Saturday 14 February 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 14th February 2015

Lots of different tasks filled my days this week. Next week I'm working every day so I tried to get ahead and extra organised around the house..  Here's what I got up to -

*  Baked lots of peanut butter choc chip biscuits using homemade dough from the freezer.

*  Portioned out $20 worth of chicken fillets into seven meals and froze in snap lock bags.

*  Refilled the dish washing liquid and diluted it by about 30%.

*  Made lots of small rissoles and flash froze them raw on oven trays.  They were then portioned into meal sizes and put back into the freezer.  The will be great for quick and easy meals especially on hot days with a salad.

*  Collected kitchen water and poured it onto our fruit trees.

*  Bought two as new recipe books from Savers for $3.99 each less 15% discount.  One was a muffin book and the other was a biscuit book.  They have been put away for Christmas presents.  I picked up a lovely cushion for a bed for $2.55.  It looks new and has been put away for a birthday present.  I also bought an assorted bag of cotton reels and ribbon for $ 2.55.  The cotton will be used for sewing and is worth at least $18. 

*  Gratefully received some salad, bread,  croissants and nectarines.

*  Used some old Christmas cards to make 38 gift tags for future Christmases.

*  Altered a dress for myself and one for Jessica.

*  Hand washed the dinner dishes a few times this week.  There wasn't enough to put the dish washer on,  We usually only use the dish washer for afternoon tea and  dinner dishes together.

*  Gratefully received a large amount of vegetable seeds from an online friend who cannot plant them.  There are enough seeds for the next year or two of everything we usually grow.  This is a huge blessing for our family and were are so thankful.  Thank you so much Jenny.  xoxo

*  Picked corn,  beans, tomatoes, raspberries and one lemon this week.

*  Baked a double batch of chocolate choc chip muffins.

*  Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread.

*  Darren rigged up an old beach umbrella to shade our raspberry plants.  The fruit was getting bleached by the hot sun.

*  Saved the washing machine rinse water for the next load.  Saved the shower warm up water for some plants.
Our raspberries have shade

Veggie seedlings we'll plant in a week or two.

My Savers bargain.  $2.99 less 15% discount.

I picked this in one day.
What did you do this week that was frugal ?


  1. Hi Wendy

    I did much better this week than last :)

    - Dried all washing on the line.

    - Dusted with damp old face washers (apparently furniture polish should only be used once in a while).

    - Cleaned my bathrooms each day with microfibre cloths (the cloths get washed daily)

    - Bought more mark down sausages, 3 meals for $2.85 (0.95c per meal).

    - Made date loaf and lemon delicious slice.

    - Took lunch and morning tea to work each day.

    - Bought grapes for $1.98 per kilo.

    - Went through my shopping list again and marked off anything I won't need.

    - Made rice pudding using up milk that was about to expire (thanks for that tip Wendy).

    - DH bought home 2 slabs of bottled water which he got for free - they are due to expire in a months time and thats all that DD and I drink.

    - Rang my phone and internet provider and saved us $11 per month.

    - Rinsed out some large zip lock bags for reusing.

    - Saved water from dripping laundry tap and used it in the washing machine.

    - Stuck to my meal plan.

    Have a great week.


    1. You have a great list Deb. Good prices on the sausages and grapes.

  2. Bought 4 brand name garments at $2 each at local op shop for child going to University. After years of school uniforms needs more clothes.
    Garden got a free downpour last night, and I filled the 120 litre bin with rainwater from diverter,
    Baked savoury muffins for lunchboxes.
    Picked up 6 packs of discounted meat at Woolies, and shortcut bacon at $8 per kg.
    Paid a $350 quarterly electricity bill.
    Line dried two loads when it was 36 degrees.
    And I also got one, single, solitary lemon from our tree. So I can finally bake a lemon yoghourt cake.
    A friend gave me some pasta sauce that she could not fit into her freezer. K

    1. I'm a big fan of op shops. You never know what you'll find.

  3. Wendy I seem to have to cover a lot of plants here on the hottest days. A big umbrella is perfect for the job and is worth it if it saves them. Today is one of these days.
    The cottons were a very good deal. These are so expensive now and often older ones are actually better quality.
    I had a very good week and listed my frugal things yesterday at I had lovely fruit again from my aunt and my husband found the most gorgeous cot on the side of the road. I am doing it up now and getting a new mattress etc but this has saved me a lot of money! Plus it is so lovely much nicer than if I had bought one.
    Being hot I am doing some crafts indoors and trying to be productive that way.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I am posting a link to your fb page today. I am sorry I didnt know about that I dont know how I missed it! xxx

    1. Thanks for the link Annabel. I'll try to work out how to put a fb link on my blog.

  4. Great list Wendy! I love the shade over your raspberries, I am sure they will appreciate it. Maybe the tin on your shed was getting too hot for them.

