Thursday 25 June 2020

Supporting Aussie Made On A Budget.

In recent times there has been a call across Australia to support Aussie made to encourage more jobs and to stimulate our economy.   Our heavy reliance on other countries to fill our supermarket and department store shelves became very evident when our boarders were closed and production halted in many overseas companies.  This included Australian companies who relied on ingredients, components and / or materials from overseas.

While I would love to buy everything Australian made or owned,  my budget doesn't stretch that far.  So I did a bit of investigating around my home to see what Aussie made products I already have.  I will be the first to admit that I have the united nations living in my pantry and bathroom cupboard but  I was pleasantly surprised to find I had many Australian made products.

My trips to the supermarket have taken on a whole new meaning too.  I've found that Aldi stocks many Aussie made products with the symbol proudly displayed on the outer cardboard packaging on the shelf making it very easy to identify.

If you live in another country then I'm sure you'll be doing your best to support locally made products too. 

Below are some of the Australian made products I found around our home.  Please keep in mind that some were purchased a couple of years ago so the country of origin might have changed since then.  Also,  this blog post is not to be used as a platform to debate whether certain products should be consumed or used or how much they cost.  I'm budget conscience and always buy at the best possible price,

The dish washing liquid on the left is my latest bargain find. It comes from Aldi and costs 99 cents for one litre and works fantastically well.

The skin repair cream on the right is used to remove make up especially around the eye.  I just use a tissue.

All these shampoos were bought at rock bottom prices.  Tresemme often comes on a half price special.

Sukin products come on sale in the supermarket or can occasionally be found at clearance centres at rock bottom prices. Lynx products often half price in supermarkets.  Tilley soaps ( candle pictured ) is Australia's oldest 100% Australian owned soap manufacturer.

A few Aldi groceries.

Flour is flour and sugar is sugar.  No need to buy the fancy brands when even the home brands are made in Australia from Australian wheat.  Campbell's soup come on a half price sale especially during Winter.

A few more Australian made groceries I found in my pantry.  Lemon Crisp biscuits are the only store bought sweet biscuit I'll buy ( and only when on sale ).

What Australian made / owned products to you like to buy ?

Will you be supporting more Aussie brands if your budget allows ?


  1. I live in Alabama and can find Arnotts lemon crisps occasionally. I get them every time!

  2. Hello!
    We were near an Aldi store last week, a rare occurrence and wandered in to have a look. Like you, we were surprised at the number of products made in Australia. Those we have used since have been very good. I only wish there was an Aldi near us! It was an interesting visit, too, as we had time to look. I habitually buy the same brand of many basics, such as toothpaste, detergent and cracker biscuits, but will continue to try these more reasonably priced, Australian made products when the opportunity arises.

    1. I've been using a certain well known brand of dish washing liquid until they reduced the bottle size and put up the price. Then I looked on the bottle to find it was made overseas. Not buying it any more.

  3. Fruit & veggies are something I aim to buy Aussie as much as possible

  4. Thank you for your post Wendy. I'd like to be more conscious of buying Australian made too. Made and owned would be even better. I'm glad Aldi uses so many Australian made products as it is my first choice, mainly for price.

  5. I have slowly been making the change. I made a small food hamper up for a gift I included a large glass bottle of McKenzie soup mix with an extra barley pack in it. I also bought some for my cupboard and stock pile. These grain farmers need a hand. We buy Spring Gully greet tomato pickles and oh my it is good. I love 333s white pickled onions they are nice and crunchy compared to the ones i make. If people are serious there is a Facebook group called Make the Swap they regularly put up all the Australian brands that are owned and produced in Australia. It will take Australia a long time to recover from this madness. Have a great weekend everybody Leanne.

  6. I live in the UK and try to eat local produce in season when possible to cut down the airmiles. If I only ate food produced here though I would have to give up bananas, oranges, grapes, mango and avocados. I could live without them but I enjoy them and they are healthy so choose to keep buying them. I buy fairtrade products when I can.

  7. I try to buy Australian products and ethical products when I can. I even pay a little more to buy local milk that is bottled on the farm. On a fixed income it is difficult to do these things. Food allergies and other allergies rule my life so I use a combination of Dermaveen and CV products for our personal needs. Foods have to be Australian if at all possible.

  8. We love the 99cent Unimat dishwashing liquid too. Excellent quality and value.

  9. We also try to use Australian Made when possible. Just wondering, how do you find the Unamat Dishwashing Liquid?
    Kaydee G

    1. So far I've only used it to make a cleaning spray and in our dish wands. I'm happy with those applications. When my other dish liquid runs out I'll move onto the Unamat one.

  10. Wendy - we dilute the Tresemme products 50:50 and love that it is still of a thick consistency. I popped into Aldi last week and purchased their version of Tresemme (cannot recall the product name) because it was cheaper. We diluted it but found it was of a thinner consistency. However, being cheaper all the time and Aussie made have won me over!
    We also buy our f&v from a local produce supplier. It is a 30 minute drive but it is out on rural land and so beautiful and the kids love going to see the chickens.
    We support our local butcher for our meat products.
    We mostly shop in Woolies and we are starting to avoid the middle aisles as much as possible and buy Australian as much as possible. It takes time (and a pair of reading glasses) but worth it.

    Take care


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