Saturday, 18 June 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 18th June 2016

This week seemed to fly by without me noticing.  My days were filled with errands,  appointments,  food shopping,  housework and looking at new carpet and flooring.  Here's what I managed to get done in the frugal department -

*  We went to the football on Monday as a family outing.  We took snacks and bottles of water with us and only bought hot chips for lunch.

*  Refilled all the foaming hand wash pumps using watered down shower gel. The one in my bathroom was a new one so I tipped half into another pump and topped up both of them with water.

*  Made a big batch of pita chips for snacks.

*  Made a whole orange cake with pureed orange from the freezer.  This recipe makes a large cake so this time I made a smaller ring cake for us and a small loaf cake for morning tea at church.

*  Gratefully received a couple of fuel dockets from Tania and Rachel Ann.  Thankyou  xoxo

*  Dried the washing on the line on Wednesday including the bed sheets which usually go in the dryer at this time of the year.

*  Found another silicon baking mould from the op shop for $1.99 that can be used for soap making.

*  Megan found a birthday present for a friend in our present cupboard ( top of Jessica's wardrobe ) and a hand made card from my card box.

*   Saved a few more envelopes that had pretty patterns inside. They'll be used  for card making

*  Mended two pairs of socks.

*  Froze three single serves of leftovers.  I'm trying to build up my stockpile again as they will be needed when the kitchen is being replaced.

*  Bought lots of packets of choc bits on sale in Coles.  At $2.09 they are worthy of clearing the supermarket shelf.  .

*  Kept the heater off on days I was doing lots of housework.

*  Saved lots of shower and washing machine water for each next load.

*  Made a double batch of pumpkin scones sing cooked pureed pumpkin from the freezer.  The scones were frozen for morning teas.

*  Darren's birthday was on Friday.  Instead of going out for dinner he opted to have a roast leg of lamb at home and a bought birthday cake.  We still saved a small fortune by eating at home.  It was much quieter than a noisy restaurant too.

Pumpkin scones
Whole orange cake
Pita chips
Saving the washing machine water

What did you do this week to save time,  money and energy ?


  1. All looks good Wendy! Especially the pumpkin scones!

    1. They are a family favourite. My grandpa loved them.

  2. Hi Wendy. I love the orange cake and the scones! They look very yummy. I hope you had a good week. We were very busy too but this is what we got up to:
    - at aldi got 2kg beef mince for $10, saved $5. Also got lamb chops (700g worth) for $8, saved $3
    - at woolworths, bought porterhouse steak 500g for reduced price at $4. Bought pork cutlets for about $5. Easily saved a good $10 there.
    - continuing with using aldi nappies during the day and huggies at night. This is saving me $163 a year, $382 if I only bought huggies full price.
    - use the heater when needed and keeping it off as much as possible
    - using the heating in the car sparingly or only using the de-mistifier as needed. This saves petrol.
    - found a cupboard full of grocery shopping bags and bread bags, have been using these as bin liners around the house and as nappy bags.
    - made 1kg yoghurt
    - made homemade hommus and pita chips for snacks. We also chopped up celery and carrot to enjoy the hommus with.
    - have started scouting the toy sales for the best deals and when ready will buy for Christmas and birthdays.
    - packed lunches for work as opposed to buying.


    1. That's a great well rounded list Amy. You've got to be happy with that.

  3. Great baking done by you, Wendy - love your photos.
    I participated in the Flybuys offer - spend $50 weekly for 4 weeks and get $50 free so now have qualified and my next shop will be the freebie.
    Noticed a pack of Minted lamb chops at the supermarket was to expire that same day when I popped in one night. I asked the manager if it could be reduced, he did so by 70%, making it super cheap. we got 11 marinated chops for under $6.
    Bought a camera bag for my DD's new camera at Vinnie's for $1.
    Bought a new book from the op shop for $2 for a gift.
    Needed to send a gift overseas which is so expensive. We put a lot of thought into this, and chose a bracelet carefully packaged and it went as a letter, so postage cost only $2.75.
    Made biscuits, soup, 5 cup loaf, yoghurt , mini quiches and lasagne.
    Have a great week, Marie.

    1. Great find at Vinnies Marie. I've bought laptop bags at Savers for $3 - $4 that just needed a wipe.

  4. When are they going to invent affordable washing machines that store the last rinse water to use in the next wash cycle. Dishwashers do it now so why not washers?!

  5. Hi Wendy, Liz here from W.A. Wells its been a week of medical dilemmas, what with my son injuring his foot (only a small fracture), myself having Labrinthitis (causing dizziness which gave me a scare) and my husband having a pre op appointment with an Anaethetist, I was shocked to come out of it without paying a cent, all covered on Medicare! Have only had to buy milk this week as its only week 2 into our monthly shop. We have traded comfort for economy by only driving our little 2 door Suzuki and using the 4 wheel drive only for farm jobs, saving alot on petrol. We did treat ourselves to a lunch out when we went to the city for an appointment, but enjoyed a $12 lunch special at a chinese restraurant. My husband has been cutting firewood again this week and as he is quite a handyman he repaired the ride on lawn mower, fixed my sons dirtbike, and repaired a big plumbing problem we had. I was given a box of oranges and a box of lemons. I plan to freeze the lemon juice, but does the zest freeze ok Wendy? I did invest in a diffuser as our house gets a bit smelly from the wood fire and the old dog sleeps inside as its so cold, but my sister gave me lots of unwanted bottles of essential oils to use in it, so saves me buying airfreshners (which are bad for your health). Just love it, money well spent! I also sold some old chicken wire on Buy Swap and Sell, and a mincer machine as our bandsaw has a mincer on it already. Have a great week everyone.

