak I will have lots to choose from! I think I'll saute onions, mushrooms and spinach, throw in some chopped garlic and jalapeño. And serve the leftover grilled asparagus.
    I've planted lots of starts and not a one has come up.!?!! I don't know what that's about, as all the seeds are this year. Maybe I'm just being impatient.
    My husband had bought 6 bottles of dish soap on sale and with my points that were they were very cheap. I have no idea where I put them!
    So this has been a fumbling around week. Oh well...

    1. Mila, I hope your back heals very quickly so you can get back to normal. Can I ask what Starts are ? Maybe the weather isn't warm enough OR - they could be popping up next week.

  8. Happy Easter Wendy and family. Your Easter decorations are just adorable. Like you, I have decorations I have collected over the years and am hoping to buy one of the green bunnies when the Easter stock goes on sale. I also have some of those egg pics but never thought of putting them in a jar as a decoration. Great idea. xx

    1. You'll need to be quick on the Easter deco clearance. They don't seem to last long.

  9. Hi Wendy

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. DP and I had a wonderful time with DD5 just taking time out to play games, watch a DVD with her and generally just being with her.

    I do love the decorations that you have. We have only a few items and a banner, but each year DD5 and I make something new to put up, be it a few Easter pictures we have coloured in or something we have made.

    This week I was able to

    *get all Easter Eggs at half price

    *make bows to go on the School Easter Baskets

    *use scraps from school canteen for the worm farm

    *use the worm pee on the garden

    *clean out DP's drawers and get a bag of clothes ready for the op shop donation

    *only have 2 payments left on DD5 birthday present (birthday not till May)

    *dry all clothes on clothes airer

    *save enough leftovers for 2 meals each for DD5 and myself whilst DP is at work (saves me cooking)

    I hope your week gets better for you this week.

    Take Care

    Aly xxx

  10. A belated Happy Easter to you Wendy.

    We have been away so I missed this post on Saturday. Your decorations are so pretty. I didn't get to decorate this year, but you have given me ideas for next year, thank you.

    Hannah's Easter bouquets are so sweet.

    Wishing you a lovely week,

    Love Tania xx

  11. Wendy, Your Easter decorations are so pretty!
    Is it bad that I'm relieved to see I'm not alone in refilling the foaming soap dispensers with liquid soap and water? For the longest time I didn't know that would work, but I'm sure glad I know now!
    Blessings, Leigh


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