Saturday 17 April 2021

Our Latest Frugal Tasks Saturday 17th April 2021

It's been a while since I've been able to post on my blog.    We've had so much sickness go through our family over the last 4 - 5 weeks.  I was sick for 3 weeks with a sore throat that turned into a chest infection and sinus infection.  A week into my sickness,  Megan and both her babies got gastro.  Megan ended up in hospital and Darren and I looked after the boys at different times as needed.  This was over the weekend Megan was meant to have the boys combined birthday party.  It was postponed for a month.

Then Darren got a touch of gastro but recovered quickly.  Just as I was starting to feel a little better Jessica took me away for a weekend to Daylesford.  We had a wonderful time away and enjoyed the beautiful countryside,  good food and fresh air.  

Five days after our weekend away,  Jessica was admitted to hospital with appendicitis.  She spent most of Easter in hospital after having her appendix removed then the next five days recovering at our place ( back in her old bedroom ).  Then we had the boys birthday party last weekend.

Throughout this challenging time we've tried to stay as frugal as possible.  There were a few times when we bought Subway for lunches on the run when we physically couldn't be at home to eat.  We've also stayed away from the shops..  I've been quite content to stay at home and sit in front of the tv.

Here are some of the frugal tasks we've completed lately ( that I can remember ) -

*  Collected the free flower and veggie seeds from the Woolworths promotion.  Darren has made plans to plant them out..

*  Picked flowers from the garden to brighten our day.  When we were preparing Jessica's room for her stay,  Darren picked a bouquet of flowers from our garden for her to enjoy.

*  Made a  couple of batches of chunky chicken soup from scratch.  We enjoyed this over many meals and it was just what we needed.

*  We have been trying to eat smaller serves at dinnertime each night.  My homemade meat pie usually serves 4 - 5 people.  The last one I made gave us six serves.  Two eaten that night and four went into the freezer.

*  Went to Hindustan Imports on the way home from a cleaning job and purchased herbs,  spices and baking ingredients in bulk at cheap prices.

*  I continue to pick raspberries almost every day.  We've also picked tomatoes,  zucchinis,  strawberries,  lettuce,  silverbeet,  pears,  lemons and beans from the garden.  Shortly we'll be digging up the last of our potatoes before Winter.

*  Used recycled bread bags as bin liners in the bathrooms.

*  Made up bottles of diluted dishwashing detergent to clean things around our home.

*  Took snacks with us to Daylesford to save a little money.

*  Bought chocolate Easter bunnies at half price after Easter.  They have been put away for next Easter.

*  Took cuttings from a few plants in our garden.  Hopefully they'll take and we can plant them out next Spring.  

*  Made a big batch of pita chips for munching on.

*  Continued to cook meals for 4 - 6 people like I've always done.  All leftovers are carefully portioned out and frozen for future no fuss nights.  


Freshly picked beans

From the garden

Jessica holding a large pear from our tree.

Flowers Darren and Luka picked for me.

How have you been frugal lately ?


  1. Dear Wendy,
    So glad to see you back but sorry to hear about the sickness you've all had during the last month. Having both of your girls in hospital would have been very stressful. Not to mention being ill yourself. I am glad to hear you are all now on the mend.
    We continue to try to be as frugal as possible. Just the other day as I prepared our youngest to go back to school I realised that he hadn't had tuckshop for about 3 years! We all take our lunches to school/work.
    Also, I've noticed just how expensive food has been getting. I am trying to make as many frugal meals as possible. Some nights I am serving 5 adult portions, 3 of which are men. I love cooking for my family but the spend at Aldi is getting higher. Need to find some creative cheap meals.
    Take care and wishing you all good health!
    Rachel :)

  2. Oh Wendy your family has had a very tough few weeks. I hope all continue to mend. God bless.

  3. Hi Wendy,hope you & your family are now on the mend,I am using up some of our pumpkins john has been growing,& making your recipe for pumpkin soup🌝 I also made some pumpkin pies but don't like them that much

  4. So glad you are back. Hopefully everyone is fully recovered and feeling like themselves again. Take care.
    Barb in PA USA

  5. Dearest Wendy, I am soooo glad you appear to be on the mend. Virtual hugs and kisses to you and yours, and glad to have you back!!!!

  6. On last Thursday I went to a $20 Produce Bag sale. I filled a paper grocery bag with 2 pineapples, 4 large mangos, 6 avocados, 6 pears, 2 punts of mushrooms, 9 red/yellow peppers and 4 medium broccoli heads. Easily over $20 normal price. What we don't eat fresh, I'll freeze.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about all the illness in the family, and glad to hear you could all support each other and take care of each other.

    Prices in our supermarkets have gone up; where before I could fill a trolley at Aldi's for around €60, it now costs around €90! I add a few nicer ingredients than before lockdown, to help us battle lockdown fatigue, but not €30 worth! The quality of the fruit and veg is not as good as before, it goes off faster, and often is either unripe or already spoiled in the bag. I have noticed this at all the local supermarkets, unfortunately. I wasn't planning on having a large veg garden this year, because we will be renovating the house and I need my energy elsewhere, but have decided to start one anyway, with failsafe veg and veg I enjoy but is expensive (mangetouts....).


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