Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Reduce Food Waste By Doing This

For many households it has never been more important for  the grocery budget to be stretched as far as possible.  Food costs are rising almost on a daily basis and every little tip and trick should be used to get the most out of the food you can afford to buy.

Here are some ways to reduce food waste - 

*  Cream - Any amount of leftover cream getting close to it's use by date can be made into butter  Use the marble in a jar method for a small amount or a stand mixer for a larger amount.

*  Cheese - Don't let it get hard or mouldy.  It should be wrapped it in baking paper and stored in an airtight container.  It can also be grated and frozen.  Just add a little corn flour and shake so it doesn't stick together.

*  Wilted veggies - They make great soup.  Add some soup mix,  stock or a tin of diced tomatoes and no one will ever know.

*  Wrinkly fruit - Stew ( cook ) and make fruit cobbler or  jam  Some of the best jams I've made are from mixed fruit.

*  Stale bread and rolls - Can be made into dried bread crumbs or bread and butter pudding.  Store the stale bread in the freezer until you have enough to make one of these items.

*  Sweet rolls / buns - Make great bread and butter pudding

*  Roasted veggies - Can be made into tasty frittatas,  flans or quiches, or put them in a soup for amazing flavour.

* Cooked veggies - Can be added to frittatas,  pasta bakes,  or blitz and add to spag bol and pasta dishes.  Make a soup,  add to a casserole or make bubble and squeak.

* Cooked rice -Makes delicious rice pudding and creamed rice.  You can freeze leftover rice,  or make fried rice.

*  Yoghurt -  Can be used in smoothies,  made into icypoles or frozen for a sweet treat.

*  Chicken carcass - Place it in a slow cooker with water and make stock.  Strip off the meat and use it with the stock to make a hearty chicken and veggie soup.

Bread and butter pudding

Making mini quiches

Here are the links to some of the recipes I suggested -


  1. Some great reminders here Wendy as usual, and good to see you back hope all is well

  2. Love this blog. I use leftover veggies mashed "bubble and squeak" on toast for a meal. My Nana a wise woman who survived the depression wasted nothing. She often gave me that as a child and such a comfort meal and memory ! I had leftover celery and brocholi. I used it all up including the stalks ! To make soup. Brocholi soup. I had no cream so I added potato then blitzed it to make soup. Gave some to struggling elderly neighbours who's only hot meal is meals on wheels . They loved it ! I also have been eating more eggs for dinner. (filling and nutrition plus). I have been buying aldi baked beans still only 68c compared to almost four dollars a tin at Coles. To those too afraid to try aldi, many of their products are good if not better than larger supermarkets.

  3. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing them.

    I bought some organic chickens at $4.50 a kilo and broke them down. I used the carcasses to make some stock. I made sure to pick off all the meat. I have had four meals from one chicken. I still have some stock and chicken meat left. Food waste is constant worry for me because mum and I eat very different diets. Sp now I am concentrating on making small amounts so I have a little to freeze and a meal as we both get tired of eating the same meals over and over. Most of the time I buy less as bulk amounts are not the best for this household.

  4. I have used your recipe for crockpot bread pudding, but had trouble getting it out of the crock pot in one piece. Do you have in any suggestions? It was good otherwise.

    1. I always spray the slow cooker insert with oil first.

  5. I got the ALDI coffee machine for Christmas. It's saving me $140 or more a month ! Its awesome taste ! And I'm using my keep cup which I got for free (they also sell them for cheap as 80c at the dollar store !) In November here in Australia we are going All plastic free ! (Can't wait) no more bags, produce bags, single use plastic cutlery or straws or boxes. You also can get up to 50c per coffee when you take a clean resusable container. Aldi this week have reusable straws made of metal, and cutlery.
    People don't know a nappy can take up to 35 years to biodegrade in soil! As a nation we throw away 35 billion. Plus coffee cups (as per war of waste show on ABC iview) many think they can be recycled but they can't. ! Please consider the environment when you buy something. ! I'm using thread recycled produce bags, and also have converted to shampoo "bars" much like soap, only less imprint on the environment! No plastic. Sonia. Sydney.

  6. I keep a bowl in my oven that gets topped up with any small pieces of bread that are left over in any bread bags. The bowl only comes out when the oven is being used, then back in again as soon as the oven is off to keep drying the bread while the oven is cooling down. When It’s full I turn them into breadcrumbs. There’s no problem with mould because the bread is constantly being dried out more.


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