Monday 23 May 2016

Hand Made Card Ideas May 2016

Here are a few more ideas for making cards on a budget.  These cards were made in April at the monthly Cheapskates card making day..

Cath Armstrong from The Cheapskates Club saw a similar card to this in the shops for $2.  The original only had a tutu on a blank card.   Cath thought we could do better than that and this is what we came up with.  We used a bit of fluff from a costume.  Only 1 cm of fluff was needed but a couple of feathers from a colored duster will do the job too.   I embossed a piece of card and cut it to size.  A  strip of wrapping paper could be used on the left of the card.  The bodice was cut from glittery card stock but you could use any card stock and decorate with glitter pens.  The skirt was glued on first then the bodice was mounted with sticky foam dots.

This men's card was made using three different colored card glued onto a grey card. The clock in the middle is a sticker bought from the $2 shop. I think 6 clocks come on a sheet. Alternatively you could use a stamp or a picture of a clock cut out of a jewellery catalogue.  The striped paper is card stock but wrapping paper will do the job nicely.

Continuing to reuse what we have,  this card was made using a map from an old Melway, street directory or atlas.  I'm sure most of us have an old school atlas on the bookshelf.  I also see them in op shops for a few dollars.  Alternatively you could go to tourist information centre and grab a couple of local maps.

Using up bits and pieces was the theme for this card.  We used circle punches to get perfect circles.  Alternatively you could cut squares out of scrap bits of paper.  The birthday cake is a stamp that was colored in.  We sponged on a little bit of ink around the edges and roughed it up.

The flowers on this card were bought from a craft shop for $1.99 with 40 in the packet.  The ribbon is a scrap glued on with a glue stick.

Here's the inside of the flower card.  The presents were cut and folded on the insert then decorated with scrap bits of wrapping paper,  ribbon and bows.  The insert was glued in last.

I hope you've been inspired to gives some of these designs a go.


  1. You are very clever Wendy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hi Wendy, your cards are gorgeous. Your right, you can make your cards for next to nothing or very little. Always check the junk mail to see if you can use anything from it.

  3. Love them all but especially the men's cards as it is so hard to find a decent design for a man who doesn't drink, garden, fish or sail. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. I'm hearing you. No one in my family and extended family drinks, gambles, sails or plays sports. Darren and my Dad are the only ones that garden.

  4. I love every one of these ideas and am fairly certain I have supplies in my craft stash to try several of them. Thank you for posting so many wonderful pictures!
    Blessings, Leigh


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