Saturday 17 September 2022

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 17th September 2022

 This week Darren and I enjoyed a trip to Gardenworld with my Mum.  We had lots of fun admiring ( and buying ) the wide variety of shrubs and Spring flower seedlings. We planted some of them for Mum in her garden,  then later that day I planted our own purchases.  

Slowly we are filling in the gaps in our front garden from when we did a makeover during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.  Back then we had to make do with plants we already had and took cuttings as well as digging up volunteer seedlings and replanting in gaps.  It sure is a delight to buy new varieties.

Here's our frugal list for the week -

*  Filled up both our cars when petrol was cheap and used a discount fuel docket.  I think we paid just under $1.50 a litre.

*  I've been busy booking accommodation for a holiday later this year ( from a cancelled one last year ).  I found it cheaper to ring the accommodation instead of booking through the online websites.  

*  Baked 3 loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

*  Fed dinner plate scraps,  weeds,  crusts and new spring grass to the chickens.

*  Filled in a spot in our garden with volunteer forget me not seedlings.

*  Made up a jar of gravy powder mix using ingredients I had on hand in the pantry.

*  Baked a double batch of chocolate brownies from scratch.  Some was divided into a container for the pantry and the rest was frozen.  If I need to take a plate to a function then I can just pull out what I need.  Chocolate brownies defrost really well and taste like they are fresh out of the oven.

*  Printed off a photo and put it in a beautiful timber frame I found at an op shop.  This was given with a forget me not seedling from our garden as a birthday gift.

*  Used our thermos every morning to store extra boiled water from the kettle.

*  Gathered the freshest flowers from 2 bouquets we've had in our home for the last 2 weeks to make another fresh bouquet.  I'm also changing the water every day and have trimmed the stems.

*  Filled all the herb and spice jars using bulk packets I've bought from Hindustan Imports.

*  Gratefully received some flower and veggie seeds in the mail from a blog reader.  

*  Saved all leftover water from drink bottles and glasses of water.  All is used to water pot plants and seedlings.

*  Added the crumbs from a weet bix packet to the jar of dried seasoned bread crumbs ( homemade )


Chocolate brownies

Gravy Powder

Wholemeal bread with extra goodness

Dried seasoned bread crumbs

Saved flowers from 2 bouquets

Adding weet bix crumbs to bread crumbs

Making gravy powder.

How have you saved money this week ?


  1. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for sharing your frugal week with us. I am sure your garden will be brimming with lovely new plants and flowers in no time.
    We continued our frugal journey this week, with home made meals, lunch taken to work/school and the only spend was fuel for my car at $1.50lt. I’ve been combining errands to try and save fuel as well.
    Unfortunately, we have a water leak. It has been located under our driveway. So it will be cut to access the leak. These things happen, it could have been worse and we have a sinking fund for this expense.
    Have a lovely week. Take care.
    Rachel :)

  2. HI Wendy,
    It's a lovey time of year when Spring's warmer weather arrives. Your new flowers will no doubt be pretty and colourful. I have planted petunias this week, in pots and in the garden. I love the variety of colours they come in. Here's my frugal list for this week:
    * made a meal plan for next fortnight while we are on school holidays
    * made a one-pan apricot chicken and large tray of chicken enchiladas which gave extra serves
    * used marked down chicken lovely legs in apricot chicken, used arborio rice instead of calrose rice in this dish as that is what I had in pantry.
    * picked spring onion and celery from garden to use in apricot chicken and enchiladas.
    * bought a heavily marked-down packet of organic beef hotdogs that were very near use-by date - served on hot dog rolls with fruit
    * bought five boxes of half-price muesli bars - I keep these in cupboard for odd occasions when I have no school baking in freezer.
    * picked spring onion and celery from garden to use
    * planted a beautiful rose bush that my very kind and sweet neighbour bought for me. I planted this in a big terracotta pot that I already had.
    * Re-read a book from my bookshelf.
    * Gratefully received a scented hand cream and matching soap through my local Buy Nothing Group.
    * Went through my fabric pile and set aside some lengths of fabric to gift to a friend from my work.
    Have a lovely week!


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