Saturday, 11 July 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 11th July 2015

I'm not sure where my week has gone.  I seem to be busier in the school holidays that when everyone is at work and school.  In the midst of all the comings and goings,  I did manage to get a few frugal things done.  Here's this week's list -

*  Cleaned the inside of the dishwasher with bi carb and vinegar and wiped it down with Miracle Spray

*  Made muffin sized quiches with tomatoes given to us and silverbeet from our garden.

*  Made some apple rose pastries with apples given to us.  The pastries were for a church lunch.

*  Made chunky roast beef and vegetable soup using left over roast beef and vegetables given to us.

*  Megan made a double batch of lunchbox chocoalte choc chip muffins for school and home snacks.

*  Picked a big bowl of lemons from our tree.  I'll let them sit for about a week before juicing.  I did juice some older lemons and froze the juice in ice cube trays.

*  Picked silverbeet to put in a spag bol sauce.  My girls were not happy about this as they don't like silverbeet.  I'm in the process of having major dental work done and I can't chew things very well so the shredded silverbeet was perfect for me.

*  Megan made a big pot of chunky chicken noodle soup to help me feel better after the dental work on Tuesday.  She used chicken stock I'd made in the slow cooker and frozen months ago.  I lived on this soup for a few days.  Very yummy.

*  Picked a bunch of daisies from the garden to brighten up my kitchen.

* Mended and altered two tops for Megan.

*  Only spent $4 at the shops on milk.  This is the third week running that we've only needed milk.  We still have plenty of fruit and veg in the fridge and freezer plus we have been blessed with some.

*  Did the usual frugal things with saving the washing machine water and drying clothes on clothes horses..

Daisies from the garden.
Muffin sized quiches
Dinner of quiches and some for the frezer
Daffodils Darren is growing. A little bit of sunshine in Winter. 

Thank you to everyone who left kind words and wishes on my face book pages and blog.  I'm very blessed to count you all as friends.  You are very important to me       


I'd love to hear about your week.  Did you do anything frugal ?


  1. Hi Wendy

    I agree about being busier in the holidays :)

    This week I,

    - Made chocolate yogo - I priced it at the shop yesterday and it was $6 plus for 12 little tubs - it cost me under $1 to make.
    - Made weetbix slice.
    - Made DD Homemade pizza with the dough I had already frozen in the freezer - quicker for training nights.
    - Bought a marked down Jamie Oliver Meatloaf from WW - it was awful!!!!! DD and DH said they both prefer mine (lesson learned).
    - Cleaned with microfibre cloths and miracle spray - can't remember the last time I bought a cleaning product.
    - Needed new boots for work, I tend to wear things right out and have had mine for 3 years - I got a new pair for 60% off.
    - Reworked my budget so that I can pay my mortgage down. This included putting savings into an offset account to reduce the interest payable and transferring the cents in my everyday account into the mortgage each day (rounding down to the nearest dollar).
    - Added another $11 to my money tin.
    - Dried all washing on the clothes airer and line.
    - Changed the cycle on my dishwasher to a faster wash - I've only been using it a couple of times a week.

    Have a great week.



    1. We only use the quick wash on the dishwasher. We load it up with the dinner dishes and turn it on straight away. Saves water, electricity and the need for dishwasher tablets. I use the Coles brand powder for $2.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Your quiches look yummy, must try these.
    Good luck with your dental work. Can I ask, why do you leave the Lemons before juicing?

    This week I mended 5 tops and one pair of pants for DS1. Used Flybuys to buy a top at Kmart for $5.00. Scraped out 2 jars and 3 Tomato sauce bottles.
    We were given more Lemons, turned the Gas hot water down as a little fairy must have turned it up to 'HOT'.
    Added to the compost as I normally save the vegie peelings for veggie stock but I have heaps, so they all went into the compost this week. Tried not to use as much Cling wrap instead used plastic covers(which look like shower caps) or plastic containers.
    I made Pita Chips, Banana cake and from one Roast beef, 3 other meals including your Beef soup, yum!!!!
    As we had an income change recently, I changed Health Insurance companies and saved $67.70 P/m, rejigged out budget and updated our Menu plan to be a bit more budget friendly with less meat. Did you hear on last nights news Beef prices, Sausages and Mince are all going up in prices as of Monday, if they haven't already and they said it would effect the cheap cuts of meat the most.
    We also had to cancel our Tutor although I spoke to my sons teacher over the holidays, and we have worked out a program for him and she also suggested sites online eg: {help with Maths}, "Maths is fun" which doesn't cost anything and extra work to bring home which she will monitor his progress.

    So I have pulled out chicken bits and vegie peelings from the freezer today to make soup as I'll be keeping warm cooking today.

