Wednesday 25 September 2019

Slow Cooker Tips

Do you have a slow cooker that isn't used as much as it should ?  If so,  you are not the  only one.  Quite often I'm speaking to people about slow cookers and so many people don't quite know what to do with them.

Not long after I got married,  my Mum and Dad bought me a slow cooker.  At first I couldn't understand why people would need one or what it could do that a saucepan on the stove couldn't do.  It didn't help that there was no instruction booklet in the box.

That slow cooker sat in the back of a kitchen cupboard unused for 9 years.  Then the internet came about and suddenly there were recipes and books on the subject everywhere.

Here are a few ideas and tips to get the most out of your slow cooker.

*  Turn your slow cooker on first to preheat it before putting anything in.  This helps to bring the temperature of the food to a slow boiling point much quicker and prevent food poisoning.

*  Lightly spray or grease the slow cooker insert to help with cleaning up after eating.

*  Brown beef in a frypan then transfer to the slow cooker for juicy meat and extra flavour.

*  Reserve beef juices to make a delicious gravy.  Mix a little flour and cold water in a cup ,  add a couple of spoonfuls of hot juices to the flour and water.  Mix well then slowly add to the slow cooker and whisk well.

*  Keep the lid on during cooking and only lift it to stir if really necessary.  Every time you lift the lid precious heat escapes and it takes longer to come back to a slow boil.

*  Use cheaper cuts of meat.  Inexpensive cuts of meat can be high in fat and connective tissue which is broken down during the moist slow cooking process.

One of my slow cookers from an op shop

Chicken curry

Next week I'll continue this series with more slow cooker tips.


  1. I have got a slow cooker that has sat in my garage for about the last 5 years.It has been passed all around the Family and no one seems to want it,lol.I use an old saucepan,thats about 40 to 50 years old on top of the cooker over a tiny gas and do my stews this way.I leave it on for about 5 to 6 hours and it always comes out lovely what ever meat I use...But I have thought of trying the slow cooker this winter.Only thing is I am worried that it is going to cost more with using electric instead of a very low gas light.I am so frugal with every thing I do!!.xx

  2. I have three,one family size, one small for 2, and my multi cooker that I mainly use to pressure cook. I would like to use them more. I look forward to your posts. Thanks Wendy, heers Kate

  3. I also look forward to more info on slow cooking. A great topic.
    Many thanks G.

  4. I have three slow cookers of various sizes! I love them so much but recently I was very keen on buying a pressure cooker and came across the Philips All-in-One. It has a high and low mode for slow cooking so now it is time to sell two of my ceramic slow cookers. I am keeping my big oval 6 l one because I can fit a lamb leg in it and cannot to that with my new Philips.
    Your chicken curry looks delish. If only i could smell it cooking through the computer screen!! I guess I had best pop it on my menu for this weekend.


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