    This heat is going to test the gardens. I have been up early watering the plants to get them through the day. It got really hot yesterday but the plants seemed okay this morning. Today and tomorrow are due to be hotter so will see how they go. Shade definitely helps keep things cooler. I have rigged up an old sheet over my poor passionfriut vines, the leaves were getting scorched.

    *I line dried my clothes, took half an hour yesterday lol!
    *I cooked meals from scratch, made homemade hamburgers a few times this week. They are great when it is hot and so much better than junk ones.
    *Baked two cakes
    *Picked, chopped and froze figs for making more jam when it is cooler.
    *Picked cucumber, tomatoes, kale, celery, zucchinis and capsicum from garden.
    *I used water from pre dishes and rinse water from washing to put on our thirsty trees.
    *Not much TV watched this week.
    *Three no spend days
    *House is keeping not too bad in the heat. I have kept blinds closed and hot air out. When I can I turn the air conditioner off and just use fans. It is already 42C at 12pm!

    Stay cool,


    1. Hi Tania, you have a great list.

      I'm saving all the raspberries to make jam. I don't want to loose any to the birds or the sun.

  5. Wendy that's a really good, productive week for you yet again. Your fruit and vegetable crop is enviable! I've had a lovely week as well. I've baked nectarine cupcakes with $2kg fruit, made onion confit to gift to my sons and husband for Valentines Day, and polished up a little 18K gold and pearl pendant that was Mums, to gift to my 15 year old daughter. This may well be the last year that Mum and Dad are her Valentine I think as she received an anonymous Valentine card through the school prefect fundraiser! I've also collected mangoes which are just laying on the ground outside peoples fences for the possums to eat, and made Mango and Sweet Chilli Relish, planted more herbs (mint, shallots, and perennial coriander), and made a substantial school lunch every day, including little meatballs, noodle salad, baked goodies, and home made Turkish Delight. My husband and I have repaired our front stair banister rails ourselves, he sawing and hammering, and me painting. We also replaced a guard rail on our side ramp for our son who is in a wheelchair. I mended two blouses that needed buttons and restitched buttonholes, took in the legs on some yoga pants and a school dance troupe sports top, that my daughter wouldn't wear because they looked odd, so now she wears them, and embroidered some little heart cushions for her to give to friends for Valentines Day as well. That's a happy week. I love seeing what we've all achieved. It's so inspiring to find others who find joy in a simple

    1. The simple life really is enjoyable isn't it ?

  6. Hi Wendy

    Wow you did well on your ribbons and cottons. Your raspberries look really yummy!!!

    My list is:
    Cooked all my meals this week!!With the savings I did manage to have a takeaway pizza one night! it was nice to have a break from cooking.
    Made chicken curry from left over chicken.
    Made an apple pie and a chocolate buttermilk cake! they were yummy.
    Picked mandarins from my mandarin tree and ate them for a morning tea.
    Only went to the shops twice this week to buy milk and bread.
    took advantage of some specials in woolworths, oak chocolate milk $2.75, Anzac and chocolate chip biscuits $2.85 and short cut bacon was $8.00 a kilo! they were good savings.


  7. Hi Wendy. This week the ways I have saved money were to have my hubby cut and colour my hair. I made ginger biscuits, brownies and donuts. I had bought 10 tubs of wax from the supermarket at the cost of $10 per jar ($4.50 off per jar retail) saving $45 and waxed my daughter using a full jar, which would of cost me $30 if we had gone to a beautician. Cooked all meals from scratch except one meal and am cooking a lovely risotto for Valentines Day instead of going out for dinner. Also I have paid all bills on time and washed our woollen underlay on a hot day and line dried it. Picked also, what looks to be the last of our apples and pears from our fruit trees and our cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and the last fragments of our sugar snap peas. I also pulled out a couple of potatoes that I had planted which was very exciting. I've also directed get togethers with friends to our homes for coffee and a chat instead of caf├ęs. I've made yummy pizza scrolls for the kids lunches and pita's to curb lunch order cravings. I'm also continuously diverting every spare cent into our loans to reduce interest owing. And have decluttered our home and garage. A productive week. Regards to all your readers. Liz.

