Sunday, 4 December 2022

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 3rd December 2022

 My frugal list is quite small this week.  Still,  a saving is a saving and it's far better than wasting money.  Here's how I saved money -

*  Picked the last of the lemons off our tree for the year.  I'll be juicing most of them and slicing the rest to use for baked fish and lemon chicken.

*  Picked lettuce,  radishes and rosemary from our garden.  The rosemary will be put into paper bags and hung up to dry.

*  Dried the washing on the line and clothes horses.  This might not be a big deal to most but with the wet weather we've had since may,  it's been a real challenge to dry clothes outside.  I'm very cautious about wet washing hanging around in the house for too long.  Firstly,  it starts to smell and secondly,  I don't want to promote any mould in our home.

*  Darren gave the chickens grass clippings to munch on after mowing our lawns.

*  Darren used an app to get a better price on petrol for our cars.

*  Used the thermos to store the remaining boiling water from the kettle each morning.  The water is used for morning and afternoon tea cuppas.

*  Last week I mentioned we had been gifted a bolar blade roast.  I cooked it up this week in the slow cooker and we had a roast dinner that night.  I cooked extra roast veggies in the air fryer and froze another 2 single serve roast dinners.  The remaining meat was turned into a Massaman beef.  From that we got 7 serves.  So a total of 11 serves of meat from a 1.1 kilo roast.

*  Cut up an old sock and used it as garden ties.

*  Darren started picking cherries from our tree.  He's hoping to get enough to make his favourite jam.


From our garden

Massaman beef in the slow cooker

The first harvest of cherries for the season.

How did you save money this year ?  

Are you picking anything from your garden ?


  1. This week herbs have from the garden have been featured in some meals. I have worked very hard at reducing food waste. Like you I managed to stretch meats. etc.This week a stew was served, the next night it was turned into a stroganoff.Then four meat pies were made.Two were eaten and two frozen. Eight serves from 500 gr of beef.

  2. We have a rhubarb plant, and I'm allowed to harvest next door's rhubarb, too. To save on sugar, I add homegrown strawberries and/or an (old) apple when I cook it into 'jam' (it remains rather chunky, as I usually add it to my morning yoghurt with homemade granola).

  3. Wooowww... can you give me the recipe for the Massaman beef? It looks so good!!!

    1. It's in the recipe section under main meals. Enjoy.


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