    Have a great week, xxxx

    1. Leaving the lemons for at least a week relaxes the skin and flesh. I get more juice from the lemons.

      I'll look at that online maths site for Jessica.

      I didn't catch the meat story. I only saw the lead in for it. Mince has already gone up enormously.

  3. This week I bought large family Steggles chickens at WW for $2 each that were almost to expiry date. We roasted one with vegetables for dinner and froze 8. Then used leftover chicken for lunches and tonight I'll make your chicken flan.
    Given some soft apples so I'll use those to try out those cute apple rose pastries when we have guests for dinner tonight. Lucky visitors with two of your recipes tonight!
    Made soup, budget biscuits with the bottom of the cornflake box and some sultanas, and a nice banana and zucchini loaf which I just sort of made up as I went along.
    Sent kids to the movies with vouchers they'd received at Christmas and snacks from the pantry.
    Used a 4cent docket to fill up petrol, saving $2.
    Cleaned showers with homemade cleaner - half vinegar and half dish detergent - Cheapskates recipe - haven't bought shower cleaner in years.
    Mentioned to hubby that I could do with a third clotheshorse and he picked one up on the side of the road the same day on the way home from work that is totally fine and in use!
    A local nursery sends out plant vouchers in a newsletter and we had 2 as my mother is going away, so we got two lovely natives which will look great in used terracotta pots we were gifted. Just need to buy potting mix.

    1. That's a wonderrful price on the chickens. Don't forget to make chicken stock with the bones. I do it in the slow cooker.

      Hope your guests like the recipes..

      I have five clothes horses. All bought cheap at department stores. They have saved us lots of money.

    2. We fed 4 adults and 4 teens the chicken flan (doubled in a large rectangular dish) with salad and the apple rose pastries with cream. All baked in the oven together. Enjoyed by all - everyone was especially impressed by the pastries which my daughter made. Thanks for the recipes. Sue

    3. You are very welcome. I bet your daughter feels like a Masterchef.

  4. Hi Wendy
    Hang in there when the dental work is all over you will be so glad you did it.
    I have done a few things this week to save money:
    washing powder
    dishwashing liquid
    bread rolls
    a 1920's style hat for a gift
    Today I purchased a few kilos of cheap broccoli to blanch and freeze


    1. Thankyou Linda. The worst of the dental work is done.

  5. My week also has been busy. Had to trips to specialists this week for annual check ups. Made raspberry and white choc muffins. Froze some and took some to my neice when she looked after my girls for the day. Bought Caite some Ghanda trackies for half price. Got a new remote for the tv for $10.
    Packed food for days out.
    Got a lovely necklace for $1 from a new op shop that has been set up to give some special people retail experience. Bought cheap chicken and cut up for recipes. So much cheaper than buying it already done. Took the girls to see a movie with a voucher we had from Christmas.
    Think vegetarian and chicken will be the staple diet with red meat prices increasing .

    1. Yes I think chicken will feature on our menu plan ( when I write one ). We have lots of drumsticks with rain checks for another 15 kilos at $1.99kg.

  6. A very quiet mid winter time here in Hawthorn.
    I am happy with the status of the bank account at the moment. The savings are paying off. Next month will see a lot of bills come in and we shall have enough to cover, plus hopefully some tax return money coming in.

    Inspired by Wendy: this fortnight I have:
    Asked for my first raincheck ever. At Coles they had 4 pieces of Atlantic salmon for $15. We love salmon so it was worth picking up this special. Our Coles is tiny so I had to get the raincheck.
    Picked up the wonderful Steggles chook special at Woolies $2.99 a kilo for whole chook.
    Stayed at home more and resisted shopping – (on my 10 min walk to Coles and Woollies from my home I pass not less than 1 great book shop, Laurent Bakery, an excellent florist, 2 beautiful shoe shops, Mozi and a Haighs chocolate shop!)
    Still not used the dryer or run an electric blanket.
    Kept the heating at 15-16-17.
    Baked up a storm
    Ditched hot yoga. Unfortunately it was straining my back. Saves money though. New weekly routine is 3 jogs and 1 pilates. That is plenty.
    Kept busy and warm staying home and knitting.
    Cooked all meals including hot lunches for the other 2, from scratch.
    Hosted Betsy’s class party at home and was blessed with some snags for the freezer and soft drink for the cupboard.
    Activated all flybuy offers (points are gained by that action whether you spend or not)
    Planted more veg seeds
    Organised the huge book case – didn’t save money, but feel way more organised and know what we have. Took a bag load of books to the Op Shop.

    I hope everyone has a good fortnight.


