Thursday 26 February 2015

My Menu Plan Friday 20th February - Friday 20th March 2015

Here is my latest menu plan.  It looks like we won't be getting too much hot weather in the next few weeks so I've changed some of the meals accordingly.  I've introduced some cooler weather meals as we transition into Autumn.  Of course,  my menu plan is not set in stone.  I'm sure outing will crop up and there might be days when we don't feel like eating the meal on the plan.  That ok.  We have plenty of food in the house so we won't starve.

Fri 20th - Homemade hamburgers and wedges
Sat 21st - Salad and fish cooked in foil

Sun 22nd - Get your own but feed me
Mon 23rd - Salad and crumbed fish portions and smashed potatoes
Tues 24th - Roast chicken ( on BBQ ) with potato / pumpkin mash and veggies
Wed 25th - Homemade hamburgers - we were given rolls that couldn't be frozen.
Thurs 26th - Tuna pasta bake and greens
Fri 27th - KFC chicken drumsticks and salad
Sat 28th - Freezer meals

Sun 1st March  Get your own but feed me
Mon 2nd - Tacos and a dessert of some description
Tues 3rd - Leg of lamb and roast veggies
Wed 4th - Shepherds pie with leftover lamb
Thurs 5th - Fish potions,  rice,  zuc slice and veggies
Fri 6th - Salad and chicken strips
Sat 7th - Chops and salad ( or veggies )

Sun 8th -  Homemade pizza
Mon 9th - Rissoles,  salad and baked potatoes
Tues 10th - Chicken curry in slow cooker with rice
Wed 11th - Homemade meat pie with veggies
Thurs 12th - Fish cooked in foil with mash and veggies
Fri 13th - Chicken hamburgers with wedges
Sat 14th - Honey mustard chicken with rice

Sun 15th - Toasted sandwiches
Mon 16th - Spag bol
Tues 17th - Beef stew in slow cooker with mash
Wed 18th - Roast chicken with roast veggies
Thurs 19th - Salmon patties with baked potatoes and salad
Fri 20th - Freezer meals

A roast meal

Chicken curry in the slow cooker

Homemade meat pie

Honey mustard chicken made from scratch.


  1. Excellent Wendy, i have just now completed my menu plan for the next month. I pinched a few of your meal ideas to add to mine. I'm a bit backwards though, as i did my monthly grocery shop on Tuesday and only just now have done my menu plan, hope it all works out, Blessings Maureen

  2. Great timing, just doing our next meal plan and great to see yours for inspiration and ideas!
    So far so good with our meal planning and $300/month target for this year.
    Certainly have appreciated the structure of a meal plan on the fridge, in a busy family life.

  3. Hi Wendy, would you be able to share your recipe for honey mustard chicken. I always make it with the packet sauce but I would love to know how to make it from scratch, thanks Kaye.

    1. Yes I'll post it after I post the muesli bar slice. Promise.

  4. Great menu plan Wendy. I am not up to doing a plan for a month, but a plan for a fortnight works well with me. The kids love looking on the fridge door where our plan is located to see what's for dinner. I have overheard them talking in the morning and discussing the evenings meal. Funniest comment was " this is like a restaurant and we are reading the menu lol" Thanks for sharing. Cheers Donna Z :)

    1. That is so funny. Sounds like they are enjoying what the " restaurant " provides.

  5. Thank you Wendy for sharing that with us all, so inspiring. I got off track there for a bit, but now am really getting motivated again to challenge ,yself to save on my food plan and meals. You are fortunate that you are able to do things from scratch, do u have a secret, as i work part time , is it just a case of once the kids go to school you get cracking on tasks or do you get up early yo bake etc? I only ask becasue i would love to be able to bake more for lumches etc but seem to sometimes run out of time!! Also, a do you have any regular things you include in lunchboxes as i sometimes run out of frugal lunchbox ideas.please? Thanks Rosie.

    1. I think I'll have to do a post on lunchbox idea.

      Rosie, I'm an organised person who quite often writes out the list of tasks to do each day so I don't forget something. I dont watch any tv during the day until tea time. I rarely text people and I'm not on any sort of phone that often. I now only shop when I need sonething. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't waste time on things that don't matter.

      I don't get up early/ When I bake. i bake double and triple batches of things to save time.

    2. Thanks Wendy, good ideas there and a list sounds great and i can give that idea a go each day i think so i ensure i get lots more tasks done. A frugal ideas lunchbox post would be wonderful when u get a chance for school lumches, thank you, Rosie...

  6. Hi Wendy, I’m happy the weather is cooling down a bit as I find you can enjoy a better variety of meals (including pulling the slow cooker back out!). We’ve got similar items on the menu. Can you please post your Honey Mustard Chicken recipe? We love this meal but have relied on the Masterfoods recipe base sachet in the past. Great to see other comments that have been able to stick to the $300 per month challenge. Christina xx

  7. Great meal plan Wendy! I intend to add some of your meal ideas to my meal plan as well. Thank you! Rose in Western NC, USA

    1. Hi Rose and welcome to my blog. More recipes are posted every week.

  8. Hi there Wendy,

    I like the sound of your menu plan, so many options. We are still having hot weather here (tomorrow 39C), so mainly salads with everything still. I cant wait until we can have a nice casserole :)

    Your food always look so yummy!