    1. Wow, what a great list. I'm sorry to hear you've had some illness in your family. Thankfully no out of pocket expenses.

      Lemon zest freezes really well for up to a year ( or a bit longer ). If you use a plastic container, make sure you only use it for the zest as the smell gets into the plastic.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to your Hubby! I think it's so much nicer to have celebration dinners at home as you can take your time visiting over your meal. You don't have to worry about taking up the server's table & keeping them from earning more tips.
    Here in Arkansas, temps have been in the mid 90'sF! It is very humid and the weathermen add a heat index on saying that it's felt like 105! Too hot to do anything mid-day and you are advised to stay indoors. I get my gardening/watering done by 9a.m. I begin my 2 mile walk by 7 to avoid the heat.
    Ways I've saved this week: Used a Chick-fil-a giftcard earned from teaching Vacation Bible School to purchase my lunch sandwich. I brought my own Coke into the store with me and only purchased fries (or chips as you call them :) ). All laundry was hung outside to dry. Paid 99cents for a 5lb. bag of potatoes - the normal price was $3.99 but I used the price match policy at Walmart. Also price matched red grapes and fresh peaches. The peaches were 99 cents a pound instead of $1.50
    Purchased shoes for my hubby with a half off coupon on top of a sale. They were $47.00 including tax and free shipping. Normally, these shoes cost $100. plus tax! Shopped at a thrift store and found 2 Izod polo shirts for $5 a piece for my hubby, a novel for 50cents, and "The 3 Amigos" movie for $1 !
    I'm sure I did many other thrifty things, but I can't remember what.
    My little, square, raised bed, garden is beginning to produce tomatoes and zucchini. I am busy battling bugs and birds and trying to get some ripe tomatoes for us instead of the critters. Cucumbers aren't producing yet. I hope I get some as I have made more than a few rookie gardener mistakes. I tried trellising the cukes and zucchini and I don't think the plants like it. LOL
    Wishing your family a blessed Sabbath Wendy.
    - Ellie

  7. Awesome list, Wendy! You are so productive and careful. Thank you for modeling and encouraging good stewardship.

    I worked outside of the home every weekday this week, so not much accomplished at home. I am however slowing eating through our pantry and trying to use up items that are soon to expire so that they don't go to waste. Every bit counts. I also love creating papercrafts, cards especially. It's incredibly inexpensive fun. Enjoy the week-end! Blessings, Teresa

  8. this week I baked 2 loaves of bread
    gratefully received fresh from the tree mandarins, and a large bunch of mint from someone else
    picked 2 lemons and 1 lime from the community trees
    spent a night and the following day with 2 old friends, costs were shared between us
    bought vitamins and DH's body wash on special
    used warm up water for watering indoor plants
    I am sure I did more but it has been a stressful and tiring week so I can't remember anything else

  9. Hi Wendy,

    Well this week saw me making and doing lots of things with my card making. I made the cards for the swap, attended the card making day on Saturday and I got an order for 12 of my cards which a friend of mine wishes to buy.

    I made all our meals from scratch and we were given bread and scones this week.
    I refilled the dishwashing liquid bottle and cleaned out lots of cupboards. Dried all the washing over the heater and picked silverbeet from the garden for one meal.

    We gad DS1's birthday on Tuesday so we had a meal at home and a cake which was what he wanted.
    Received lots of goodies from the card making day(special thanks for the chocies, my boys will enjoy these and the soap, I think it was your homemade soap Wendy).

    Have a great week,

  10. This week, have been using up whatever is in fridge and freezer as we are going to visit my family for a holiday soon. Saved about $20 on one of our airfares by opting for carry-on luggage only rather than paying extra for luggage allowance. Made a Vegetable Lasagna from veggie odds and ends in crisper and staples in pantry. We're having frozen portions of it for dinner tonight. Made a stif-fry using last of carrots and Asian cabbage growing in garden. All my husband's lunches made at home here this week. Weather has been overcast and now raining heavily so clothes drying on airing racks and line in our garage. We don't own a dryer! Flicked through couple of Xmas craft books as I want to make most of my own gifts this year, using stuff from my stash, and I'm a terribly slow crafter so need to get started soon. Started list of ideas which fit in with what I've got here rather than buying any new supplies. Should get there with six months to make things!

  11. Looked after my great nephews and niece
    last week. Their Mum and Dad (my nephew and his wife) have a huge mortgage and I was gobsmacked at what they did and didn't have in their pantry. Expensive staples and no stock pile of the basics.
    I am in hospital so my family are feeding themselves on my stockpile. Saving ++.


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