Wednesday 1 December 2021

5 Christmas Gifts That Save Money

 Over the last few years we've tried to purposely give gifts that can be used on a regular basis,  used up or save the recipient money.  Gone are the days of giving ornaments,  platters or junky knick knacks that clutter up people's cupboards.

Here are five items that make fabulous money saving gifts.  Personally I've given four of them.  I haven't given a coffee machine but I have given coffee pods to go with the Aldi coffee machine when I knew the receiver had one.

A yoghurt maker.  These can be bought new from supermarkets and department stores for about $25 or occasionally half price.  Otherwise you can pick up new or near new ones in op shops for about $5.  Either way they make a fabulous present that will save the recipient quite a lots of money and doesn't use electricity.  A 1 litre batch of yoghurt made from scratch using the Easiyo maker costs just over $1.  I personally have given yoghurt makers to family and friends.  They have been so impressed with the gift that they've gone out a bought more to give to their own friends and family.

A popcorn maker.  Prices start at $19 in Kmart or you could pay up to $90 elsewhere for the fancy movie theatre style ones.  They all make popcorn and will save quite a bit of money on snack foods.  We've had a cheap $15 one that we used for years.  

A gardening hamper that includes flower and veggie seeds.  Growing your own veggies is quite easy and personally,  it saves us hundreds of dollars a year.  

A folder of recipes that are family / personal favourites.  I'm talking about the tried and true ones,  not the fancy magazine / celebrity chef ones.    Sometimes simple recipes are the best and can be all the encouragement a new cook needs to have a go.  Maybe add a silicon muffin pan to get them started.  Kmart sells fabulous silicon mini loaf pans for just $5.

A coffee machine.  If you love to drink good coffee then this could be a big money saver   Aldi sells a coffee machine for $79.99 that has rave reviews. 


What money saving gifts have you given ?


  1. These are great gifts. I have given chickens and slow cookers. For a young Mum with a baby a slow cooker and telling them how to make baby food is awesome.. for anyone really a slow cooker means on busy nights they have already a good meal to come home to. Plus they can make stock etc if you tell them what to do... getting people going on some of these things is a huge help. I have given a pot of herbs. Emergency blackout kits. First aid kits... I will keep thinking. We can make a real difference with gifts like these! xxx

  2. Bread machine. Saves a ton of money and no worries about not being able to find bread at the store these days. Also makes dough for pizzas and many other bread items.

  3. Hi Wendy, all great ideas, we actually have most at our house and use them but last year one of my nieces asked for several favourite family recipes, so I popped them in a lovely little folder and she was thrilled.

  4. Hi, I got the same yogurt maker from a charity shop and I was wondering if you make your own recipe yogurt in the easiyo or do you buy the sachets. Heather

    1. I make my own yoghurt from scratch. The recipe is in the recipe section here on my blog.

  5. If your job has any benefits, maybe share them? When I worked for the head office of a hospitality company, we could book in our hotels at employee rate. I would give some friends 2 nights at employee rate, provided they go with me :) They usually had company cars, so the trip there was free, nights and breakfast was almost free, and we would spend a long chunk of time together, which cemented the friendship.

    The ngo I currently work for has no benefits, other than being a great place to work.


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