Thursday, 29 September 2022

Spring Cleaning Reading

 Just thought I'd pop in to say hello.   I'm posting  a few links below to articles I wrote that might be of help if you are Spring cleaning.

Dusting - 3 Ways

10 Ways To Use White Vinegar

Making Your Own Air Freshener

Kitchen Cloths For Free

Cleaning On A Budget


  1. Thankyou Wendy, enjoying your gardening. Amanda

  2. Thanks so much Wendy, for all you do to help others! I do hope your loving your time in the garden, and getting lots done. Not sure what the weather is like in Victoria, but hope you are able to enjoy some lovely sunshine.

  3. Thank you for this timely post Wendy. It is much appreciated. I have been reading and enjoying your posts for quite a while now, but not commented before. I have learnt much in the way you live your life. So much practical advice.
    Your blog gives me a warm cosy feeling of 'home' and all that it means.
    Betty in Ferntree Gully

  4. TY Wendy, your photos are always so lovely, simple, uncluttered and quite delightful xx Happy Belated Birthday too

  5. Gardening is good for the soul.

  6. Missing your blog!

  7. Are you coming back to this space? Miss your inspiration and commonsense.


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