    1. A great week Liz. I'm sure you enjoyed coffee and cake at your home. So much cheaper than the cafes.

  8. I definitely feel a part of the gang now :) Today was very busy.
    *I did my grocery shop visiting Aldi and Tasman - I was a bit nervous buying in bulk as I'm so used to grocery shopping every few days. I also made a few purchases that I won't need to make every month to get me started. I think I skimped on a few basics though i.e. probably should have bought more butter, flour, cheese, milk. But that's okay I'm learning!
    *I am rapt with my Easiyo and can't believe my partner who is SO fussy actually said it was yum.
    *I treated myself and made your chocolate muffin recipe. AMAZING! I froze half of the batter. My visitors also gave them the big tick of approval.
    *Made your laundry powder and miracle spray. The laundry powder is great, and I am so happy with the miracle spray because I have dermatitis on my hands and this does not trigger any allergy. Do you have any tips for cleaning bathroom mirrors?
    *Bought some wholesale spices at good value and made a big batch of taco seasoning.
    *I need to price out an affordable cost for vegies & fruit each week. We both play a lot of sport and eat more fruit & veg than anything else. But don't grow our own. I do shop at Bushys wholesale in Vermont and the quality is very good.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. I use a special microfibre cloth for glass only with water. The cloth feels different to normal microfibre ones. It's a smooth cloth and the brand is Sabco. I've been using it for years. The trick is to clean the mirror often and only with water. If you've used chemicals on your mirror it might take a couple of cleans to get rid of the residue.

  9. *I prepared all meals at home
    *I found a new and free source of lemons. There were a lot of green ones on the tree so as they ripen I will be picking them also free grapefruit. I don't eat grapefruit myself but I do think I could make a jam with it....maybe
    *I picked up three more hours per week work permanently
    *I worked four hours at house cleaning today in addition to my normal work hours
    *I was able to bring home another 10 jars from work
    *I made a new recipe and the girls loved it (Mexican Tortilla Stack)
    *I researched making my own Taco and Tortilla seasoning and will give one a try this week
    *I coloured my own hair
    *Did my own facial hair removal
    *Waxed my daughters eyebrows
    *Discovered a few new recipes for Beans that the girls are willing to try
    *I watched a TV series free online
    *I was gifted (for Valentines Day) A towel rack installed in the bathroom, and a man hole cover for the hallway and a new shower head installed in the bathroom. Yes my darling Valentine is very practical but that is why I love him.
    *I finished another gift for my DIL's baby shower
    *I downloaded a free eBook from the Hillbilly Housewife on cooking beans

    I have spent some time tonight looking up some new recipes. Two for cookies and y daughter requested rice pudding so I will give it a try (never made it before so this may be interesting)

    1. Hi Mel, just think of all the money you saved by setting up a beauty salon at home.

  10. Hi Wendy,
    You week looks so productive as usual.
    This week I,
    -made Yoghurt
    -made a trifle for dessert , we were invited to a friends house for dinner.
    -received another basket of fruit and zucchinis from my gorgeous elderly Neighbour, I returned it with a small Pannetoni I was recently gifted.
    -Started a Patchwork quilt from my stash for a house warming gift, it won't be needed for a few months until settlement, so it should give me enough time to finish it on time...
    - saved some money on some discounted meat at the supermarket.
    Don't forget to post a photo of your Raspberry Jam when you make it Wendy, so we can all have a look.
    Have a great week all, thanks again for keeping us all inspired Wendy..

    1. I'll post a photo of the jam I promise. With the recent turn of events with frozen berries, I'm so glad we grow our own.

  11. Hi Wendy

    As usual love your garden :-).
    Thank you for sharing these things with us so we are able to learn.

    In the last few days I have cut my own hair from shoulder length to short and spiky cut..I got sick of the old grandma look...
    I sliced and diced and froze capsicum and mushroom we got at the fresh fruit markets.... we literally live across the road from them now :-) .
    Picked tomatoes and herbs from the garden.
    Fed all my scraps to the worms and have two trays of castings I will use shortly to fill a pot I intend to grow my lettuce in.
    Used the clothes line for the washing as usual.
    Visited the multicultural festival and had the opportunity and honor to donate to a good cause whilst there.
    Shared a couple of kebabs with Hubby rather than gorge myself silly on all of the wonderful foods around thus saving money and the added strain on my poor wait band of my shorts.
    Walked or used public transport to get where I needed to go.
    Cooked a batch of pumpkin muffins using pumpkin I had cooked and frozen last year when it was very cheap. ( I have frozen them for Hubbies lunches and to deter me from eating them lol.
    Gratefully received a free newspaper and two magazines (current issues) whilst at the markets.
    Gratefully received a huge red rose (three foot stem) from a young man on a motorbike who pulled up beside Hubby and me whilst we were standing at a bus stop on Valentines day. He just smiled, handed me the rose and drove off with a wave as I stammered out my thanks...

    I look forward to your next post.

    1. What a lovely Valentine's Day gift you received Linda. I bet it made your day !!!

  12. I'm thrilled that you shared this at my Five Star Frugal linkup Wendy. Thanks so much. I hope we'll see you again this Friday? Mimi xxx

    1. Mimi, I'm still trying to work out these link ups..


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