Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Reusing Old Plastic Cereal Containers.

 Over the last couple of years I've gradually changed my pantry storage containers from plastic to glass where possible.  This has left me with a dilemma of having lots of plastic containers to find other uses for.  The cereal containers in particular were too good to throw out,  which is not an eco friendly option.   Some were 20+ years old and not BPA free so finding non food related uses proved to be a challenge.

I love neat and tidy organisation in my cupboards and after much thought came up with these ideas for the containers -

*  Storage for clothes pegs.  This has been a fantastic way to use a container.  The pegs don't fall out ( or very few do ) if the pegs are knocked over by accident.  Having a lid on the container keeps the spare pegs dry and clean when waiting for the washing to dry on the line outside.  This will also extend the life of the pegs.

*  Dry cat food storage.  No longer do I have tiny crumbs from the cardboard box fall out on the tiles or in the laundry cupboard.  The little opening in the lid makes it easy to reach in with a scoop to get the exact amount Princess needs to eat.  Portion control at it's best.

*  Plastic bag storage.  I have two cereal containers under my kitchen sink for plastic bag storage.  One holds recycled bread bags that are really clean and suitable for food storage.  I use them many times over to store my home baked bread in the freezer.  When they start to look a little ratty,  I store them in the other container to be used as bin liners.  I can squash a lot of bread bags in those containers and the lid helps to keep them tidy.

*  Storage for kitty litter scoop bags.  I also reuse bread bags to scoop up kitty litter messes.  Having a container in the laundry cupboard makes it easy for quick clean ups..

Under my kitchen sink

Laundry cupboard storage

My new peg ' bucket '.

Have you found other uses for old plastic containers ?


  1. Children's toys with small items.
    Pens and pencils
    Beads and other crafty items
    Baking equipment (silicone muffin cups, cookie cutters, etc)

  2. Sadly glass containers seem to meet a shattering end around here. So I am back to using plastic and I hate it. We try to reuse everything we can though.

  3. I really like glass jars but over a certain size they are unwieldy and therefore likely to break. Oops!
    I use plastic bins for my home made washing powder as I make 6+months worth at a time. I use smaller ones to keep basic emergency lights for a blackout. I might try and find one for the pegs, great idea thank you. Cheers

  4. Bird seed!! With an aviary and then three smaller cages we need to keep the seed dry and away from rodents.
    Hubby uses various containers in his shed.
    My kids use various containers for little lego pieces and other bits and bobs.


  5. My stash of plastic bags is getting down to the nitty gritty. Here in Nova Scotia plastic grocery bags are now banned from stores. It was a bit of a challenge at first to remember to bring your reusable bags but now it's like remembering your mask.

    You might want to rethink your pet food container. I was reading a few days ago that our fur friends shouldn't have their food stored in plastic containers. For the same reason we shouldn't.


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