Saturday, 5 March 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 5th March 2016

Well,  the day finally came when my soaps were hard enough to wrap.  I've been waiting for over 6 weeks so you could say I was super excited to pretty them up for gift giving.  Here's what else I got up to this week -

*  Bought two cushion for the lounge room from Savers for $4.99 less 20%.

*  Also bought some soft netting from Savers for 44.99 less 205.  I'll be cutting this up Annabel style to use as ribbons on presents.

*  Picked a good handful of raspberries each day.

*  Packaged up all the soaps I've made lately.  They are now packed away in a box to give as presents during the year.  I'm quite happy with how they look.  the ribbons I used were bits and pieces I've saved over the years. It really does pay to save every scrap you come across.

*  Only used the cooling when really necessary.

*  Bought two oven mitts for $1.99 each less 20% from Savers.  I'm always on the look out for these as they cost so much in the stores.

*  Cleaned the dishwasher using bi carb of soda and white vinegar.

*  Gratefully received some shredded paper from a cleaning client to use for our chickens.  This saves us buying sugar cane mulch for the nesting boxes.

*  Saved the shower water to hand wash the op shop finds.

*  Megan made chocolate brownies

*  Ate left over curried sausage casserole one night.

*  Made more raspberry jam using our berries and lemon juice.  Any more raspberries I pick will be save for muffin baking throughout the year.

*  Redeemed a rain check for 5 kilos of chicken drumsticks at $1.98 a kilo.  This rain check was from March last  year.  I  have one more to redeem next week then I think I will have enough drumsticks for another year.  Woo Hoo  !!!

*  I'm still picking tomatoes but they are slowing right down.

*  Topped up all the cars with petrol every 3 - 4 days.  We are trying to make the most of the cheaper petrol and keeping the tanks full in case the price goes up shortly.

*  Made pizzas from scratch on Thursday night.  There was enough leftover for another dinner for Darren and a slice for Megan to take to school.

*  Made two batches of double strength miracle spray. One is kept in the kitchen and one in the laundry.  When I refill my spray bottles I dilute it down to normal strength which is 50 / 50 with water.

Lots of soaps for presents
Love this ribbon bought on clearance at Spotlight.
Made with love.

Leaf soaps.  The mould came from Mimi.
Our raspberries
Raspberry jam and the day's pickings of tomatoes.
Princess hiding in my wardrobe shoe rack.
My KFC schnitzel and relish with salad.

What fugal tasks did you complete this week ?


  1. Hi Wendy! Your soaps look so lovely all packaged up and ready to gift to people. :) I've been finding lots of great deals at the thrift stores (op shops) this week. I just did a blog post on it.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Your soaps look gorgeous, so pretty.

    This week I decided that in my menu plan I would have a week of trying to use very little meat and very cheap meals. So I made Corn beef pies which was made from leftover corn beef, the vegies and white sauce from the leftovers. Pasta red sauce using Tomatoes from the garden, Zucchini slice using only veggies and zucchini from the garden. Pork and vegies potato cakes from leftover Pork we were given at Christmas. Tuna pasta made from only 4 ingredients(Tuna, cream, onion and tomato paste). Tonight vegie Quiche and tomorrow homemade soup with cheesy bread. Each meal cost under $2.00.

    I also mooed Reindeer bark(leftover Christmas candy canes and melted chocolate), Bickies, chocolate cake, Muesli slice and thickened cream. I also made the milk stretch by adding half powdered to it. No one noticed.

    Continued to pick from the garden although things are starting to slow down now. I picked some of the capsicums which were all green so I put them on the kitchen window sill and they turned red, Yeah!!!

    I did my monthly shopping and came in under the $300.00, bought bulk Mince from Tasman meats for $4.99 (savings over $6.00 per kg, normally $5.99) and froze into portion sizes. Filled up also when petrol was 89.9c.
    Scraped out jars ready for relish and jam making, used very little cooling as the nights seemed to cool down and we could open things up. Hand washed some clothing so I didn't have to put the machine on for a few things needed the next day.

