Monday 13 June 2016

5 More Ways To Reuse Bread Bags

Who would have thought that the humble bread bag can be used so many ways ?  By reusing a bread bag,  you're saving money by not needing snap lock bags,  freezer bags,  nappy bags and cling wrap as often.  An added bonus is the environmental factor.  Less plastic going into landfill has to be good.

Here are 5 more tips for using your bread bags - 

*   Bread bags are great for putting dirty nappies in.  The bags are long enough that you can tie a knot in the top to prevent odour escaping.  Although nappy bags are reasonably cheap,  there's no need to buy them if you have bread bags in the house.

*  Use a bread bag to put your sandwich in.  After all,  the bag did originally contain a loaf of bread.

*  If you bake bread or rolls,  use a bread bag to store your homemade bread in the freezer.  I've been doing this for years and the bags can be used over and over again.  My use of new freezer bags has dwindled significantly.

*  Bread bags are great for coating meat in flour.  For example,  I like to make honey soy chicken drumsticks.  I add 2 - 3 tablespoons of plain flour to a bread bag.  Then I  drop a couple of drumsticks in,  fold the bag over a couple of times and give it a good shake.  The drumsticks come out evenly coated in flour and my hands remain clean.  This saves on washing a  sticky,  floury plate.

*  Pack a couple of bread bags in your suitcase.  They are perfect for storing dirty shoes..

Homemade bread in reused bread bags.  It just makes sense.

Bread rolls in reused pita bread bags


  1. I love the way you use everything to it's maximum capacity Wendy. A great post. Mimi xxx

  2. Thank you for the tips, Wendy. I especially like the idea to use a bread bag for coating meat. Less mess and less waste.
    Love, Kelsey

  3. Hi Wendy, I'm Maxine and a new reader. Just wanted to mention that I've used bread bags for 50 years. I don't bother washing them, either--just shake them out. I gather from all of your water-saving tips that water is expensive in Australia. Washing them just seems like a waste of good water, not to mention the effort. I've never had a problem with mold. Also, although a bread bag is good for flouring meats, a cereal liner is even better. I've had a bread bag break, but never a cereal liner. I store my cereal liners as they come out of the box and flatten them as needed.

    I've been frugal all my life, but really got into it about 25 years ago. I like that you stress the high quality of the frugal lifestyle--so many people think we are misers. Cheap, yes, miserly--definitely not!

    1. Yes I've been shaking out bread bags for years too. We live on the driest continent on earth so water can be precious. We have droughts that last years. Although we always have enough water to use for our needs ( in the city areas ) we are very careful not to waste.

      I have two more posts coming with more bread bag uses including the one you mentioned. I also use cereal bags for putting between layers of meat for freezing.

      Great ideas. Thankyou.

    2. I like the idea of saving cereal box linings. I don't eat cereal but my husband likes to have a bowl of it as part of breakfast which inevitably means plastic. I'd never thought to use save them and use them for layering between meat or flouring meats. Now I'll be saving them too! Meg:)

  4. Hi Wendy,

    This is not nice, please excuse me. But when you said these are great to put dirty nappies in I remembered I used them for doggie pickups when I walked my neighbours doggie. I read it somewhere and thought why not. My hubby almost got a heart attack from shock when I mentioned this to him, so I had to 'hide' bread bags in my pockets. LOL. I'm sure doggie owners would appreciate this tip as they could be knotted easily without any unexpected accidents. This too helped me to donate lots and lots of plastic bags to the animal shelter when we moved.

    Sometimes I use them to freeze prawns peels etc. until the wheelie bin collection day. This saves me having flies or unwanted bugs at the wheelie bin parking area.


    1. Millie, I have two more posts on bread bag uses including the one you mentioned. Thanks.

  5. Hi Wendy,

    Yes, I use bread bags for lots of things. Interested in your next installment posts of them.

  6. I use bread sacks to store meat for the freezer. I often buy whole chickens and cut up into parts. I then parcel parts out into serving portions, put them into individual bread bags and put all of the same parts parcels into still another bread sack so I'll have bags of thighs, wings, breasts, legs, backs. I used to use zippered freezer bags but I loathed using them just once and while I had in long ago years washed well I felt really uncomfortable continuing that practice. Using bread sacks is a better economical solution for this in my opinion.


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