Wednesday 30 November 2022

Can You Spare 10 Minutes To Save Money ?

 Following on from the previous posts about sparing 1 or 5 minutes to save money,  here are more great ways to save.  Some of these tips could save you hundreds of dollars. 

Can you spare 10 minutes to -

*  Make a years worth of laundry powder.  This tips could save you big $$$

*  Whip up muffin batter and pop them in the oven.  Cheap,  easy and tasty treats for lunchboxes and snacks.

*  Hang the washing on the line instead of using the dryer.  Your clothes will last longer and smell fresher too.

*  Put some meat,  veggies and liquid in the slow cooker after breakfast for an easy dinner.

*  Turn your bread crusts into bread crumbs ( fresh,  dried or seasoned ).

*  Wipe and organise your fridge.  Put the hidden things to the front to use or freeze.

*  Save your washing machine final rinse water into a large bucket.  Pour it back into the machine for the next load or use it   on the garden to water your plants ( not on the veggie garden ).

*  Write a Christmas list before you go shopping.  Don't forget to include a budgeted amount and ideas of each person.  

*  Write a grocery shopping list before you go shopping.  Write how many of each item in needed and in order of where it is in the store.

*  Cook a double amount of food for dinner and freeze the leftovers.  This saves on power usage and gives you a spare meal in the freezer for busy days.  Save even more if you eat too much takeaway.


Laundry powder   

Lunchbox chocolate chip chocolate muffins   

Dried seasoned bread crumbs

Do you have a money saving tip that takes just 10 minutes ?


  1. You can call me crazy but I take a little extra time when I hang my washing. Dresses, shirts and sometimes other items are given a good shake and then hung on hangers with buttons and zips are closed. I find this reduces the amount of ironing I need to do. Living in QLD means I need to reduce the chores that are hot!

  2. I bake tiny muffins (about 1inch across), because often it's just a craving for something sweet, not a proper hunger, so that can be dealt with with a miniature muffin.


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