  7. Hi wendy,
    You've had a wonderful week!
    The flowers are lovely!

    The family and I have been sick the past couple weeks so haven't done much at all just been cooking up left overs
    And trying to eat as much as we can but we just haven't had much of an appetite

    I've been resting all week and happy to say that baby arrived today (11/7/15)
    We've named her Elisha Marie

    We are blessed with a beautiful little soul

    Can't wait to see what you get up to next week :)
    I'll probably be at home resting
    Have a lovely week wendy hope your dental work hasn't left you in too much pain
    Anne xoxox

    1. CONGRATULATIONS ANNE xoxo How exciting and such a beautiful name. I'm sure she'll be a blessing to the family.

    2. Congratulations Anne, so glad to hear you've had the bubbie, best wishes to you and Elisha,xx

    3. Thanks Wendy
      Thanks Maureen!
      Appreciate your kind words :)

  8. Hi Wendy

    Well this week was a little frugal but mostly not as it is our biggest pay week so we usually stock up in this week.

    *collected eggs from friends chickens
    *went to a produce market and got all my fruit and veg for under $15
    *got given some lemons from a friend so made some lemon butter for us and another friend
    *no heating or air con needed (used a blanket when I got cold)
    *hung all clothes outside in the sun to dry
    *filled up our car with gas instead of fuel
    *bought some items and stocked up from Kogan pantry
    *dug out some arts and crafts supplies for DD5 school holiday activities (wanted to buy some at the shop and I found I had them at home already)
    *baked a loaf of bread
    *baked 100 cookies for school lunches
    *made a vanilla slice for DP

    Congratulations on your 1 year Anniversary. I am sure that many of us here are so happy to have found you and are so grateful for receiving your knowledge and wisdom


    1. What state do you live in Aly ? We are all freezing here in Melbourne or should I say - SE Australia.

      Thankyou for your kind words.xoxo

    2. Wendy I am in QLD but in Central Highlands, the winds here have started to really pick up this afternoon but still not too bad. We do get down in the minus temps but unless you go outside at night you rarely feel the cold.

      Aly xxx

  9. Hi Wendy, I hope you are feeling better after the dental work you had done. Those mini quiches look divine! The frugal things I got up to this week include:
    - stocking up on the whole chickens that were on special at woolies
    - my local Woolworths was selling family sized beef and potato pies for $1.50 each (usually $6 each), I bought the last two, I froze one and we had the other for dinner.
    - my baby has started solids, I was amazed at how much the supermarket charges for a small jar of baby food, so I have been making purees at home instead
    - gratefully received some strawberries, bread and yoghurt
    - made a large batch of slow cooked beef cheeks (they were on special) and this was enough to feed us two nights in a row

    I'm getting pretty excited about my snow pea plants, they are starting to produce snow peas. Soon enough I'll be able to put them in a stir fry along with all the other things we have been growing


    1. I'm feeling a little better today thankyou.

      As soon as the weather is better I'll go and look at my snow peas too. Hoping there is something to eat.

      Baby food was expensive when my girls were babies ( they are 18 and 15 ). I was shocked at the prices recently. Those tubes of goop that seem to be the trend are so expensive. Good on you for making your own Amy.

    2. I'm glad you are feeling better, I am not a big fan of dental work myself.

      I couldn't justify paying that amount of money for baby food, especially since I can make it at home for about 20 cents or less and it's fresh. I remember recently there was a big uproar over the tubes of goop because one parent found that it was riddled with mould inside and they had already fed it to their child.

      Hopefully you have some snow peas soon too!


  10. I hope you're feeling better, too, from your dental work. And Happy Belated Blog anniversary!

    1. Thankyou. I'm having a good day but back to the dentist tomorrow.

  11. do you have a link here for the recipe for the muffin-sized quiches?

    1. It's very similar to the chicken flan recipe.

  12. Wow Wendy, those quiches look lovely and I like the idea of using a muffin tray. A lot more presentable than a cut up slice.

    Sorry I am a bit late, here is how I saved money last week;

    I was gifted some oranges, pineapples, strawberries, avocados and onions from my parents. They were given them from the local store owner.

    Mum gave me two large jars to use in my pantry.

    Dad gave me a pot plant stand and vintage table/trolley.

    I dried breadcrumbs, parsley and thyme by the fire.

    Sold excess eggs.

    Bought cheap bubble bath to use as hand wash.

    We had three young roosters in the chookhouse, and there was lots of fighting going on, so now they have a new home in our freezer.

    I have been pulling weeds and giving to the chooks, this makes their eggs nice and yellow.

    I am still picking mandarins, there are so many of them. I have picked 64kgs so far with plenty left on the tree.

    We counted the contents ($2 coins) of our 600ml coke bottle challenge and there was $948 inside. We have put this safely away for when we travel. We have started a new bottle, this time a 1.25ltr.

    Have a lovely week Wendy, I hope you are feeling better,


    1. A job well done on saving all those $2 coins. I've used a solo can and it holds about $550 in $2 coins.


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