Saturday, 11 December 2021

I'll Be Back Next Week.

Due to life being super busy right now,  I' won't be able to post my frugal list this week.  Darren and I have had lots of cleaning work and social occasions to attend.  

Thanks for your understanding  xoxo 


  1. Enjoy your week. I have found it a bit like being in a hamster wheel going ever faster. After being isolated and having the same routine each day it's a bit tiring and stressful. Gorgeous pink roses.

  2. Grateful you find yourself busy with work and social activities. Merry Christmas! Much love, Patti from California

  3. I had my 50th birthday last week, and for gifts we spent the weekend in Luxembourg. That is a 2-hour drive from where we live, by husband's company car with tank card. It was 1 night in a 3-star hotel on a lastminute discount booking and included a swimming pool and breakfast. We sightsaw and windowshopped on Saturday, swam, had dinner at the hotel (never again, luckily dds were halfprice), played UNO. On Sunday we had a leisurely breakfast and went to a modern art museum (dds were free).
    On my actual birthday I received a Museum Pass, which gives me free entry to 200 museums in Belgium. It normally costs €65 for a year, but I received 10% discount through a club I belong to.
    So, all experiences! No dusting, storing, deciding whether to keep....

  4. Enjoy the season and have a fabulous family Christmas. Cheers


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