Saturday, 27 February 2021

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 27th February 2021

 It's been a lovely week of very mild Summer weather here in Melbourne.  Both Darren and I have made the most of this weather and spent lots of time out in our garden.  Here's what we've been up to -

*  Made chicken stock in the slow cooker using the carcass and a few herbs.  When it was cooked I portioned it into smaller sizes.  With just the two of is in the house I no longer need to make the huge pots of soup that serve 10 - 11 people.  The smaller portion will make enough soup for 4 serves  ( 2 meals ).

*  Picked lots of tomatoes,  corn and silverbeet from our garden.

*  Picked a couple of handfuls of raspberries every day.  So far this season I've picked 2.25 kg and frozen them.

*  Picked a few lemons left from last season.  They have gradually turned yellow and we are now using them.

*  Made a double batch of chocolate brownies from scratch.  I've kept some in the pantry and the rest was frozen for future afternoon teas.

*  Fed the compost bin every day with garden clippings and kitchen scraps.

*  Darren picked up a large glass lidded container from Woolies just as they ended their latest promotion.  We didn't need to pay for it and just did our usual shopping to get the points.  They are now getting rid of the remaining stock and you only need half as many points for a container.

*  Planted 2 Hebe plant cuttings we've grown ourselves from another plant.

*  Made 10 jars of raspberry jam from our fruit.  This is my all time favourite jam.  So tasty and tangy.

*  Planted out more broccoli seedlings we bought as well as a few we grew from seed.  I'm hoping to grow lots of broccoli to freeze so we don't have to buy it from the supermarket at such high prices.

*  Baked lots of chocolate choc chip muffins and sold them to a friend who had ordered them.

*  Saved lots of shower warm up water and poured it into the washing machine

*  Picked a small bowl of strawberries from our garden.

From the garden

Raspberry jam

More jam

Chocolate brownie

How Darren had the chocolate brownie

Our raspberries

What was on your frugal list this week ?

Are you picking anything from your garden or planning a garden ?


  1. Darren knows how to enjoy his brownies. Good luck with the broccoli, yes it is ridiculously expensive. Cheers

  2. What a productive week you’ve had Wendy.
    I’m just posting this little comment to see if it gets to you, then I’ll write some more later. Lorraine W

  3. I'm starting to plan my garden. We are at least 6 weeks away from planting even cool weather crops unless spring really hurries along. I hope to write out my schedule for planting seeds and for when I want to get things in the garden. This weekend I want to search for white sweet potatoes. I like the orange ones but sometimes they are too sweet.
    In the meantime we need to eat more from the freezers. Broccoli, spinach, fruit, zucchini shreds. And I need to count what I have jarred yet, tomato juice, salsa, relish, jams.

  4. I am holding out on buying petrol until the price goes a lot lower. I haven't grocery shopped as mum and I have spent three days and two nights in hospital this week. I think I am getting value for my money from my health fund this year. I also feel brighter after an iron transfusion so it was worth the trip.

  5. Still picking broccoli shoots and pulling the last of the winter carrots here. Starting to plan my garden and trying desperately not to plant anything to early as we are still a few weeks away from the last frost. I’m itching to get back out there.

  6. I check 1 specific shop's folder meticulously for money-back (free after rebate) offers; I haven't paid for toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant in years!

    A bit of an unpleasant savings: due to the lockdown, there are no children's birthday parties. My dds have missed out on about 30 parties so far; 30 x €10 = € 300. There are also no grown-up parties, so large savings on gifts there, too. We just send nice cards and we videochat (that's in all our friend group, so no-one is missing out or more spoiled than another).


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