Monday 7 September 2015

Bathroom Bin Liners.

Bathroom bins can get quite smelly and dirty.  A great way to protect the inner bin bucket is to use old bread bags as bin liners.  I use five bread bags at a time on a bin I purchased from Kmart for $7

Remove the inner bin bucket.

Cut a slit in the bread bag about 1/3 of the way down from the top

Line the inner bucket with the bag.  Move your hand around the inside to squash the air out of the liner.

Continue lining the bin another four times.  This is a great time saver and means your not scrounging around for bin liners each week.

When replacing the inner bin bucket,  flatten all the liners and edges to one side and slide the bucket into the bin.


  1. Great idea Wendy I will be using this today in my cleaning routine ,love your site .

  2. That's brilliant Wendy, I do a similar thing with fruit and veg bags in my bathroom bin but had never thought to put more than one bag in at once. From now on I'll be putting five bags into the bin.

    Thanks you so much for sharing, you've made my life a little bit easier.


  3. Hi Wendy
    I use the wrapping from the twelve pack of toilet paper.. I open the packet at one end, take out the toilet rolls and the bag/packet is placed under the existing, in use bag at the bottom of the bin. We always have a bag ready to use when we need it.

  4. I just had a "duh" moment.... I thought it's not like Wendy to waste, 5 seems like a lot. Light bulb moment happened !!!

    Great idea :)


  5. Definitely frugal. Everything that is a bag of any shape or size gets re-used, re-purposed, recycled before it goes back out the door. Big time money savings, indeed.

    Letters Unfolded

    1. We are the same in our house. All plasitc bags are reused over and over where possible.

  6. Great tip Wendy. Just to clarify, so you put in 5 liners say at the beginning of the week and as they become full you just take out that one and bin it and the next liner is already in the bin, correct?

    Great idea Linda, hadn't thought to use the toilet paper bag, thanks


    1. Whenever the last bin liner is used I put five more in. When the bin gets full I just pull out the liner leaving four more.

  7. But each liner is not intact as it's been cut, not sure how this works as I like to tie up the bathroom bags when full.

    1. It's only cut part of the way down so it fits over the inner bucket. When the liner is full, pull it out, twirl the bag around and tie a knot.


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