Wednesday 6 November 2019

Easy Holiday Meals When Travelling Part 2

Following on from last week's post,  here are more ideas for eating well while on holidays -

*  Meatloaf can be used many ways when at home or on holidays.  Take a frozen meatloaf with you wrapped in foil and a bread bag on the outside.  Once defrosted it's easily reheated in the microwave and served with steamed veg and mash.  If the weather is hot,  serve cold with salad and crusty bread.  Any leftovers make fantastic toasted sandwiches in a press or under the grill.  Just crumble the meatloaf,  spread it over buttered bread and add a good squeeze of tomato or bbq sauce.

*  Chicken curry can be served on toast for a quick and easy meal.  If you like it with rice,  then portion the dry rice into a snap lock bag to take on your trip.  I've been known to take an icecream  container of frozen chicken curry away with us.  It travels well and acts as an ice brick in our cooler bag..

*  Do you have any leftover sausages from a holiday bbq ?  Cut them up,  add a tin of tomatoes,  a packet of French onion soup mix and any veggies you have on hand.  This is great meal for cleaning out the fridge before you come home from your holiday.

*  Simmer sauces are not something I usually use but they can make super easy meals.  Add a handful of fresh beans and a diced carrot to the meat and sauce.  Serve with rice or mash.

*  A piece of cooked corned silverside can be used many ways.  Slice it thinly to go with a salad on hot days.  Slice it thickly and serve it hot with steamed veggies.  Cube the silverside to make corn fritters.  Just pack a tin of corn kernels  and a snap lock bag of flour and seasonings.

Do you take main meals or seasonings with you on holidays ?

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  1. More really helpful ideas Wendy. With 7 children I remember the many uses of corned beef mum used to make ends meet. I especially loved the end of week frittas corn onion small pieces of meat occasionally peas and tomato sauce yum. We used to get most leftovers in jaffles which streched curry and stew for the hungry hoard.


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