Saturday, 9 November 2019

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 9th November 2019

Over the last two weeks Darren and I have spent lots of time in the garden trying to get it under control,  pruning,  weeding and most importantly - planting.  It's wonderful to see it coming together and the rain we've had has certainly helped the new plants along.

Here's our latest  frugal list -

*  Planted cuttings I took from plants I already have in the garden.  I'm hoping with all this rain they'll take off.

*  Mended a fitted sheet that keeps splitting on one corner.

*  Darren continued to pick the beautiful pink roses from our garden every few days.

*  Made lots of biscuit dough to freeze for snacks and present giving.

*  Cleaned the kettle with citric acid.

*  Made two reed diffusers with oils I was given to try.

*  Made a couple of bottles of air fresheners to use in the bathrooms.

*  Made a double batch of laundry powder.

*  Picked lots of rosemary from the garden.  I have it drying in a paper gift bag so it doesn't make a mess on the florr.

*  Made an orange cake from frozen oranges bought during Winter at a cheap price.  One cake was eaten fresh and the other went into the freezer.  This cake defrosts really well and you can't tell it's been frozen.

*  Made a jar of dried mixed herbs with the gifted herbs from a few weeks ago.

*  Planted lots and lots of bean seeds,  lettuce seedlings and the tomato seedling from my Dad.  The abundance of rain we've had has helped the beans seeds to pop up out of the ground within a couple of days

*  Picked silverbeet from the garden to bulk out a few meals including spag bol.

*  Baked ANZACs for snacks.  With our heavily reduced grocery budget,  I'm baking more so I can take morning tea with me when I'm out cleaning.  Before that I was taking muesli bars to eat.

*  Hemmed a dress for Jessica so she could wear it to the races.

*  Found a few brand new toys ( still in their boxes )  from a local op shop just near us.  They were at bargain prices and have been put away for our next grandchild.

*  Went through the present cupboard and allocated lots of goodies for next year's gift giving.

*  Made a big batch of pita chips for savoury snacking.

*  Cheap meals we ate this week were - fried rice,  chicken soup and spag bol

Orange cake for the freezer

Making mixed herbs

Bargain toiletries packaged up and ready to give 

How have you saved time,  money and energy this week ?


  1. Wendy it seems we are all getting our gardens planted and doing some harvesting how wonderful :) . Your packaged gifts look lovely and we find we are cooking a lot more in the early mornings ourselves when the weather is too hot here to be outside.

    Our savings added up to $119.32 last week :) .

    Purchases -
    - Purchased 3 pizza trays, 2 dvd's DH wanted and plastic cups for our traveling in the car using a 10 % off online sale in BigW and coupled that with another 5% off with our Racq e-gift card saving $11.55 on usual prices.
    - Saved $10.20 on tic tacs by combining specials and using our Racq e-gift card at Woolworths on usual prices.
    - Got a free 100g packet of sesame seeds for being a taste tester for a supermarket saving $1.60 over buying them.

    Finances -
    - Listed 10 items on eBay on a free listing promotion saving $16.50 on usual listing fees.
    - Banked extra money from being under budget in other budget categories into our 3 month living expenses account bringing us to 52.46 % of the way there.

    In the kitchen -
    - Made a quadruple batch of granola and choc chip and coconut biscuits saving $61.47 over purchasing them premade in the shops.
    - Blanched and froze silverbeet from the gardens for 4 more meals for the freezer.

    In the gardens -
    - Picked 4 bunches of silverbeet from the gardens saving $18 over purchasing them.
    - We used grey water pumped from our tank to water fruit trees, berry and some lawns.
    - Used saved cleanish dish rinsing water to water potted herbs with.
    - Used saved shower warm up water to water some plants and clean the bathroom and toilets with.

    Have a fantastic week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

  2. Wendy, I'm sure all your gardening work will pay dividends; with rain to help the plants along they should thrive. I cleared out more of my veg patch this week, dug in some compost and mulched. We had 37C here on Friday and the air today is filled with smoke from bushfires. Send all the rain you can spare north please!

    Over the past fortnight, I have worked a few relief teaching days and next week will work 4days. This will be extra $ for some expenses coming up. Besides this:
    * topped up petrol in car when price came down somewhat
    * added tinned pears, rice crackers, tomato sauce and olive oil to my stockpile
    * cooked double batches of spag bol sauce & meatless shep pie filling and froze
    * made pizzas and a cheesecake for hubby's birthday
    * picked cherry toms, little cucumbers and lots of herbs from garden
    * used a completed loyalty card to buy $20 of sausages for freezer, for Summer bbqs
    * finished sewing a top that I will wear for work days
    * hubby negotiated 15% off our car insurance renewal :)
    * found pretty $2 cards at Big W for all the birthdays we have in November
    This coming week will be busy work-wise so I'm not sure what I'll get done this week. Have a lovely Sunday! Meg:)

  3. We went to Savers last week and i got some clothes and things. I filled out my receipt to get $3 off a $5.00 purchase. I used my Priceline voucher towards a discounted toiletry item for Mums birthday. We are both still sick so eating what we have on hand and whats in the cupboard. Trying to get organised for Christmas which is hard when you dont feel so great. Hope all had a great weekend Leanne.

  4. Orange cake recipe, please. :)

    1. It's in the recipe section under baking. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

  5. The orange cake recipe sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing with us!


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