Wednesday, 3 March 2021

This Little Water Tip Could Save You Lots Of Money

Have you ever thought the shower warm up water draining down the plug hole seems like such a big waste ?

If you place a bucket under the shower head,  this clean water could be used elsewhere.  Of course you could pour it into the washing machine and this is something I do often.  It's not going to save you much money but you'll feel better about reducing the waste.

Here's an even better tip that will feed you and save lots of money.  Reuse the shower warm up water to water some veggie seedlings.  If you love lettuce, you can grow it all year round in many climates.   A $3 packet of seeds will last a few years and could save you over $100 a year.  This figure is based on buying one small $2 bag of lettuce leaves every week for one year. If you have a larger family,  you would be buying more lettuce so the savings will be even bigger.

Such a simple tip yet the impact is huge.

What could you use the saved water for ?


  1. I use my shower warm up water to wash the bath out when I have finished (I have an over the bath shower).

  2. Water is so precious and it is oh so easy to waste it. I was told by the man who installed our air con that the water that drips from the air con is demineralised so is good for irons etc. I am not great at collecting shower water as it find it far too heavy to carry safely. But I watch every drop that I can. For example I do rinse dishes as it is not necessarily run daily but that water is kept to small amount and used repeatedly. I also have a small basin to put in the sink to save water.

  3. As we have our own well, water itself doesn't cost us any money. Electricity is needed to pump it and to warm it. We don't usually save water, as our well must be used or water will be spoiled and well will be blocked. In dry summers we might run low on our well, so then we use it sparingly, but if we have enough water, we will use it. Our septic system is without chemicals and after prosessing, water flows to ditch. And in dry summers our waste water keeps that ditch alive. I'm willing to pay for that.
    But we do use much less warm/hot water than many others, mainly because we don't take long showers every day. Hair washed only when dirty ( with 3 teenagers this is mostly theoretical, but...) all water-using machines are tapped to cold water.

  4. I use the saved water from both the shower and the sinks to flush the toilet. I've been doing this for over 40 years.

  5. Flushing the toilet, which is next to the bath/shower. I also use the bathwater for that, especially during summer.


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