Saturday, 26 July 2014

Kitchen Cloths For Free

Keeping your kitchen clean,  tidy and ( almost ) germ free can be quite costly. There seems to be a cleaning cloth for every surface and a spray for each different spill.   All these items can add huge costs to your grocery budget.

I've found a way to eliminate the need to buy kitchen cloths and sponges without compromising on quality.  About 5 years ago I was in Tasmania on holidays with my family.  We'd been spending some time visiting my inlaws and I was helping out in the kitchen.  I couldn't find any sponges to wipe the benches until my mother in law showed me a drawer full of old face washers and hand towels.

As soon as we arrived home fom our holiday I searched my linen cupboard for face washers that were getting a little on the old side.  Sure enough I found four straight away that were too faded for the bathroom but too good for the laundry or the rag bag.  In one corner of  each face washer I wrote the letter " K " for kitchen with a laundry marker.  This ensured that the face washers weren't returned to the linen cupboard after washing but stored in a kitchen drawer with the tea towels.

Each day I change over the face washer and wash the dirty one in the washing machine with the towels.  If  I've had a busy day in the kitchen with lots of cooking and baking I might use a few.  It's a great way to help prevent cross contanination. They are very durable and don't fall apart when you use a bit of elbow grease on a hardened spill  I also use microfibre cloths for the timber dining table and kitchen splash back.

Those four original face washers lasted for three years with constant use until the edges started fraying.  I crossed out the letter " K " and wrote "L " for laundry on each one.  They were then stacked in the laundry cupboard to mop up spills.  After that they made their way to the rubbish bin.

The cloths cost me nothing but saved me about $100 over three years.  Bargain  !!!


  1. I buy the microfibres ones and wash them with the towels also. I have four or five and they're each a few years old now with no signs of wearing out yet.

  2. You can also cut up old towels to the size of small hand towels hem the edges.
    Another thing using old worn sheets we are learning to crochet by tearing long 2 inch (yes I'm still Imperial measures when comes to sewing) wide strips, rolling into a big ball then crocheting rag mats for bathroom or kitchen floors . When dirty all you need to do is throw into washing machine wash as sheeting.. Hell of a lot cheaper than buying 'designer' rag mats.

  3. I like the ones that are disposable.

    1. I like to use what I have on hand and pay zero for them.


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