    Princess gets into some funny places. I can only imagine you lying down on the floor having to take that photo, she'd be loving the attention.

    Blessings, Maureen

  3. Wow wendy your soaps look lovely!
    And I love your raspberries I can't wait to have raspberries though the cutting you gave me died I still water it maybe I'm feeling hopeful that it will spring back up hahaha
    I really just haven't been doing much for the last 2 weeks
    The only thing that stands out the most is my intense decluttering that I really think is still terrible LoL... And heaps of washing because I've been taking advantage of the hot weather and hanging it on the line other then that I've just don't the usual cleaning up I only have Elisha and Stu till later today when I go to pick Miah up from my dads
    I also went to peninsula honey and bought some beeswax I'll be making some lip balm out of it and breast milk rash cream

    Hope you have a lovely week wendy xxx

  4. Hello Wendy it is Barb W . I am commenting as anonymous because I was having trouble commenting on blogs the usual way and I wanted to comment on your blog again. I absolutely love your soaps and
    I adore the photo of Princess, she must have good taste in fashion, I hope that you have a good weekend Wendy. My frugal tasks this week were very few because of my health but I have managed some tasks:
    Saved a fair bit on groceries and only bought what was needed as well as items for my stockpile, I like to keep it stocked when I find good specials and when I tidied out my pantry last week I had to throw a few items out so I only replaced those things I will use. Did not feel very frugal throwing things out but I made an inventory ( finished it this week ) of my freezer, pantry and fridge and bathroom / laundry so I do not waste any more items.
    I made 10 more cards using my new machine / toy The sizzix big shot , and am decorating some of them today, this saves money as well as gives a unique and nice card .
    I have used chard from my garden in some meals .
    I have topped up my foaming hand wash again with water and a few drops of liquid soap, so far this is my fifth refill from this 500 ml bottle of hand soap and there is 3/4 of a bottle left, very frugal!.
    I made savoury rolls and muffins for my freezer for my morning teas etc. I made 16 for approx $3 so much cheaper than $3 or so four in the supermarket and these are so yummy
    I have continued my savings revolution on the cheapskates club and am doing well so far.
    Lastly Wendy I am reading books and magazines from the library and some magazines from my Gran.
    Thank you Wendy for another great post. Love Barb Woodford.

  5. Look at all those soaps! They look lovely! Well done Wendy! What a boost to your gift cupboard.
    You had a good week. All that raspberry jam is beautiful! It is hot here so I am busy indoors mostly. But gardening in the evenings.
    I had a lot of savings. From cooking to painting and sewing! the last couple of weeks have been extra busy. I am just adding a bit more to each day to get more done overall.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend! With love,

  6. Love love your soaps Wendy!
    This week I MOO'd rice pudding in the slowcooker, individual quiches, banana and coconut muffins, chickpea and pasta soup, gingernut biscuits, fritters and Asian style wombok/crunchy noodle salad.
    Gingernut biscuits - some will be given as a gift this weekend.
    I sold a couple of items online.
    Gratefully received tomatoes from a work colleague.
    Got bargains from the fruit shop $1 table.
    Got bargains from Kmart for the present box - gorgeous beachbags for $3.
    Have a great week.

  7. LOVE the soaps and the beautiful bows! Cheers

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Your soaps look absolutely fabulous and paired with your gorgeous hand towels and face washers will be awesome gifts anyone would be happy to receive! You've excelled yourself with the wrapping - they look like something out of a boutique shop.

      I drooled looking at your Raspberry Jam which is my absolute favourite - I don't make jams as I'm on my own :(

      I spent a few days away with a friend who has a beach house at Angelsea, we were blessed with beautiful weather and she's never made cards before and is now addicted lol.

      Have a wonderful week!

      Blessings ... PamelaG xo

  8. Soaps and raspberries look wonderful!

  9. What beautiful soaps! They are packaged so nicely! And the raspberry jam looks divine! Love the picture of Princess. Such a gorgeous cat.

    This week I:
    Made all meals from scratch
    Baked sandwich bread for lunches
    Made all lunches
    Gratefully received some ripe bananas, cookies, and chips from my MIL


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