Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Your Iron Could Save You Money.

A couple of months ago a friend was telling me she rarely uses her iron due to the easy care clothes they wear.  Her iron makes such a rare appearance that her daughter didn't know what it was or what it does.  She went on to say that I might be one of those few people who irons on a regular basis.  She's right.  I iron once a week or every two weeks if there's very little in the ironing pile.

This got me thinking about living without an iron.  I personally couldn't live without one.  Sure,  an iron helps my family step out into the world looking their very best.  Have you thought about the money saving benefits of using your iron ?

*  Sometimes clothes can dry out of shape.  Instead of throwing a misshapen item of clothing out,  give it an iron.  You'll probably improve it's appearance.

*  Can you sew ?  Even basic hand sewing with a needle and thread or hemming ?  Then an iron can make easy work of hemming.  Cut the jeans or trousers to the right length.  Use your iron to fold up a  neat hem,  then sew it into place.  No need to pay someone to do it for you.

*  Can't sew at all and need to hem something.  You can use hemming tape and an iron to get a neat looking finish.

*  Iron out the wrinkles from saved wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon and brown paper.

*  Remove wax from clothes.    Scrap of excess wax then place  a paper bag over the wax patch.  Use a low heat on your iron and the paper should absorb the rest.

*  Many business clothes can be washed and ironed at home.  No need to go to the dry cleaners unless it's really really necessary..  

What do you use your iron for ?


  1. I have lightly starched and ironed a blouse that was looking pretty tired to wear yet another time. It looked as nice as something newer, and could be worn until a replacement was found.

  2. To remove a water stain from furniture, use a warm iron over a piece of cloth. I did't believe it until I tried it. I also use my iron for its traditional use--ironing.

  3. The iron is always out but not used as much as it was in the past.

  4. When in a hurry, I use iron-on patches from the Dollar store; sewing them as soon as I can. I also iron wrapping paper, household curtains, work blouses and shirts. The other clothing I try not to iron, but it's a quick and useful practice; one that can make older belongings look better! Best regards, Laura

  5. Wendy,

    I did not know that about wax. I also didn't think about ironing out wrapping paper and gift bags. This is so neat. :)

  6. I only iron on demand and have most clothes that hang to dry and need no/little ironing.

  7. I could not live without my iron ! I usually iron on the weekend. I iron work shirts, hankies, bedsheets and of course pillowcases. I have to iron these things. I can't sleep on a unironed pillowcase ! I also like to do linen type tea towels, and some fabrics. With steam rinkles come out, and everything feels fresh. I like to add a little scent to the water

  8. I think people think I'm nuts. Every Sunday afternoon in front of the footy like my mother before me, I get out the ironing board and iron between 30 and 40 . There are only 3 of us, but I iron tea towels, pillow cases, tablecloths when needed along with the business shirts, pants, t shirts etc. Takes me about 1 hour and Im very glad when it's all done and put away.
    Tania in Hawthorn

  9. I only wear 100% cotton clothing in the summer as the heat here is so intense. So I iron a lot. I also iron all my pillow cases, I am just like that, I could not live without one. I also have a collection of old fashioned irons so if we blast ourselves out to the stone age I can still iron my hides.:)

  10. Enjoyed your article about ironing. I am one that irons as well, for the reasons you mentioned. I had to laugh about your daughter not knowing what an iron was for, my granddaughters are the same. I have been a lurker for a while, and decided I should start commenting, since I enjoy your blog.

  11. I don't do a lot of ironing but wouldn't want to be without it especially when sewing.

  12. I only use my iron for iron on patches. Unfortunately at this season of life, my sewing consists of repairs so no need to use it. I refuse to buy all cotton clothes that would require it. I have a habit of ironing in more wrinkles than I am taking out. My mom has a lot of cotton shirts and uses her iron every week or so. The greatest use of irons in our area is at the MTU Winter Carnival to smooth out their ice statues.
    Sheila- Michigan USA
    Sheila - Escanaba

  13. I iron at least once a week. I do all work shirts, pants and school uniforms. It takes about an hour and I actually enjoy it. The older ladies in my family would iron everything....even undies! As a child I remember the distinct smell of Fabulon and the Days of Our Lives theme song! Too funny!!


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