  9. Your meals look lovely Wendy especially the pie! There is something lovely about pies!
    When the girls were going to school as I dropped them off they would always ask "whats for dinner tonight Mum?" and I always could tell them. They would say oh yummy and off they would go!
    Now it is the two of us. I reverse plan, kind of. I shop for the best specials in meat, fruit veg etc and work out what I will make with these. It is like the mystery box challenge on Masterchef if you ever saw that as I have the pantry and staples on hand. I also make many double or triple meals and freeze meals for later like you. Most of the time I cook a little extra and this becomes work lunches for my husband. Now and then I will do a bulk cook up. A common on it I will get about 4 kilos of mince and cook it up with onion and tomato and herbs etc and make a spaghetti bol sauce. I let it cook ages to develop the flavours. I make it really rich and red with oregano as my favourite addition. Then I set some aside to go over noodles. Then I make a couple of lasagnes. Later I cut them (when cold) into individual portions to freeze. I make tacos. I make a meat pie by adding gravy to thicken. I make Shepherds pie by adding gravy and then vegies and mashed potato or pumpkin on top. Lastly I make chow mein where I add a packet of chicken noodle soup, cabbage and rice... this sounds mad but cooked up it is delicious and stretches the last bit! This is served with toast and grated cheese. The kids used to go mad over this. (it is not a real chow mien but thats what we called it) So from this cook up I would get a whole range of different meals and a huge number of them.
    With Lucy having a baby in May I will do this so I have heaps of meals in the freezer and some to give to help out. Just waiting for cooler weather which won't be long.
    Lots of meals in the freezer is wonderful!
    Love your ideas and plan. We all need our list written out and ready to go! xxx

  10. Hi Wendy,

    Your menu plan looks very yummy!!
    I am doing my monthly plan and shop over the weekend, so will definitely be adding some of your meal ideas :)
    Wendy i was wondering if you could give some tips on how to save money with things such as pads, tampons, razors, deodorants, hair care, body wash's etc.
    Every month this part of my shopping seems to be such a big cost and i always try to be the cheaper brands.

    Will you be appearing on A Current Affair again this year?

    Love your blog Wendy, it warms my heart to see you live a great wonderful and loving life on a budget! You have definitely inspired me.

    All the best,


    1. I'm not sure when the next ACA story will be. You can always email them.

      I might do another post on toiletries to follow on from the makeup one.

  11. Hi Wendy,
    I look forward to seeing your posts and regularly check your blogs. I am day by day becoming more resourceful and less wasteful and love the challenge. Both my husband and I have unpredictable employment (he is self employed and I am on day to day call) so we find it hard to budget and plan ahead but do our best. I have acquired quite a few homemade meals in my freezer. I make a delicious minestrone that is both economical and nutritious. Is there any chance that you could share your burger mince recipe? Also, I noticed a post regarding slicing your own cheese. I have been doing this for a while now but I slice as I go - do you slice the whole block in advance to save time and if so how do you store the slices. I look forward to more of your posts.

  12. Hi Collete. I slice the cheese as we go. Sometimes Darren does a fair bit of slicing then just sticks it back onto the block for the next person to use.

    I'll post the burger recipe after the muesli bar slice and honey mustard chicken are posted.

    1. Oh Wendy, I think it's time for a recipe book, LOL, xxx Maureen

    2. Today I've typed up a few more recipes for the book Maureen.

  13. Wendy, would you also be able to post your KFC chicken drumsticks recipe as well?
    KFC is my husbands favorite take away, so I'd love to learn how to make these for him one night.

    What's on for the weekend Wendy?


    1. Allison I'll post the recipe in a couple of week's time. I've had requests for other recipes lately. I've got them ready to go so KFC will be the next one to type up.

      I'll be doing housework tomorrow morning, high tea at The Mustard Seed ( church cafe ) in the afternoon..
      Sunday is church then I've been hired to help serve at a baby shower

  14. No problem Wendy, just whenever you have the chance.
    I know your in hot demand now lol!!

    High Tea sounds like a perfect way to spend your afternoon.
    Good luck at the baby shower!


    1. Hot Demand - hehehe !!! That sounds so funny but I guess it's true ( at times ).

  15. Haha it does, but it's very true!!
    You've inspired us all.

    Have a great weekend Wendy!

  16. Thanks Wendy. We are going to try a menu plan at our place this month. You have inspired us.

  17. Hi wendy
    Was just wondering how do you go about keeping your potatoes and tomatoes if you only do a food shop once a month? I struggle to keep potatoes for a week :(
    Do you cut them and freeze them? That would have been my next experiment
    Thanks anne

    1. I do a monthly shop with weekly top ups of milk, fruit and veg only. Sometimes we don't use as many potatoes and a 5 kilo bag lasts a fortninght. I keep them on a plastic shelf inside my pantry and out of the bag they come in.

    2. Thanks wendy!
      That definitely makes more sense to me now lol


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