Wednesday, 6 December 2017

An Easy Christmas Table Decoration

Due to a very busy week and Darren and I having a short get away,  I'm re posting this great yet thrifty Christmas idea from a couple of years ago.

Do you ever get stuck trying to work out how to decorate your Christmas table ? Here's a great idea for a decoration that won't cost you a cent.

Find a clear glass bowl or vase that you already have. It doesn't matter what shape or size although you don't want it to take up too much room on the table. 

Fill the bowl or vase with leftover Christmas ball decorations. You can take a few decorations from the back of the tree - no one will notice. In the picture below of the bowl with the blue table runner,  I used smaller balls to fill in the gaps made by the bigger balls.  If the balls still have hanging loops on them, hide them underneath.

All our decorations are bought on sale after Christmas and we have lots to spare.  Each year we change the color scheme of our tree.  This year it's dusty pink, mint green   and silver.  I've teamed the bowl of decorations with a beautiful champagne gold  table runner. and silver Christmas trees 

The second photo is of our color scheme we did a few years ago.  The table runner is one I made from velvet like material.  I added a few silver tea light holders and to complete the look.


  1. Hi Wendy i love the idea of the baubles in a bowl it looks great sitting on your lovely table runner xx

  2. a very simple idea
    thanx for sharing

  3. Very pretty Wendy. I have many colours for decorations and I change over them most years. I find I only buy a couple of decorations after Christmas in the sales. The picture of your tree in an earlier post is very nice too! Thanks for posting. Rachel:)


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