Saturday, 7 May 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 7th May 2016

I've had a lovely week pottering around the house refilling this and reusing that.  We also received some wonderful blessings.  Here's what happened in the Gower house this week -

*  Put all the pot plants out in the rain for a good ' free " drink.  Praise God for the drenching rain.

*  Gratefully accepted one large tray of cooked chicken pieces,  18 chicken carcasses,  a bag of bread rolls and a big bowl of potato salad from a catering job I helped at.  All the carcasses were frozen to make soup some time in the future.  The meat was divided into 5 meal sizes and frozen as well.

*  I wrote out a menu plan for the first time since October last year.  Life was way too busy and unpredictable to stick to a menu plan during that time.  Now that we are in a new routine,  it feels great to know what we are eating ahead of time.

*  Cleared the shelf in two supermarkets to stock up on toothpaste.  I bought about 30 tubes on sale for $1.30 a 147g tube.

*  Refilled the foaming hand wash dispensers in the kitchen and both bathrooms.  I also refilled all the spray bottles with Miracle Spray.

*  Dried the washing on the line when windy and on the clothes horses over a ducted heating vent when it was cold outside.

*  Reused bread bags to line the girl's bathroom bin.  I also used bread bags for the outer wrapping on the chicken carcasses.

*  Started picking lemons from our tree.  WOO HOO  !!! The juicing season has started.

*  Picked a few raspberries and our three feijoas fell of the tree with the high winds we had this week.  At least the feijoas grew a little bigger this year.  Ohhh to have a tree full of fruit.  Hopefully that will come in a few years.

*  Kept the curtains wide open when the sun was shining.  This reduced the need for the heater to be on.

*  The family ate leftovers twice this week.  Mince pasta bake seems to go a long way.

*  Cut up the inside of three envelopes to use for making cards.  They were all different shades of blue. 

*  Saved the washing machine water for each next load.  Saved the kitchen water to soak pots and swish out the crumbs in the sink.

*  Used a netting curtain bought at the op shop to tie bows on the Mother's Day presents.

*  Gratefully received a fuel docket in the mail.  Thankyou Tania  xoxo

*  Opened a jar of tomato paste to use in a dish then froze the rest into an ice cube tray.  No waste  !!!

My mountain of toothpaste.
From the garden.
Netting used as a bow.
Tomato paste.
Cupcake blessing
Chicken carcasses and chicken pieces blessing.
Mountain of carcasses ready to freeze.
Mango trees getting a drink.
Raspberry plants in the rain.

What frugal tasks did you complete this week ?


  1. What a wonderful week you've had Wendy! Your lemons look so good and I know your going to make lots of good things. I love how you use bread bags for different things. Right now I recycle mine along with plastic grocery bags. I don't know about there, but here we seem to accumulate them really quickly since just about everything is plastic here.
    LOL I have to laugh at your toothpaste score because I have so much tooth paste it's not funny! If my oldest son needs any he comes and shops in Mama's pantry. And my sister is very happy that she gets some in her Christmas goodie box and never has to buy any. You've had a great week so I hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. this week all meals have been made from scratch, including cheese sauce and pastry for a leek and bacon pie. I have baked bread and a raisin slice, need to make more bread today while the oven is on to roast a leg of lamb.
    Water was saved to water the pot plants, I picked up some free cuttings of sage and rosemary, transplanted some self seeded lettuce, still more lettuce seedlings to move. Last night DD#2 booked us both a trip to Brisbane in June while fares are very cheap, we are just going for a weekend to see DD#1 and her children.
    Covered a notebook with some stickers and "bling" for a friend's birthday present, added a pen, then wrapped them in brown paper(recycled) and tied with a big bow from the ribbon stash.
    Made up a batch of soap powder, cleaned the house using vinegar and miracle spray, used the heating as little as possible and had the thermostat turned down lower than usual.
    Bought some flowers on clearance, rewrapped them and gave to a friend who hasn't been well, plus bought some for myself, and picked a small bunch of roses for the kitchen.

  3. It looks like you had a banner week. Getting all that chicken is amazing! You are going to have SO much stock from all that, as well as many meals from the pieces.

    The lemons look awesome. I cannot grow lemons where I live--at least not outside. It's fun for me to see what everyone else can grow.

    I did quite a bit of gardening, plus packing and sorting for my upcoming move.

    I wrote about some of the other things I did on my blog:

  4. Hi Wendy,

    This week I did a bit of cooking making Muesli slice, ANZAC slice, cupcakes, bickies and bread.

    Saved the washing water, ate some freezer meals and cooked all meals from scratch. I shopped the specials, refilled the foaming hand wash and fixed the clothes line cord which broke.

    I was a bit unwell this week as not that much got done, but I'm all good now so here's to a good week.

    Love the cupcakes and all the blessings you received. Your wrapping of the Mothers day gift is beautiful, such gorgeous paper and bow. Hope you had a great Mothers day and relaxed and were spoiled.

    Blessings, Maureen

  5. Just wondering how long I can freeze lemon juice for ?! Thanks wendy

    1. I've frozen it for a year. By then the icecubes do stick together though.

  6. I couldn't find the toothpaste on the shelves, unfortunately. Marie

  7. Hi Wendy, this weeks five frugal things are

    Hung all the washing on the line to dry
    Rode my bike to work each day
    Recycled a panel of fencing into a trellis for a Wisteria
    Used a voucher for a pizza
    Cleaned the house and did the laundry using homemade cleaners and laundry liquid

    I hope you have a great weekend

    Fiona from


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